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    Oversizing a new SWG system

    Go big for a long time!
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    Cell drain down

    I have recently installed my CircuPool swcg. The cell is mounted vertically, flow switch downstream. Both swcg and pump are connected to the same time switch, but with a vs pump I just run it 24/7. I have been considering adding a current sensor system as a safety to prevent the swcg from...
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    Replacing SWG

    There you go! PoolMath is our friend!
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    Deck around Saltwater Pool

    As a retired deck builder I'll offer a bit of advice. 1. Use quality KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment) pressure treated lumber. There is no worry about chemical leaching or transfer, the EPA addressed that years ago. 2. Some manufacturers include a wax surface treatment to protect the lumber...
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    Replacing SWG

    Welcome to TFP! Rather than assume, grab a sample of water directly from a return and test it for chlorine. Your signature doesn't include a test kit, so hopefully you aren't relying on test strips. CYA level? While the usual advice is to avoid pool $tores, some can test swcg cells to make...
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    How to turn off swg?

    The timer can be used as a manual switch as well. It is convenient to have it next to the pump/filter so you can turn them off when backflushing.
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    Help me get my husband a robot!

    Our pool has steeply sloped sides to the deep end. Our Active 20 misses some of the fine debris in the bottom of the corners, but the there are small divots there to catch the debris. A few passes with a brush takes care of it. We get a lot of wind blown debris, so it usually takes two cycles...
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    Chlorine production

    Thanks, JR. I used Pool Math with an average depth of 6'. The shallow end is pretty short, hard to calculate an average depth with the configuration. It's rectangular, that's where the ~32K comes from. PM calculates it @ 32,400. Since swcg are rated on a 24 hour runtime I was surprised to...
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    Chlorine production

    I have finished my transition from a 14K abv to the new ~32K igv. Last year I used lc (had too many higher priority items to replumb for the swcg.) Typical usage was 1gal per day. Cya then was 30, kept the water at a FC of 4-5 perfectly. This year I installed my RJ30+ (1.5# per day.)...
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    Pureline SWG?

    Correct. It cycles itself on and off based upon your percentage setting rather than modulating the current.
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    Pureline SWG?

    The reason for over sizing the unit is to extend the life of the cell. Most systems work on a 50% duty cycle - on half the time. They produce the same amount of chlorine when they are on, just reduce the on time. By running your pump at a speed sufficient to keep the flow switch on you can...
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Mine got hung up on a cover once this afternoon. Something to just keep an eye on. I don't leave it in all the time so It isn't a major problem yet.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    My Active 20 came in this week. The architecture of my pool provides some challenges - diagonal corners on the slope and rounded corners on the deep end. I recycled it several times to give it more time cleaning, cleaning the filters between each cycle. In the end I have a clean pool that...
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    Pump replacement advice

    I just installed (today) a Speck A91 dual voltage 1.1 hp vs pump. It self detects - doesn't care which voltage, 120 or 240. Came with a 120 duplex plug. Very programmable - 3 schedules, 10 watt increments. $510 delivered. Time will tell how long it works, but it fit my requirements at a good...
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    New Pump Needed

    I had a 14K abv with a Jacuzzi pump and Lazer. After flooding, I replaced it with a 3/4 hp and it was more than enough. I tried an Intex swcg which worked well, but didn't last long. I moved up to a CircuPool and have been very happy with it. I moved the CircuPool to our new house and...
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    Adding Cellulose Fiber to sand filter

    Patience is a virtue.
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    Filter pressure gauge full of water

    For those who live in freezing climates, remove the gauge and plug the hole when you close your pool. The water in the gauge won't normally drain completely, thus freeze damaging the gauge. Also a greased works gauge will work fine for pool applications. Liquid filled is more necessary for...
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    How to know where electrical line is for pool?

    Dial 811. They may locate private lines in NY. Otherwise rent an underground utility detector. RadioDetection makes several good units.
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    Adding Cellulose Fiber to sand filter

    Let it run. Depending on the size of particles it may take a while. I'm assuming that your chemistry is otherwise in spec.
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Ollie's in SE NC has 12% for $2.99 per gallon.
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    Adding Cellulose Fiber to sand filter

    I didn't notice a rise in pressure for about 24 hours or so. Then it jumped up 10psi. The cellulose didn't seem to have much effect by itself, it just caught everything else. Which it is supposed to do. As I remember, about 4 cups. It was a 14K abg pool. What are you trying to filter out?
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    Adding Cellulose Fiber to sand filter

    I have used cellulose a few times, primarily to trap precipitated iron. It would take about 36hours to become effective...then it really slowed things down.
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    Liner installed in lower track

    Are you planning on installing an automatic cover? Were they aware of any future plans?
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    Snake climbed in Max E therm 333

    Snakes are not usually an expected component of any pool heater, of any manufacturer. I would encourage him to leave and figure out how to prevent his further access. I'm fine with snakes (non-venomous) but have had poor experiences with them snuggling up to equipment that wasn't designed to...
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    Sand in my pool...not from sand filter

    Welcome to TFP! Apparently you have a Dolphin and a sand filter, you can add those to your signature. If what you are seeing is actually floating around, then it is likely either dust or sand fines rather than sand. Sand will sink to the bottom to be vacuumed and returned to the filter. If...
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    What's the cheapest way I can mount 5 4x10 solar panels to my roof?

    The cheapest way is to use nails. You want to put a lot of weight on top of the structure that your house requires to keep you dry and the walls erect? As a former general contractor that's like asking what's the cheapest used tires I could by for my wife or daughter's car. Asking that...
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    Hayward AquaPlus Pool controller - a lightning magnet???

    Remember that lightning damage does not have to come in through the power side in order to damage electronics. I've had lightning come in through a galvanized water line and do it's number. Electronics generally don't appreciate more than 10% over board voltage to fry. A close strike can air...
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    Sequestrant vs. CYA Bound Chlorine

    I recently purchased a Fleck (Pentair) Iron Pro Water Softener and Iron Filter on Amazon, $559.00 delivered. It replaced a Rainsoft unit that died. The well water has dissolved iron as well as calcium and magnesium. It's in Union County, NC for those that are familiar with that area. From my...
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    Using downspouts to fill swimming pool?

    The common procedure is to divert the first 15 minutes (or so, depending upon the dirt load) of rainfall to the ground so that the dirt and other debris gets washed off, then send the rest to the reservoir. The old school method was to make the kids run out in the rain to do it. I have seen...
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    What level of cc can you smell?

    Welcome to TFP! If you check the Chlorine/CYA chart (Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart) you will see that with a CYA of 50 your FC is not yet up to shock level. More chlorine (or a partial water replacement) will be required to destroy the algae bloom you are experiencing.