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  1. Texas Splash

    Need help with in-progress ascorbic acid treatment

    If your schedule permits, I think you're going to need to be a little more aggressive by not waiting until the next day to see where the FC is at. Increase it to about 2-3 ppm, watch for staining that may try to reappear, and test again in an hour or two. See how quickly it drops and try to...
  2. Texas Splash

    Brown Stain/Spot Identification

    I suppose a patch job is a temporary alternative. @jimmythegreek might confirm if there is anything specific you should be aware of if you inquire about it. Good luck!
  3. Texas Splash

    Brown Stain/Spot Identification

    You've ruled-out iron with the Vitamin C, and they appears to be too light for copper, although if you have a some dry acid handy you can try applying some in a thin sock just to be sure. Since the area is depressed a bit, holding a chlorine tablet in there might be tough. But based on the...
  4. Texas Splash

    Need help with in-progress ascorbic acid treatment

    Rats! Let's try that again. :)
  5. Texas Splash

    Need help with in-progress ascorbic acid treatment

    Continue. Add more AA around stained areas if you have it. Don't be surprised if you don't pick-up much iron afterwards because it is in suspension and being held by the sequestrant. The most idea way to get rid of the iron is to exchange the water with fresh non-iron water. So if you keep...
  6. Texas Splash

    FC and pump run time

    My FC also spiked just as soon as the water temp dropped for a few days and the angle of the son not quite as intense as a few weeks ago. I think we're seeing fall approaching, and less stress on the SWG is a good thing.
  7. Texas Splash

    Mineral deposits bottom of pool (in the middle)

    While an acid wash is unavoidable in some situations, we also know it can shorten the life span of plaster. So if you can reduce or eliminate the patchy areas without an acid wash, that would be idea. I would suggest you first read and bookmark our...
  8. Texas Splash

    Help - Unknown Stain taking over Pool - Cannot Be Removed

    You can use our APP or the older PoolMath webpage. Both of those have features to show you how to determine how much of any product is required to go from a current amount to a future goal or target. If the APP, look for the menu "Effects of adding chemicals", and on the webpage you use to two...
  9. Texas Splash

    Help - Unknown Stain taking over Pool - Cannot Be Removed

    I think one of your problems could be related to those tablets. The aluminum and copper are bad for the water. In time, those levels grow and cause staining. Copper is especially bad, and the only way to remove metals from water is to do a water exchange. if not at all at once (often...
  10. Texas Splash

    Help - Unknown Stain taking over Pool - Cannot Be Removed

    Curious about one thing though ... how do you chlorinate the water? Liquid chlorine or something else? Your FC is a bit low for this forum based on our .
  11. Texas Splash

    Help - Unknown Stain taking over Pool - Cannot Be Removed

    Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: For your first post, you did a superb job illustrating your issues. :goodjob: Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time seeing the stains in the pics. :crazy: You've exhausted the top-3 test options we would advise you (i.e. Vitamin-C, dry acid...
  12. Texas Splash

    Rust in pool

    If you can filter any of it out right away either with the robot or main filter that would be best. Catch that stuff while it's still in a solid state.
  13. Texas Splash

    Green pool

    Cloudy could still be related to the algae concern I noted above. Algae must always be treated first because you need an elevated FC level to kill algae - see . Once the SLAM is complete, we then treat for the metals. I think you'll find your best opportunity for overall success by referring...
  14. Texas Splash

    Green pool

    Welcome! :wave: Honesatly, I suspect you have both problems - algae and iron. Cloudy is the algae and of course ice tea is the iron. The Natural Chemistry isn't doing much other than change colors. So here's what I would recommend: 1. Address the algae and overall water chemistry first. Do...
  15. Texas Splash

    Rust on metal pool walls

    Not so sure I'd want CLR in the water. What about a very fine set/dry sandpaper like 1,000 grit? Or maybe test with a Magic Eraser? Either way, testing in a small area is key to ensure you like the final result.
  16. Texas Splash

    Swamp treatment regimen improvement requested; question about Sodium Percarbonate and Enzymes (not baq conversion)

    CJ, you invested a good amount of time posting this, and it's been sitting unanswered for a while now, so I wanted to at least reply to you so that you didn't feel ignored. At the same time, I have to be honest and say upfront that this discussion may/may not continue to be visible to the...
  17. Texas Splash

    Chemical storage - outside garage? Check. Don't mix muriatic acid and chlorine? So now I need a 2nd storage location outside garage???

    The chlorine is more sensitive to heat. I used to keep mine in the laundry room. MA can handle just about anything. Safety from kids and pets would be the next concern. For what it's worth, I learned the hard way almost in the exact same way - mountain bikes too. :hammer:
  18. Texas Splash

    Iron Stain removal

    Iron is tricky because of the various stages it can assume. In pool water it is generally in a soluble state, interfering with color changes and causing stains. It's too fine to be trapped by conventional filters. Only when it is extremely aggravated in a precipitating state are we able to...
  19. Texas Splash

    Ideas on blocking water flowing to pool from yard

    In this case, I think a pic or two will help tremendously. But for quick brainstorming of water control, I think of: - A French Drain system - Retaining wall and/or increased grading to direct water flow
  20. Texas Splash

    Youtube pool guys and bad information

    Lots of scam artists out there and people who claim to know it all but are really not informed.
  21. Texas Splash

    Copper staining? Treatment? Help!

    Welcome! :wave: It's good you seem to have the stain ID'd, but keep in mind that neither the service tech or free local water testing will help you in the long run. Be very careful about relying on their results. As an example ..... you know those numbers you posted above? If those were...
  22. Texas Splash

    Scaling on pool after opening

    Okay, so with a little more info, let me give you the following to consider: - The numbers aren't really something we would consider valid to use here as there is no way to know how accurate they are (i.e. test kit used, accuracy of the tech, etc). However, having said that, if those numbers...
  23. Texas Splash

    Scaling on pool after opening

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: All of that just from this past season? Wow. Well, something chemically wasn't performed correctly. But there's probably no way for us to know now. Best you can do is damage control. Are you testing your own water now? That would be step #1 and highly encouraged...
  24. Texas Splash

    Struggling to remove existing pool rust-like stains made much worse after wrought iron fence repair - pics attached

    I wouldn't try to do any AA treatment until you are ready to open and get the water moving. Now is a perfect time to do a little more research to try and ID those stains at the steps, liner, and light. Also something I though of .... fertilizer. Any of that been spread in the area? Those can...
  25. Texas Splash

    Struggling to remove existing pool rust-like stains made much worse after wrought iron fence repair - pics attached

    Dry acid has a different impact on copper whereas MA will fizzle on calcium. If you are going to try another AA treatment, now is the time before the water gets warm and chances of algae increase. I would hate to see you chasing your tail though. It would be good to know what those stains are...
  26. Texas Splash

    Struggling to remove existing pool rust-like stains made much worse after wrought iron fence repair - pics attached

    So the spots on the stairs are new right? Have you tried some dry acid if you have any? Put in a thin sock or nylon. If that works, your spots are copper. Also remember a pool can have multiple source stains at once (iron, copper, organic) just to make your day brighter. :) But if you find...
  27. Texas Splash

    Struggling to remove existing pool rust-like stains made much worse after wrought iron fence repair - pics attached

    Those really look like iron stains to me. The splattering on the stairs look like welder fragments, the rust around the light fixture, and others just seem like iron. Your location is blank. Are you on a well? You mentioned dumping in pounds of Vitamin C, but did you actually do an AA...
  28. Texas Splash

    Tannin stains - FC and CC levels

    Not necessarily. The stains are relatively low in residual product compared to a full-blown algae outbreak. At the same time, you may not need to go to full SLAM level (12) either. Maybe just keep the FC around 8-9 for a few days. That, along with regular brushing, should eventually overtake...
  29. Texas Splash

    Rust stains.

    Just any Vitamin C tablets from your local store (i.e. Walmart, CVS, etc). Take one and rub it on the stain. Or put a few crushed into a thin nylon. You should see it work fairly quickly.
  30. Texas Splash

    Black tar like stains in copper pool

    I can understand the dark staining from copper. I suspect your copper levels in the water have increased over time and reacted with the TCCA (,trichloroisocyanuric acid). But I don't know why a sticky/greasy substance would be coming up from the drain. Do you know what your pool plumbing is...