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    Currently Pooless, considering a build and some questions

    One pb said that if we went with rounded corners it would be less likely that the liner will pull away but with 90 degree corners it can happen easily.
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    Currently Pooless, considering a build and some questions

    I posted last summer that we were getting ready to move from a home with an ABG that we installed to a home with an existing inground pool. Turns out that pool and home were a nightmare so we backed out and ended up buying a wonderful home:D with no pool:sad:. Doing without the pool hasn't...
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    Moving on up. Moving from a house with an ABG to an inground pool

    I was planning on having the pool winterized by the pool store this fall. I figure I'll watch what they do and then next fall I'll do it all myself and just pay to have the lines blown out. If I can learn enough over the spring I'll open myself.
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    Moving on up. Moving from a house with an ABG to an inground pool

    Thank you for the replies, we are planning on doing the home inspection on Friday, I know the home inspector won't certify the pool but I'll be able to poke around more when I'm there and note all of the equipment. Anything I should be looking out for?
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    Moving on up. Moving from a house with an ABG to an inground pool

    Hi all, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, BBB has been so easy to maintain my pool these last three years. We just found out today our offer has been accepted for a home with an inground pool. I don't have the exact stats yet but it looks to be a grecian style with steps on the side...
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    Pucks for vacation

    We are going on vacation for a week. I just bought a timer for the pool to run the pump 8 hours a day while we are gone. CYA is 40 so I am going to use pucks in a floater for the week while we are gone as I have no one to add bleach for me. Is it ok for the floater to be in the pool when the...
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    pump timer

    I have my pump plugged in to a twist lock outlet and I just turn on a switch above the outlet to operate the pump. We would like a timer though. I have done some looking online for a timer that I could just plug in and found one with the twist lock receptacle but reviews said that if your pump...
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    Trying to decide on the RIGHT AGP. Oppinions welcome!

    I'm also in the go bigger camp. :wave: We ordered a 15x24 and were upgraded to a 15x30 (pool store mistake) anyway we are so glad we went bigger. If my yard could accommodate a larger pool I would want it even bigger. We have a Buster Crabbe, middle of the road resin and steel pool, no...
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    landscape ideas for under deck

    I don't have a deck around my pool but we did river rock around the 2-5 inch size I believe. I didn't want the really small size because my kids would be too tempted to pick them up and throw them. Our landscaper did put cloth down and we get very few weeds. I like the look of the rocks and...
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    Yikes! Newbie needs help with...well, everything!!

    I'm sure someone else will be along shortly with more knowledge but the first thing that jumps out at me is that there is no CYA or stabilizer in the pool which will make the sun burn through the chlorine very quickly. This could explain why you are fighting algae all of the time. Of course...
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    Hi! I am also new to TFP

    She started shocking before adjusting PH. I didn't realize that was the incorrect order to do things :hammer: as I have never had to shock my pool. Both PH and TA have been low, they were low before the shock process.
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    Hi! I am also new to TFP

    Happy to report Danae's pool has turned the corner as of Sunday and is very clear now. :cheers: Numbers as of this a.m. FC 16 CC 0 TC 16 CYA 80 PH less than 6.8 TA 30 I went on my iphone pool calculator app and it said to add 18lbs of baking soda to get TA to 90 and 65 oz (albs) of Borax...
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    Hi! I am also new to TFP

    I'll post a full set of test results today to make sure we are on the right track.
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    Hi! I am also new to TFP

    Hi danae's neighbor we tested with a TF100 kit. Ph is less than 6.7. CYA is 80 down from 100 the other day. She replaced a good bit of water, I thought it was low enough that we could work with it. As the pool is in full sun all day. She knows it is still high and we can work on lowering it...
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    Uneven AGP ladder due to boardwalk

    Looks good! We had to cut our ladder on the outside of the pool as well.
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    Need a new spa cover

    Can anyone recommend a site to order a new hot tub cover. I've priced a few they are all around $350 for what I want and all seem to offer free shipping. I just want to make sure I use a reputable company though.
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    New Pool Build in Southern New Jersey

    Looks great! I love the colors they all work really well together. I'm also in SJ. Gloucester twp.
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    Question about Sodium Bisulfate 93.2%

    I couldn't find MA at Lowes today so I grabbed PH Down which is Sodium Bisulfate. I've never had to lower my PH, it is at 7.8 right now. Usually I start the season off a little low and with areation and the kids splashing around it is up to where I want it in no time. According to the label I...
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    New AGP owner in South Carolina.

    Looks great, I love the liner color and deck.
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    Really basic question - When to open???

    I like to open towards the end of April/ beginning of May. I also hate looking at the black cover in the spring. I close mid October and we always open crystal clear.
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    Well we are open.

    I was planning on opening the first week of May. I like to open early b/c I hate looking at the black cover all winter and it really bothers me to sit on my deck in the spring and look over at the cover. We were out this weekend quite a bit and on Sunday evening I noticed the water level under...
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    Building my own pool in North Jersey

    Looks amazing, can't wait for the finished pictures.
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    Inground Total Redo - Going For Broke!

    Amazing transformation. I love all of the stone and rock. The light blue color of the pool really pops against all of the green and shades of brown. Love it!!!
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    Landscape Ideas

    I like what you have now because it is low maintence and won't cause a mess in the pool. What about adding a few potted flowers/plants around the pool in front of the tiki torches. Maybe keep the existing shrubs but you could edge them out and mulch them to give it a more finished look.
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    S.Cental PA - evaporation or leak?

    I have read that you loose more water to evap when tempetures are warm during the day and cool at night. The last few weeks it was been near 80 during the day but much cooler once the sun sets. I was adding water more frequently than normal too, I have a next door neighbor with a pool and we...
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    Overwhelmed in Bucks County, PA. Hi! : )

    Let us know what you decided to do as a mom of two young boys I'm sure this is very overwhelming for you. I agree with the others to see if you can get those pumps working before deciding whether you should drain the water or not.
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    This site is awesome!

    Sounds like rasing CYA may help then. Be sure to let us know how it goes. Thanks for the compliments on my water, it was actually a really windy day when I took those pictures so I didn't think the pictures showed how clear the water really is, I can't stop admiring my own work! :blah...
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    This site is awesome!

    Hi :wave: I agree that it does sound like you are loosing more than I would think, I have only tested mine from one early evening and then the same time next day. I usually loose 1-2 ppm over night. I have two small boys and we are usually in the pool for a few hours a day, less so far this...
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    Overwhelmed in Bucks County, PA. Hi! : )

    That sucks. :rant: I'm not sure how people can tell you that you need to drain and refill a pool without looking at it. I'd keep reading on here, it may look like foreign language at first but you will start to understand the terms the longer you are here. I've see some really nasty pools...
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    Overwhelmed in Bucks County, PA. Hi! : )

    Oh bummer. :( Maybe some of the neighbors know who put the pool in?