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    Looking for help with this diving board .

    I have a 1983 Anthony diving board stand, replaced the board a few years ago. The pipe support pictured was shot so I replaced it but the only pipe I could find was iron gas pipe at the Home Depot, now the salt has ruined it. Also when I replaces the original pipe I had to bust the tile on the...
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    Old Anthony light replacement

    I have a original Anthony light in my spa , it’s the copper one. Does anybody know of a replacement that will fit. I replaced the same kind in the pool with a new Pentair Light, But It looks like the spa might not have enough room for the adapter ring I used in the pool. Thanks for any info..
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    Spa blower info needed

    I have a in ground spa and have been buying the Polaris 2 HP blowers , have Gone through 3 in 6 years . Anyone know of a better (Longer Lasting Brand ) I have 120 Volt power for the blower. Don’t want to but another Polaris.. Thanks...
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    Now wonder this salt turns my pool yellow

    Investigation: Clorox Selling Pool Salt Made From Fracking Wastewater - PUBLIC HERALD
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    New member from FT Worth TX Thanks for the Welcome.
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    Inground spa jet spraying water out of spa on to ground

    I have a inground spa on my pool. It has 6 jets , 3 on bottom 3 on top , one of the top ones blows water out and on the ground , I changed the eyeball but it still does it. Any body had this happen ? Thanks..