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    High Alkalinity safe to use?

    Yes, it's safe.
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    New fill question

    I definitely would not have added the clarifier. That can cause more problems that it's worth by clogging the filter. As for the product you used, it's major ingredients are dipotassium phosphate and monosodium phosphate. Not ideally what we recommend to lower pH, but I'll tag @JoyfulNoise...
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    Help an idiot out.

    As for any potential corrosion marks, you might try rubbing a crushed Vitamin C tablet on them to see if that helps. It might help for simple surface rust stains, but not sure about the distorted appearance embedded in the metal itself. You may have to live with that one. :(
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    What is "ultra-spa"?

    I found an MSDS for Ultra Spa 4-1, not sure if that's what you saw. Major ingredient seems to be Chitosan which is a clairifier. I'd say stay away.
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    When Alkalinity is to low ?

    A TA of 50 is about as low as you want to go. A TA of 40 isn't going to hurt the tub itself, but once yo're below 50 the pH can become unstable and, ironically enough, drop unexpectedly on you. Have you considered borates? It's talked about a bit in the link below...
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    Filter Cleaning - products

    There's some very good details in this post: Remember for hit tubs, if you have't done an Ahh-Some treatment for a while, that is highly recommneded as well...
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    TF-100 and MPS shock

    Stick to liquid pool chlorine or regular bleach and you'll be good. :goodjob:
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    TF-100 and MPS shock

    This pretty-much sums it up:
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    Why keeping alkalinity so low with bleach method ?

    The"all literature online" you are referring to is probably generic pool industry standard ranges just like for pools. It's just that - generic, and does not take into account all chlorination methods, surface types, etc. WIth an acrylic tub, there are no concerns for eroding plaster or a low...
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    New Hot Tub Owner

    The increase in water temp and pH will increase scale potential and certainly could be an incentive to lower the CH a little. Of course you always want some CH to prevent foaming, so if you do lower the CH, I would keep it in the 50-100 range. Since you're speaking of water changes, if you've...
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    New Hot Tub Owner

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Your pH will also be a big player in the development of scale. Have you seen our APP? It's a great tool. In the meantime, please be sure to visit the link below. It's a fantastic place to start for tub owners. If you continue to have problems, please post back and...
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    Hot tub finally repaired. Next, learning about hot tub water maintanece?

    Congrats! Definitely take a look at the link below. Lots of great info. Also take note of the benefits of the Ahh-Some treatment as well.
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    Brand New Spa - Steps to Take?

    Congrats on the new tub! Ahh-Sime .... definitely! :goodjob: The amount of film and residue removed, even from showroom models, is unheard of and helps to resolve potential water chemistry problems later. So have some of that on-hand and ready. Also see our How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or...
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    Spa and algae

    I suspect an Ahh-Some treatment is on the to-do list. Since you have algae, it's probably best to just drain and change the water first. You may need to run the spa's FC at a SLAM level for a short time after the Ahh-Some treatment just to purge the filter from any residual stuff still in...
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    Black algae in spa - how to treat?

    If it's above the waterline, it almost sounds more like a scum line. Is it really gummy, might smear, and is really difficult to remove? Have you tried a Magic Eraser on the stuff? I'm guessing this spa is joined to the pool and shares the same water?
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    Can't workout if we have a leak!

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: I've never owned that particular product. Does it continue to lose air, or does it just not seem as firm as when originally installed? Have you seen the list of troubleshooting guides below just in case?
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    New hot tub, conflicting water testing results.

    The variances in the FC are tremendous. We'll come back to that. But first & foremost, if that tub was on the showroom floor for a year, if you've never done an Ahh-Some treatment, I would do that first before wasting any more chemicals. Get that tub and plumbing purged properly so you have a...
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    Good CH level

    If your tub is acrylic or similar, then yes, around that 100-150 is adequate and should prevent foaming. If you had a plaster spa, you would follow the our What Are My Ideal Pool Levels? - Trouble Free Pool page? Hope that helps.
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    Taylor K2106 In Canada

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: Maybe one of these would work for you: A place that sells Taylor test kits and reagents in Canada is “Water & Ice North America Inc” in Cambridge ON. Commercial Swimming Pool Supply. They also have a branch in Nova Scotia. (902) 883-9120 Also try: Aquatech Logistics...
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    New spa questions

    So that is an MPS-type prodict. Here are a couple threads on that: You'll be thrilled to get that Ahh-Some and see...
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    New spa questions

    Jay, welcome to TFP! :wave: Lots of good questions. I'll try to help get your thread moving and I'm sure other spa/tub owners will reply. 1 - So remember, there are distinct differences between a spa (i.e. plaster attached to a pool) and a hot tub (acrylic/fiberglass type). That's why you...
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    Can’t get free chlorine past 1-2!

    Not much if it's covered or in the shade. With all the crazy disinfection shoppers out there lately, hopefully you can find some plan/regular bleach nearby. Crazy stuff going on right now. :eek:
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    Ahhhsome Question

    While I suspect most dose the hot tub when initially still full, I've actually seen it done both ways depending on how dirty the tub was initially and how many purges the owner decided to do. Maybe @Ahhsomeguy knows of a preference...
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    Can’t get free chlorine past 1-2!

    One thing for sure. .... definitely stop using the Clorox. Use another brand. Generic is fine as long as it lists the ingredients and percentage strength. See on the Clorox label "Cloromax Technology"? That's some fancy fabric softener stuff they added a couple years back and it doesn't play...
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    Can’t get free chlorine past 1-2!

    Let's run some questions back at you to ensure we understand the whole picture ...... Still using the K-2006 test kit yes? Is this FC problem new or has it been going on for a while? When was the last time you changed the water? Last time you did an Ahhsome clean? What's your bather load...
  26. Texas Splash

    Chlorine loss with SLAM

    That should be fine. Seems odd to have such a large FC loss though. I'm assuming you have a CYA of at least 30? Is the tub usually covered, or are you leaving the water exposed during this SLAM?
  27. Texas Splash

    Chlorine loss with SLAM

    Chief, that is a significant amount of FC to lose in such a short period. Four teenagers? I can't help but wonder if they spilled something or introduced anything else into the water (i.e. body washes/oils, etc) resulting in such large FC loss. Have you cleaned the filter as well? What are...
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    Reducing TA?

    Rats! The sig does show 320 gal. I saw Viking and skipped right over that little gem of info.
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    Reducing TA?

    The recommended levels for our FG pools (220 - 320) is really a safety net to prevent staining more than anything. Today's FG pools do not have calcium products in the gelcoat, so theoretically there is no danger of a low CH causing erosion to plaster products like in a stone/plaster pool...
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    Reducing TA?

    Chief, a perfect TA is not something we obsess about too much. As long as you are within the TFP recommended range (see below), you should be fine. The one time when you might be concerned about a TA being too high for your pool is if you see the pH climbing each day rapidly. An elevated TA...