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    Great customer service

    Nice to hear. :goodjob:
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    How to fix hoses that dried curved

    I'm thinking to let the hoses set in the hot AZ sun for an hour or two, then find a way to re-shape them straight and let the sun do it's job for you. Either secure the hoses straight on the lawn, or insert a stick into the hose section and see if that will help it to retain its original form.
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    Dolphin s300i Servo Overload

    SF, it's been almost 3 weeks since you posted. Any luck with that servo issue? Was your Dolphin still under warranty? If you still need help, reply back and we'll tag some fellow Dolphin owners who may have missed your question. Maybe someone can help. Have a good day. :swim:
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    Which type of automatic cleaner for Intex + never-ending leaves?

    Hello Sophie and welcome to TFP! :wave: Sorry to see your first TFP post has sat here with no member replies. :( I can't help you with the cleaner question, but perhaps @kimkats can. She loves hers. :) Thanks for using the forum. Have a good day. :swim:
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    Polaris P935 motor leak

    SC, I see your post hasn't received any replies since you first posted. Did you ever find the o-ring you were looking for to try and salvage that Polaris? If you still need help, post back as much as needed to keep this thread active and visible. Thanks for using TFP. :swim:
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    Best place to buy a solar skimmer

    aggie, it's been quite a while since you posted your question, unfortunately no one has chimed-in. Are you still evaluating your options? Feel free to post back as much as needed to keep this thread active. Maybe someone who has used some of those products will be able to help you out. Thanks...
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    Dolphin A30i Performance

    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Sorry to hear about your Dolphin experience. We have tons of Dolphin users who have been very pleased, so maybe some of them will eventually respond to this thread. Since it's been so quiet, I wanted to at least say hello and let yo know we're glad to have...
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    Air in pool pump?

    Did you add pool silicone lube to the o-ring under the clear lid on that pump basket?
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    Too much suction

    Based on your set-up, I think a product like the one Chiefwej linked above may be a good option for you. :goodjob:
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    Too much suction

    Harry, can you post a pic of your equipment pad please so we can see everything you have to work with there? Might give us an idea or two.
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    does anyone actually LIKE doing a manual vacuum of their pool....

    Sometimes I don't feel like getting everything set-up, but once I'm going, it's like quiet meditation as I got along and see the paths I took picking up dirt. Not the worse thing.
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    Need advice on above ground robotic cleaner. Aquabot or dolphin?

    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: I'm shocked no one has replied to this thread yet. Pool cleaners are always a hot topic. Maybe @kimkats would like to tell you about her pool cleaner? She's been quite impressed with it for a while now. Thanks for posting and have a nice weekend. :swim:
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    How much suction does your take?

    In your 13K pool, if you don't have any crazy water demals like a spa, waterfalls, etc, a 1 HP should be plenty. I only have a skimmer suction, so when I run the vacuum it's 100% from that one line (my skimmer).
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    Replace SharkVac power cord?

    Hello again sbc! :wave: Have you put that shark out of its misery, or is it still limping along? I'm the kind of guy who will squeeze every last bit of life out of a product. All you have to do is look at my socks. :)
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    How much suction does your take?

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: I suspect the suction pressure generated by your pool will be different than others based on the plumbing, pump, etc. Sounds like you must have a dedicated suction port huh? I still have the older G2 model that came with my pool (no laughing). Do you have that...
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    Is it necessary to brush?

    Absolutely! Just like that coating on our teeth after sleeping all night, they need a good brushing. Pool surfaces need that same attention, otherwise a biofilm or coating of sorts will begin to build-up on the surface. You may not need to brush the pool everyday, but at least once a week is a...
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    Hundreds of small bugs

    Two things I use to help control insects are by using a good insecticide around the perimeter of the pool and a skimmer sock in the skimmer to catch them. Other than that, insects love water, especially in the summer. Good thing is often times it's just a migration thing. They hit the area...
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    Maytronics Dolphin

    You might try giving these folks a call to see if they can help.
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    Which is better or both same model different names > Doheny's Discovery vs Dolphin Triton PS

    There's a thread out there already and it's quite extensive. You might want to grab a drink and start going through it. :cheers:
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    Power outlet for cleaner

    If that's the case, you might consider using a 20 AMP GFCI if the wiring is 12 gauge, but that's just my initial thought. Let's give the gang here some time to catch up to this thread as there may be other things to consider.
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    Power outlet for cleaner

    Eric, in cases like this it's probably best we start out with the typical disclaimer about electric safety, and that is that if you aren't sure about electrical work or principles, always hire a professional. Having said that, many of us do some relatively simple DIY wiring at home. We have...
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    I kid you not ...

    Surprised it got it.
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    Robot or manual?

    Hello! :wave: Well, there's no doubt that if cost is an issue, a manual vacuum is the old tried & true method and doesn't break the bank. Of course we have to move it around, but hey, we're at a pool right? :) I still use the same old manual vacuum hose and head I got with my pool 7 years ago...
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    Vacuum Head Suggestion

    The one with rollers is the one I use, but then mine is fiberglass. With goo suction, it grabs the bottom too.
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    Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

    "05", I hate to see a question sitting for so long with no reply, so I just had to chime-in to see if you ever got your cleaner fitting issue resolved? If not, please post back as much as needed so that another member who may have encountered the same issue will see your post and reply. Use...
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    Floor suction cleaner or just a basket?

    I get those swarms of ants as well. About 2-3 times per year. Creepy the way they just show-up and cling together in masses. But if everything is working well with the cleaner connected, I'd say stick with what works. The enclosure certain;y helps give the skimmer some relief. In my case in...
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    Fiberglass - worried about scratching?

    I would stick with a nylon brush. That should be plenty stiff enough for your gelcoat.
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    Using Robot on Old Liner with Wrinkles

    Hello! :wave: You'll see I modified your thread title to address that specific question about using the robot. I don't recall any horror stories, but then again your liner appears to have a spider-pattern of sorts. Might be a little different. Let's see what other vinyl/robot owners have to...
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    Hayward w3y bumble bee vacuum

    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: I'm not personally familiar with that model, although similar models have wheels underneath that sometimes get stuck. Any chance something got tangled around the moving parts underneath? Have you taken the cleaner apart and inspected for any obvious damage or...
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    M600 not really doing anything

    SC, I hate to see a post go untouched for so long. By now we were hoping someone with an M600 would reply. The season is starting to pick-up, so if you're still having issues, don't give up on this thread. Let us know and post back as much as you need to for visibility.