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  1. Makdaddy

    Flying ants?

    Step 1 Drop a few tennis balls inside your pool. Flying ants are not good swimmers, and will cling to the surface of the tennis ball to avoid drowning. Six tennis balls are enough for most pools; however, larger pools or heavy ant infestation may require a few more. Step 2 Scoop the tennis...
  2. Makdaddy

    Zeo sand issue or algae?

    Slam is working well This morning I had very little on the floor water is nice and clear
  3. Makdaddy

    Filter hose not fitting new pump

    No Luck at Lowes or Menards So I was able to get to a Hayward dealer in the town I work They use the inside threaded portion. seems universal So 2 new fittings and a high pressure hose some thread tape and 2 new SS clamps, and I should be good to go this weekend.
  4. Makdaddy

    Zeo sand issue or algae?

    10-4 I will start the slam today Thanks
  5. Makdaddy

    Zeo sand issue or algae?

    So pool has 4 + seasons on Zeobest and no issues Pump on high goes out So I decided to install new pump and change the zeobest Open pool Clear no issues just like every opening for the past 4 or 5 years Clean out old zeobest Fill tank (300lb filter) half way up with water, add new zeosand (I...
  6. Makdaddy

    Filter hose not fitting new pump

    So I was running an old Cristal Flo II Sand Filter Tank with 2HP, 2-Speed Pump Pump only runs on low so I ordered a Hayward SP15932S Docs from both the Cristal and the Hayward say 1 1/2 connectors But the new Hayward pumps connector to the filter is to big? the collar ring wont screw on. Out...
  7. Makdaddy

    Need pump advice

    SO did a lot of reading But not sure what direction to go Specs are in sig Filter is a 300lb filter with 150 lbs of zeobest My 2HP 2 Speed Dynamo pump quit working on high last year Im looking at these 2 pumps 1Hp Hayward SP15922S or the 1.5 Hp Hayward SP15932S Or any other suggestions...
  8. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    WOW Amazon sent me a used unit for replacement I couldnt believe it I ended up cutting off the defective GFI and put a regular plug on it. New unit works Will be sending the used unit back to Amazon
  9. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    Amazon is sending a replacement I didnt want to cut the GFI out, It would have voided the warranty SO we will see what happens next week
  10. Makdaddy

    Chlorine Consumption - What is considered normal?

    Im also On GFI Outlet for the pump and Deck I thought about cutting the plug off and replacing it But that will void the warranty. I would feel better doing that if the unit worked out of the box I contacted Amazon, they are shipping a replacement I hope I have better luck on this one. And the...
  11. Makdaddy

    Chlorine Consumption - What is considered normal?

    Sorry their support sucks This will be day 5 after 2 phone calls and 1 e mail If I dont get the requested docs to replace the power supply today, its going back to Amazon for a refund. Ill just use bleach to finish the summer
  12. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    So got it installed Sunday GFI keeps tripping, Tried another outlet still trips.even with the unit turned off Waiting to hear back from Intex I heard these GFI had issues , some folks just put a plug on it? I have GFI at the breaker , so that wouldnt be an issue for me and safety.
  13. Makdaddy

    Chlorine Consumption - What is considered normal?

    So bad luck continues I ordered this unit. Installed Sunday. GFI wont stay off. It never powers up. The GFI shuts off everytime I plug it in, I have tried several outlets, and the main unit is powered off.
  14. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    what wrong with the copper anode?
  15. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    Thanks I think Ill try one for the rest of the summer You post helped
  16. Makdaddy

    Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669

    My Old Saltron retro died My wife wants to keep the SWG. So this claims to go up to 15000 Gallons Im a little leary Looking for a good replacement system. maybe this will get me thru the rest of this season. any advice is appreciated. Any real experience with this unit on a larger AGP? I see...
  17. Makdaddy

    Chlorine Consumption - What is considered normal?

    My Saltron just died again I need a cheap alternative Where did you get the $150 SWG?
  18. Makdaddy

    Saltron Retro (JUNK)

    Just a heads up I ran one for 2 years with no issues This year I went to fire up the pool. Plugged the unit in. No power Checked the fuse, it was good Called Solaxx. Not much help , they said it was out of warranty and need to replace the control unit. $185 Well I got two of these units when I...
  19. Makdaddy

    Leveling pavers

    next time, If there is a next time. I will pour concrete
  20. Makdaddy

    Preferred Winter Covers

    1. Pocket Pool Cover - Easy Dome Pool Covers, LLC have one its great. I dont drain my pool down I plug the Skimmer with an expandable thing and then plug the return
  21. Makdaddy

    Can I close my pool without draining below the skimmer?

    I never drain my pool down Funny My cover does not let any water into the pool over the winter, I do have an Auto pump on top of the cover when its thawed I use a hurricane cover and no pillow I will actually loss a little water over the winter. But I use a Skimmer expandable plug and block the...
  22. Makdaddy

    Problems with sand filter

    Did you cover the center hole (Tube) for the laterals when you added the sand?
  23. Makdaddy

    "LO" salt reading on saltron retro & low FC- how to fiix?

    I also have the Saltron When I add salt It usually only takes an hour or so to come back to green. depending on how many hours you have oit set to it may take a day or 2 to get the Fc up Depending on what the level was to start
  24. Makdaddy

    Possible to have a tiny bit of algae?

    I fear that his CYA is actually higher then he thinks The amounts of Chlorine he is adding is really not having much of an affect I would revisit the CYA level Il bet you need more chlorine for the Slam then you think. Or at the least take the Slam to Mustard level for your CYA. By the way I...
  25. Makdaddy

    can you fill the Chlorine bottle to 5 mil rather then 10

    Cool I will see what happens tonight when I get home I just checked the TFT site and R-0871 (2 0z) FAS/DPD Reagent is only $10 or so I may just order extra if I get too low Hope this slam dosent take too long
  26. Makdaddy

    can you fill the Chlorine bottle to 5 mil rather then 10

    Im thinking about trying it tonight My slam level is 31 with the high CYA right now Ill post when I get it checked I swear I read somewhere that this will work
  27. Makdaddy

    can you fill the Chlorine bottle to 5 mil rather then 10

    So Im slamming I have high CYA 80 (SWG) I thought I read somewhere when its high Chlorine levels you can read at 5mil and double it, saving form using 10mil and more drops Or am I just going to eat up all of my chlorine test kit
  28. Makdaddy

    Vacuum suggestions for 12' blue blob

    X2 on Pool Blaster Cant go wrong Just be careful when charging and dont over charge it
  29. Makdaddy

    Heating pool with out solar panels or a heater.

    I may try this Going to go turn the pump off now
  30. Makdaddy

    Zeo best out of return

    Well im researching Wondering if the zeobest is leaking in from a gasket or something else other then a lateral? Should I take the cap off the Filter and inspect? I was going to wait till fall and really dig into the filter and the zeobest issue. But now Im wondering it it could be something...