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    Redoing concrete around pool

    Gotta say that $3,500 sounds pretty reasonable to me.
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    To heat or not to heat [the pool]

    I'm going with "not a chance." You will be burning fuel 24/7 and still likely not hitting swimmable temps in cold weather. The almanac shows temps ranging from 20 to 40 through much of the winter and you'll be losing heat as quickly - or quicker - than gaining it. An inflatable dome (in addition...
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    Changing brushes and tracks on S300

    I ran mine daily in pool season (Late April-Early October) for 4 years with no perceived degradation.
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    Month 1 with bot

    I had 4 solid summer seasons in Chicago with my S300 and when the motor blew (I left it in the pool 24/7 for the last 2 years) I bought an S200 to replace it. It was pretty clear that more features didn't result in better cleaning. I'ms till using my caddy and the original power supply and now...
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    Next question on Active 20

    Only 2 possibilities: Power Supply or motor. More likely a power supply. Any friends or neighbors who will let you borrow one to verify?
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    Will a robot really solve my suction cleaner problem?

    Ditto. I get sucked in pretty easily by bells and whistles, but in this case what you want is a simple no-frills vacuum that reliably cleans your pool. The S200 does that.
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    Looking for a *better* pool vac system

    Google "commercial pool vacuum." They run about $1,500 and up. I vote for a robot.
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    Pump Speed and Booster Pump

    Two different loops. The booster is a separate system, poorly named.
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    S200 vs M400

    The S200 is also about 10-12lbs lighter than the older models (and about 8 lbs lighter than the M400).
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    Best filter configuration for S200/Warrior SE/Active 20?

    The most effective is to use the pleated paper filter in conjunction with the mesh inner basket. The robot vacuums debris through the bottom opening, the mesh captures larger debris and particles allowing the pleated to handle finer particles without also dealing with larger stuff.
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    S200 vs M400

    The official recommended method of retrieval is to pull it by the cord until just before it breaks the surface, then reach in and pull it out. The cord is very strong and there's a stress connection inside the unit that ensures you aren't going to loosen any connections. It's also a "lazy man's"...
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    First time pool owner: In-floor vs. robot

    You plug the power supply into an outlet (120V) and then the robot into the power supply (12V). So you have about 6-8' of power cord to the supply (that's where the caddy comes in handy - you can mount the supply to it) and then 30'+ of cable to the robot. Maytronics has been teasing a new...
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    S200 vs M400

    I'm in the "go simple" camp. I can guarantee that the S200 will do every bit as good a job as the M400. It may take a second cycle (or it may not), but that's hardly a deal-breaker. The more I see of added "features" the less compelling they seem.
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    does anyone actually LIKE doing a manual vacuum of their pool....

    I used to find it meditative until I realized my robot was a time machine. It took the hour that I usually spent on vacuuming Saturday mornings and freed it up for other tasks - dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner, picking up drinks for the cooler and snacks for the weekend and the...
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    Pool Cleaners (robot, etc)- how long have you had yours?

    Had an OLD Dolphin Diagnostic that still runs but is heavy and a pain to clean. Purchased an S300 which worked perfectly for 4 years until the motor went (I sort of blame myself because it was in the pool 24/7). Bought an S200 to replace it almost immediately. Would never ever go back to...
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    Does Dolphin Active 30i work in gunite pools?

    I have a plaster pool and have been using an S300 for 4 or 5 seasons now. Wouldn't dream of giving it up. As noted above, if you're dealing have a ton of leaves or debris then maybe a 2nd cycle is warranted. Otherwise I have zero complaints. Does a phenomenal job.
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    Found A Pool Cleaner-Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li Pool & Spa Cleaner

    The Pool Blaster is "fine" but it's barely a stop-gap measure. The advantage to the robot is freeing up your time. It would literally take me an hour to manually vacuum my pool Saturday mornings. I now use that hour to deal with the dry cleaning, buy snacks for the pool, head to the hardware...
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    Need help picking a robot cleaner - have in-ground kidney shaped pool with sloping in the deep end

    I spent an hour manually vacuuming my pool every Saturday morning before I started with a robot. I couldn't tell you where the vacuum is these days (wife likely left it out for trash pickup, along with the unsightly hose).
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    Pool cleaner recommendations for in-ground pool

    Robot. Reliable, barely any maintenance, low cost of operation.
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    Re=plaster in the Portland OR area

    We did ours 5 yeas ago for about $11,000. Not quite as large but close. About $1,500 of the cost was sandblasting away the old surface. $35-40 makes no sense unless there's a lot of coping/tiling and deck work included.
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    Help me buy a cordless robot pool cleaner....please !
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    Robot cleaner with beach entry pool?

    IIRC the older float-handle models worked with beach entry because the handle would collapse and stop its progress.
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    Caddy for Dolphin 300

    I'm actually pretty happy with the caddy. It not only stores the robot without flattening the treads but it keeps the controller at a convenient waist-level height.
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    Spot Cleaning

    Corners are tough for nearly any cleaner. My 2-cent solution: Give the corners a quick manual sweep (to dispel the dirt) before you start your robot cycle.
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    Is it worth upgrading?

    If your current unit is working then wait until it dies. Cord tangling is a bother but I wouldn't toss a functioning cleaner over it.
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    Ecofinish after Plaster

    What kind of horrifying plaster job did you have with only a 5-year life span? Did you maintain chemistry properly? Was it applied properly in the first place? A well-applied but poorly maintained plaster surface should still last longer than 5 years. Well-applied, well-maintained plaster can...
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    used 2017 Dolphin M500, should I buy it?

    The S200 uses water jets to maintain contact with walls and propel itself upward. The M400 has a flotation handle which aids in movement up walls. The presence of the centrally-mounted flotation handle limits the space for a basket and Maytronics solves the problem by using two mesh cartridges...
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    Dirt/Debris Falls Into Pool When Removing Robot

    That was definitely an issue with older-generation Dolphins, but the current lineup has the one-way flap. On a demo unit it may have more wear or may have been installed poorly. It's a cheap part (around $5), so if it ever shows signs of failure it's easily remedied.
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    S300i power supply?

    The older power supplies (and I'm talking older-generation, well before the S-series was released) could be problematic. The newer ones have worked almost flawlessly.
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    Real World for Dolphin Clever Clean Mapping

    Ledges, steps, etc will be problematic for nearly every cleaner due to their uniqueness. A ledge may lack headroom to operate (if the robot is not fully submerged it will stop) and steps are generally not wide enough for a robot to maneuver around. As a robot veteran, if I can observe...