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  1. Texas Splash

    How screwed am I?

    Me too, but not as bad as your though. Take your time. Get out all the wet sheetrock and go from there. Amazing how much damage water can do. Best of luck.
  2. Texas Splash

    Happy Holidays to All!

    Looks cozy! Very nice.
  3. Texas Splash

    Just got a pellet grill - looking for grilling and smoking suggestions

    We've had our Traeger for a few years now. Very nice. Lots of great recipes on their website as well.
  4. Texas Splash

    Happy Veteran's Day

    Well shoot, now I feel guilty. :) Thank you Jim for your service. :salut: My trail of breadcrumbs after growing up in Las Vegas goes like this: Texas, Colorado, Guam, Arizona, Texas, Korea, Louisiana w/ Saudi mixed in), Korea, California, Texas. 🇺🇸
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    Happy Veteran's Day

  6. Texas Splash

    TF Test Kit Offer

    No worries. I moved your thread to the Coffee Bar. Sorry to see you go. Maybe we'll see you again at your next place. Best of luck.
  7. Texas Splash

    Anybody seen this? Hidden pool!

    One heck of a transformation.
  8. Texas Splash

    Finally got my dream pool

    All that foam, you must've used scented bleach. Bwaahaaaa
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  10. Texas Splash

    Just saw this on Either it’s a typo or the deal of a lifetime

    Time for people to hit their local Lowe's.
  11. Texas Splash

    Finding strange things in the pool

    Critters of all shapes and sizes like TFP pools. :swim:
  12. Texas Splash

    When you bacjwash

    Yikes! :eek:
  13. Texas Splash

    I still got it!

    Having the ability to to that kind of stuff is like gold. I tell my boys (21 yrs) over & over to watch, listen, and learn. Whether it's home repair, cars, computers, electrical, the pool, they still don't get it. :hammer: Sometimes I think I'm in the attic more than in the house itself.
  14. Texas Splash

    What I Saw at Home Depot Yesterday...

  15. Texas Splash

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Today's pool event - I jumped in. :swim: My first dip of 2020 and my first salt-water swim. Refreshing. :)
  16. Texas Splash

    Michigan Weather - Snowing Outside In Late April? Ugh

    Before you know it ...... :swim: Hang in there. :)
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    I saw that a while ago. It's perfect.
  18. Texas Splash

    Pool with Kids

    That's what they make earplugs for. :pth: As some people age, I guess they forget what it was like to play and have fun. There are retirement communities for people who only want to hear birds and wind-chimes. In a traditional neighborhood, kids are going to play and get loud. Trying to insist...
  19. Texas Splash

    Anyone experience this yet?

    Quick thinking. :cool::cool:
  20. Texas Splash

    blah the apple tree fell

    Funny how we get kind of attached to things like that. We do as well. Maybe plant a new one of your own one day?
  21. Texas Splash

    100k Gallon Pool!

    Wow! I have two words ..... CHA-CHING. $$$$$$$$$ :) Very nice though.
  22. Texas Splash

    New Puppy and Pool

    The two Ps! Puppy's and pools! It doesn't get much better than that. The good news - you have fiberglass so no worries about tears from sharp nails. That was one of our concerns with six dogs. Your pool has steps right? Each and every time you take that baby to the water, always use the...