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    27' Round AGP - Drain, clean & Refill -- will it stretch back out?

    Believe me when I say I didn't want to but we had spent the last 2 months working on the pool almost daily and could not get it clean and get all the debris, frogs, and tadpoles out. This was a last ditch effort. I would prefer not to replace the liner since this one is only a year old but I...
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    27' Round AGP - Drain, clean & Refill -- will it stretch back out?

    Hey guys due to not covering it for the winter and having several branches fall in the pool during storms and a frog breeding pond going on I decided to drain, clean, and refill my pool. Liner is 1 year old (had it replaced last year due to a tear). I drained it with a pump overnight and at...
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    "Self Contained" Vac for 27' ABG or ideas to get the sludge?

    Re: "Self Contained" Vac for 27' ABG or ideas to get the slu Hmm well I tried everything but the filling the hose first part. I'll try that when I get home this afternoon. Perhaps that will fix the problem Of course I have no way to connect to the pump directly since everything is hard...
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    "Self Contained" Vac for 27' ABG or ideas to get the sludge?

    Put this in the ABG section but really should have put it here ... duhh. Please don't ask the same question in more than one place. JasonLion Looking for a suggestion (and a quick one at that) to get the sludge/slime from the bottom of our pool. We did a big no-no and did not cover for the...
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    "Self Contained" Vac for 27' ABG or ideas to get the sludge?

    "Self Contained" Cleaner/Vac for 27' ABG? Looking for a suggestion (and a quick one at that) to get the sludge/slime from the bottom of our pool. We did a big no-no and did not cover for the winter and have been paying the price trying to get it straight. We decided to drain it and clean the...
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    The Digging Begins!

    Looking good. I can understand where you are coming from on the heat. Sat here in VA was 104 and yesterday was 108 -- these are real temps mind you not heat index. I didn't even want to know the heat index. Kids were in the pool all day on Sat - I popped in for a bit and it was bath water...
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    Recommendation - Good quality volleyball net?

    Just need the net only Greg
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    11?? I think that is too high. You should be in the 3 -7 range for Chlorine. Your CYA is also high unless you are running an SWG. CYA should be down around 30 - 50. What are your other test results? Greg
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    Pump location?

    I am 50 feet away and notice no issues at all.
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    Contract advice

    If you are lucky you may be able to hold 10% back until the job is basically done. I seriously doubt you will be able to hold it much more than a day or 2 after completion of the project. Most contractors will never agree to the terms you are proposing. Good luck with your build. Greg
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    What size pool do I need?

    New 27' AGP and we are thrilled. We couldn't go bigger due to space. Would I go smaller ... yes once the kids are gone and it is just me and the wife but that is 10+ years from now. Once the kids get bigger (a few years) I am sure I will be doing a liner replacement and digging it down some...
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    Help in chosing an Intex AGP

    Former 18' owner here and I can echo the same sentiments as others. Filtration is HORRIBLE on the Intex pools. I purchased a used Sand filter and pump off craigslist and it made a world of difference. I can also tell you with 4 kids you are going to want a bigger pool. As I mentioned we had...
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    Advice on 27' 17,150gal AGP and SWG

    Correct. My CPSC is plugged into it's own outlet. Greg
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    Pump location?

    I wouldn't go there personally as it would be visible from the street (eyesore IMHO) and would be next to your neighbor's house. Why not put it in the upper left corner of pic 1 where there is some sort of box thing? It would be out of the way, shaded, and in the rear of the yard so less noise...
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    Thanks To TFP I went from a POND to Crystal Clear

    Well done! I remember the cesspool days of my Intex -- yuck. Hoping we do it right from now on (that means covering the pool for the winter this time, LOL). Greg
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    Opinion on Tahitian54?

    Yep. I picked up a used 27' round this year. It is a Sandstone model pool but after some searching it is actually manufactured by Lomart which from my understanding is a division of Doughboy. So yes it is hard to compare. Greg
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    Installing Swimpure 40k- easy?

    Yep installing my CPSC took just a few mins. Took longer to dig the hole that the control unit was mounted to then it did to plumb in the actual cell. But as mentioned - please, please measure it twice before cutting. Once cut DRY FIT EVERYTHING first before gluing!! Also don't forget to...
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    Advice on 27' 17,150gal AGP and SWG

    I have a 1HP 2 speed Hayward Matrix pump, Hayward S244T Sand filter, and a Compupool CPSC24 (all I could afford) on a 27' round AGP and I couldn't be happier. Been up for I think almost 3 weeks now - SWG only went in about a week and half ago though.. I run my pump in low speed 24/7. Water is...
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    Pump location?

    My equipment is in an old steel shed I had in the backyard. I had moved up to nice big wooden shed (too much Crud of course) and never took it down. Kind of glad I didn't as it works great for this purpose. I have an AGP non IG just for your info and my shed is about 50 feet away from the...
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    The joy of buying a cesspool

    Now that's how you turn Crud into a diamond. Well done sir! Have one on me :cheers: Greg
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    New Pool build......Midlothian, TX

    Holy Crud that's a lot of pipe, LOL! Looking good though and moving along nicely. Greg
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    4 Months and Three Pump Replacements/Ladder Corrosion !! ..

    I'm good man I just hope you get this issue sorted out as this does not sound good. Keep us posted on what you find out though as this could be good reference material for someone else in the future who has something odd like this come up. 80 people -- now that is a party!! Greg
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    Best deal on Volley Ball/basket ball sets?

    The wife and kids gave me a volleyball set for Father's Day yesterday and I am not really happy with it. I am instead going to mount 2 PVC poles in the ground (1 1/2 inch since I have some old ones just laying around) fill them with regular old sand. Screw some eye hooks to them. Then I will...
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    4 Months and Three Pump Replacements/Ladder Corrosion !! ..

    Wish I could help here but I am no electrical expert (done a lot of wiring but not troubleshooting) but it's nice to see another mechanicsville resident on here. Hey neighbor :handwave: Greg
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    What's your current pool temp?

    89 yesterday These darn near 100 degree days here in VA are making me happy we have a nice pool now. Greg
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    Arkansas pool

    Awesome pool. Really really nice ... love the slide! Sad about the the pool guy ... hopefully he'll back to 100% soon. Greg
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    Salt too high - how to determine how much water to change?

    As soon as the CYA reagent arrives from duraleigh I will throw them up. CYA is the only thing that could be off since I have been unable to test it for a week now. As of last night here is what I had. pH - 7.5 FC - 3 CC - 0 TC - 3 TA - 70 CH - 50 Salt - supposedly 6000ppm using the Aqua-Chek...
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    Intex metal frame pool 15'x48" with undersized pump

    You could do what I did which was put in a real skimmer box. I added a normal Hayward skimmer box to my Intex. You will need to create something to support the weight of the box as it tends to "bend" the liner since the box does not have a metal wall to adhere to for support. It worked great...
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    Salt too high - how to determine how much water to change?

    Well now the test doesn't actually make sense because our calculation showed 500lbs of salt need for our pool and I put in 12 40lb bags = 480lbs. I held off on bag #13 on purpose. SWG is working fine although when I peer into the shed to check things it seems to be running all the time (i.e...
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    Place a "hose" style adapter on return line?

    Yes only 1 return on the pool and yes I do have an eyeball on the return. Can I assume HD/Lowes would have the proper adapter to get me from 1 1/2 inches down to a standard hose adapter? Greg