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  1. poolnew-b

    Intex 16x48 pool being torn down and releveled.

    Hi all. We had a long cold winter here in New Hampshire. I left my 1 season old intex up and it held up great. Unfortunately after being filled for a few says it must have resettled. Its almost 1 and a half inches off on 1 side. I have 3 kids and their friends in the pool all summer so I'm not...
  2. poolnew-b

    I need some Intex hard plumbing help.

    Ok what I would like to do is have my original hoses run to a piece of pvc that would be attached to the leaf basket on my intex sand filter. Im not sure what to get for pipe and fittings. I have a couple of old intex hoses I can use the ends off of if I need too. I bought a 2 inch cover but...
  3. poolnew-b

    Just installed thru wall skimmer on our intex ?

    Ok finally got a thru wall skimmer installed and I have a question. Should I also install the new return that came with it? Would it help move the water better? I was messing around and put the new return on the return that's in the pool now and it seemed to add a little more pressure to the...
  4. poolnew-b

    Intex 1,600 gph sand filter motor bearings

    Ok a week or 2 ago my pump motor got loud and then died. I have a 1,500gph cartridge filter to use as a backup but its a lot weaker than the 1,600 pump so yesterday I tore the 1,600 pump apart and my first thought was bent shaft, but then I noticed the shaft was fine. So I used some carb and...
  5. poolnew-b

    FIrst test with Taylor kit, How are my numbers looking?

    FC= 5 ppm TC= 5 ppm Ph= 7.4 Alk= 110 ppm CH= 30 CYA= 40 ppm I have a Intex ultra frame 16 x 48. Is the CH to low or is that something I dont need to worry about till it gets high?
  6. poolnew-b

    Intex ultra frame leg loops?

    Ok first off this is my forth intex pool. The new loops that the legs go through got my feathers ruffled. I assumed the legs would still go through the vinyl strap that goes around the liner and thats what the manual said also. I did not need the filter that came with the pool so obviously I...
  7. poolnew-b

    Intex and summer escapes pools?

    Well I see my local walmart dropped intex and now sells nothing but summer escape pools. Last year I remember looking into the summer escapes and the reviews where all bad so that leads me to wonder why they are in stock at my walmart. Also anyone know if Summer escapes and intex are the same...
  8. poolnew-b

    Underwater patching.

    Ok I got a small pin hole on the bottom of my 15x4 intex and I have a ton of patch material but no glue. Im a penny pincher and would like to avoid buying a whole new patch kit when all I need is the glue. So my question is what kind of glue can I buy that will work underwater If any at all?
  9. poolnew-b

    Intex pool foam instalation ?s

    Hi again all, I will be taking down my Intex pool and re-leveling and I figured I would throw some foam under it. What thickness should I use and should I put blocks under the legs? Ive seen a post or 2 talking about not using blocks and not having any problems with the legs being on the foam.
  10. poolnew-b

    Cutting a bigger hole in my intex pool.

    Ok I see some threads where people have cut the hole to fit the bigger adapters. I don't feel to confident about doing it but I think i'am going to do it anyways. I figure I can use the gasket to make the outline then cut the hole with a razor. Is there anything I should know first any tips or...
  11. poolnew-b

    Chlorinating options.

    Ok I have the 15x4 intex pool and the 1600GPH sand filter. I have been using granular HTH chlorine and started with my cya just above 40ppm. Now after using granular for almost 2 seasons Im wondering If I should be using a floater as that would add CYA since I have a few kids that splash water...
  12. poolnew-b

    Should I raise my TA ?

    Ok I just finished refilling my pool yesterday after having to remove a rock and patch a small hole. Well my TA is only 20ppm and my ph is low my kit reads down to 6.8 and my ph may be lower than that. The pool calculator is telling me to add 38oz of baking soda to raise my TA. Should I wait...
  13. poolnew-b

    patching my intex

    The instruction are very vague, How long do I need to let the patch dry before starting the refill. The patch is going on the bottom of the pool. Also I have the repair kit that came with my pool incase anyone is wondering what repair kit im using.
  14. poolnew-b

    How to tell when to shock by smell.

    ok I keep seeing people say when your pool gets that chlorine-y :-D smell it is time to shock. It will be a few weeks maybe longer before I can get either a CC tester or a FC tester, so that leads me to my question. How much of a smell are we talking about. I can smell chlorine when I'm in...
  15. poolnew-b

    help with test kit.

    Ok I have an HTH 6 way drop test kit. Im now realizing it test TC (total chlorine) instead of FC like I see all over stuff like the pool calculator and everywhere else I look online. Are the 2 tests the same or close. I have been keeping my Chlorine at 5ppm TC but now that Ive realized there 2...