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  1. Texas Splash

    Hose Stuck!

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: So the hose is stuck at the poolside skimmer correct? Can you maybe post a picture of it so we can see? Any idea how far down the pipe the shoe went before it stopped and got stuck?
  2. Texas Splash

    I need your help!

    Lee, is there any other way of consolidating photos for your use other than posting them here? For example, I have a folder in my media library titled "References". You're welcome to grab any of those you like.
  3. Texas Splash

    Ability to Export Pool Math data?

    If you go to your Poolmath pool settings, at the bottom there is an option to export as .csv.
  4. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    Start with our and save those Vital Links in my signature. Remember these two basic concepts: - FC & CYA are balanced together per the to prevent algae - PH, TA, and CH (with water temp) are balanced to keep the water conditioned properly and prevent scale. The APP is a great tool to assist...
  5. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    Looks pretty level to me. You wasted no time. Nice. :goodjob:
  6. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    Those are all on the concrete patio correct? Once you get the water out, or most of it, they should be able to slide or be tapped into position a bit if needed. Maybe with a rubber mallet? Or use a block of wood as a buffer on the side of each paver and tap with a hammer. That is as long as...
  7. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    That's what I was thinking. As for the legs, beams, and the remained of the structure, just keep an eye on it. If it starts to change, that will be a confirmation to get it more level.
  8. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    I see what you mean now about the leg. Maybe that's a leg on the side going with the slope? I don't think there's much you can do, but a sturdy wooden shim might not be a bad idea. As for a rupture, there's usually not a whole lot of warning. Unlike a small leak or tear, when a structures...
  9. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    If you are referring to the top horizontal bar, I think it will be okay. Interesting that it bows "IN" even though it's on the low end of the level. You would think it should bow out instead. I keep staring at the leg pic and I don't see the problem you describe about pressure more on one side...
  10. Texas Splash

    Is my pool level enough

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Here we use the 1-inch rule as our margin for error. You're just above that by half an inch. Is that enough to be worried about? Your call really. Take into account wall movement when everyone is in there swimming and playing around, along with the low side should it...
  11. Texas Splash

    Leebo Moved my Cheese!

    It's tough on my eyes as well. I mentioned it to Lee early this morning. I think recent updates have him running around like crazy.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot about the Android users. :)
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    I think .... SETTINGS > PREFERENCES > and then check the box for "Show people's signatures with their messages". That's all I could find. Been a while. :)
  14. Texas Splash

    Pool Math - notes on results feature request

    I'm sure @Leebo will evaluate this to see if this is something that can be entertained easily or if it's a significant programming update. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Texas Splash

    Algea pumps into pool for first 30 seconds then clear

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: But I have to say, the chems are not perfect if you have algae. Can you post a full set of water test results from your TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C? That would be our first place to begin. Also make sure to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info...
  16. Texas Splash

    Forum Page Update(s)

    Thanks for the heads-up. I believe @Leebo already has these ID'd for updates. Unfortunately the server/DNS issues of the past week have had him overwhelmed. Still on the "To-Do" list though right Lee?
  17. Texas Splash

    Cloudy water

    You said the magic word - algae. It's time to follow the Wille. Give the SWG a break and go 100% liquid chlorine/regular bleach to maintain the proper FC SLAM level noted on the based on your current CYA. Don't forget to lower your pH to 7.2 first though. Good luck!
  18. Texas Splash

    Pool math calculator

    Hello Ken and welcome to TFP! :wave: The APP is a great tool to help you with recording testing results and understanding the effects of adding certain chemicals. Take a few moments by using the menu icons to update your user "pool" profile. From there you can begin to load certain pool...
  19. Texas Splash

    1 minute air valve fix in tbe top pool ring

    Well look at you go Nurse Kelly! :goodjob: Showing us ways to improvise already. Nice. Welcome to TFP! :wave:
  20. Texas Splash

    Thanks TFP!

    Glad to hear you resolved your issue. Welcome to TFP! :wave:
  21. Texas Splash

    Updated Recommended Levels

    Looks like the Tinyurl link in my sig still works. :goodjob:
  22. Texas Splash

    Fish keeping in an intex pool?

    Hello and welcome to our forum! :wave: Well, not normally the question we asked here, but if you plan on buying a pool simply to use for fish, almost like a water garden, I don't see why you couldn't. Naturally you wouldn't be using traditional pool chemicals, so we can't speak much to the...
  23. Texas Splash

    Getting to know us

    Awesome Rebecca! That's a great pic of you two in France. Girls look like they've grown 2 feet since last time we saw them. And don't worry, some of our best decisions were made after a few beers. :cheers: :crazy: :crazy:
  24. Texas Splash

    Getting to know us

    Very nice! :goodjob:
  25. Texas Splash

    Pool Math

    @Leebo, can you take a look please?
  26. Texas Splash

    Getting to know us

    Well done Jim. :goodjob:
  27. Texas Splash

    Can I use 120 grit on my fibreglass pool?

    That it is correct, but because it didn't dissolve of fizzle with acid doesn't mean it's calcium silicate either. It could simply be a defect in the gelcoat or that something happening chemically allowing the gelcoat to get that oxidized, chalky look - if that is indeed what you are...
  28. Texas Splash

    Can I use 120 grit on my fibreglass pool?

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: So, being new to TFP and not knowing much (yet) about your specific gelcoat situation, I'll address a couple things: 1 - How did you come to the conclusion it is calcium silicate? It would be good to know more about your water testing history as well. To my...
  29. Texas Splash

    Air bubbles and gurgling

    We are going to need more help to pinpoint the origin of those sounds. Is the pump basket (under the clear lid) full of water? Keeping full prime all the time? Or are the sounds you are hearing coming from the heater area? Somewhere else? Please update your signature with all of your pool...