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    Winterize or not?

    No need to close like folks up north. Just keep the water balanced and scoop-out leaves or junk that may get blown. in. Chlorine usage will drop considerably, so that should help make things easy for you. If we get hit by one of those freak winter freeze warnings, keep the pump on to keep...
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    The cold water is great, but if you're still running the pump and can add chlorine, I would do it. Refer to the and ensure your FC level is at least halfway to your SLAM level based on your current CYA. That should get you through the winter.
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    Nice! :goodjob:
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    Phoenix vicinity- winterizing

    Pool covers are optional. In your area, it's probably more beneficial in the summer to cut-down on the crazy heat and UV on the water which saves some free chlorine. In the winter, not so much a big deal unless you have a ton of falling leaves you want to keep from getting in the pool.
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    Phoenix vicinity- winterizing

    Easy .............. we don't! :) Unlike those up north, we don't lower the water or disconnect things and close it down. We keep the pool operating, although you can easily reduce the pump run time per day. Chlorine use will drop significantly once the water temps drop below 70. We have...
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    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    Sorry to hear that Kim. Zea a couple years ago now you. That darn rust. We can't escape it. Hang in there. Time to rebuild.
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    Big rip in vinyl liner, not sure what to do for winter.

    The walls would be my concern as well. About how far down vertically is the tear? Can you guess about how much water (in height) might remain?
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    fighting these darn bugs...

    The chlorine will eventually drop if none is being added. As our air and water temperatures drop, the FC doesn't get used as fast. The TA should fall slowly with acid dosages, but it may take a while if you aren't actively trying to lower the TA. If you need it to fall quicker, try the...
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    fighting these darn bugs...

    You appear to have a bunch of flying ants. We get them in swarms 2-3 times each season. They settle on the water for about 1 day (maybe 2), then they're gone until the next swarm. There's nothing wrong with your water, it's just going to happen. Bugs are attracted to water for various...
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    Winterize grade below

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: If you are firm on dismantling and removing the pool, I suppose you could just cover the exposed base with some tarps. Of course you could just leave the pool in place and follow the link below if you would like another option. Hope that helps...
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    Intex Closing (pictures)

    That's one way to do it. Happy slumber. See you next spring. :swim:
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    Intex Air Intake Leaking

    Then I'd go with what Msch99 recommended. Probably much better without the aeration. FYI - Future reference, never use petroleum jelly products on pool seals or o-rings. It will tear them up. Always use pool silicone. Have a nice weekend. :swim:
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    Intex Air Intake Leaking

    I don't recall, but does that o-ring need a little pool silicone? Might that help?
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    Perma Salt back to Chlorine

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: You can switch back to chlorine at any time and follow our page to get started. But as you may know, the PS system may have added copper to the water. That's the only "unknown" in your scenario. Too much copper means a potential for copper stains and/or color...
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    Draining water from pool w/ cartridge filter

    I suppose if you wanted to get creative, you could also remove a return jet fitting and fabricate various PVC fittings to a threaded adapter (much like an aerating fountain) to accommodate a garden hose and let it go out that way as well.
  16. Texas Splash

    Draining water from pool w/ cartridge filter

    Us cart filter uses don't have the convenient MPV to help pump water to waste. Instead, we have to use a submersible as you are doing now. Or, some filter housings have a hose bib/spigot at the bottom that you can use as well.
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    Winterizing Intex 18'x52" Ultra Frame pool in the Northeast

    You might post a pic of your pool so we can see how yours is made and set-up. If there is anything unusual that would drive a change in how your pool should be maintained for the winter, our members will know. Thanks for posting.
  18. Texas Splash

    Winterizing Intex 18'x52" Ultra Frame pool in the Northeast

    Welcome! :wave: Actually, you do not need to tear it down. May pools in your area remain up year-round. They follow general winterizing procedures with great success. Consider referring to the link below and let us know if you have other questions...
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    Finishing install of Intex XTR on clay soil - issues with sinking - can you jack it up?

    Thanks for the pics. Okay, let's see what others have to say about "impromptu lifting" techniques, or if it's even worth the risk. By the way, your profile location is blank. Where are you? Will you be closing the pool this winter, or does it stay open in your area?
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    Finishing install of Intex XTR on clay soil - issues with sinking - can you jack it up?

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: I know some members have tried it, but can only confirm it can be risky. Can you post a pic or two just so we can clearly see everything? If you so a few searches here, you'll probably find a thread or two about it. In the meantime, I'll ask @zea3 and @Casey if they...
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    how to convert from Pristine Blue (copper) to chlorine

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Switching is as simple as removing any copper-based mineral packs from that system and simply using liquid chlorine or regular bleach - avoid splashless or scented). One concern will be your existing copper level though. Here at TFP we always encourage owners to do their...
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    Going to buy a pool today and need advice

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: You are correct .... avoid the Frog. You don't' want the copper it emits in the water. For chlorination, you can go either manual by adding liquid chlorine (regular bleach) each day or as needed, or get a Salt Water Generator (SWG) which converts salt to chlorine gas...
  23. Texas Splash

    Filter blowing dirty water

    "11", you're probably not going to like this answer. But the advice you received was poor. Not surprising from a pool store. The cloudiness and green was probably algae in which case you needed to use the . Sand doesn't go bad UNLESS someone adds a pool store product like floc or clarifier...
  24. Texas Splash

    Intex 32x16 Skimmer Suggestions - What Works Best?

    Ty, it's been a while since you posted this question. Surprised no one has responded. COVID must have their tongue. Are you still evaluating your options? I'm going to move this thread to the AGP sub-forum in hopes that it gets more action. Post back as much as you need to.
  25. Texas Splash

    aquasport 52

    Jo, it's been a while since you posted here and no one apparently has experience with the aquasport 52, or at least they haven't been online yet. But as a new member we want to at least welcome you to the forum. Feel free to reply back to this thread as much as needed to keep it active and...
  26. Texas Splash

    New pool placement

    I haven't checked-in on this thread in a while. Glad to see you are in the new place and making preparations for next season. Good for you two. Sounds like you two need a break. :cheers:
  27. Texas Splash

    AGP and Calcium Hardness

    For the vinyl, a low calcium level is of little consequence. For some bodies of water, primarily spas, it can help to prevent foaming. As for the heater, typically a low pH is the dangerous culprit (corrosion), but if your heater manual recommends a specific amount of CH for warranty purposes...
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    Replacement part??

    VG, are you still searching for that part? We hate to see a new member's first-ever post just sitting out there without a reply. At the very least we want to say hello and welcome you to the TFP forum. :wave:
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    Please help me , Algae problem

    Hey again Karla! :wave: You've had several people post here already, so I don't want to add too much to the mountain of info you may be trying to process. :crazy: But I want to re-cap a few important points: - Testing your own water is very easy. Do not feel intimidated. None of us are...