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    Small green algae spots reappearing - what to do?

    Completed SLAM maybe 2 weeks ago, water has been clear, but TONS of rain lately and noticed two days where FC dropped close to 1. Just today I noticed a few small spots of green algae forming, mostly in the corners and around the returns. What's the best course of action here? FC has been...
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    Need a pump motor recommendation

    Motor on our existing Hayward pump is struggling. It was seized up when we purchased the house last fall, and I managed to break it free (it was heavily corroded) and get it running. Now I need to essentially kick start it every time using my impact driver - just turning the power on results in...
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    New Home - First Pool - Where do I start?

    Recently purchased a new home with a decent sized IG vinyl lined pool, about 16x32. Details of what I have (or think I have) are in my sig as suggested. We were told the pool was closed very early in the season last year. Water is GREEN! I've got the TF100 kit on order and should have it in...