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    Is My Pool Sweep Cannibalizing Itself?

    Yep, that's a ball bearing spacer from one of the wheels. You'll have to take the wheels off to see where it came from.
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    Pump Replacement/automation question.

    What exactly does the Compool control right now, just the main pump and cleaner pump? Any heater or lights? The IntelliConnect is a very basic system with only two relays, but for around $300 it's good value if you have limited needs. Both your current pumps would connect to the relays, but...
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    New pool and no support from PB

    Contractors in California must first serve a preliminary notice to the owner before filing a Mechanics Lien so don't feel pressured to pay if work isn't complete.
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    Hayward automation upgrade Q

    I would go with the OmniPL instead of the OmniLogic. Recommend giving Polytec Pools a call to walk through your options.
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    Timer not working

    Please update your sig to include your Intermatic timer and AquaRite SWG.
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    New pool and no support from PB

    The law states "Each progress payment shall be stated in dollars and cents and specifically reference the amount of work or services to be performed and materials and equipment to be supplied". Did you check your contractors license...
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    Equipment Recommendation

    Raypak heaters are popular here, so something to consider.
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    Equipment Recommendation

    Are you doing an owner build? You need to get the equipment professionally installed to get the full 3 year warranty.
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    New pool and no support from PB

    Under CA law the contract you signed with your PB should have a section titled "Schedule of Progress Payments", what is the language for the final phase of work?
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    Intellicenter Automation Help Needed - FIXED!

    So you have it connected correctly, but you seem to have a different model from me. Did you order an IC bundle, or did you purchase it separately? Yes, if you connect an Ethernet cable directly from the panel to the router it'll work as before - this is how MyAZPool and others have done...
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    Intellicenter Automation Help Needed - FIXED!

    I just noticed that you appear to have the Ethernet cable plugged into LAN 1 instead of LAN 2 which won't work.
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    Intellicenter Automation Help Needed - FIXED!

    Based on your image, the bridge is connected to the IC via Ethernet but not to your WiFi access point. What happens when you go to the OCP and select "Connect to a Wireless Network" does it list available AP's? Light Description PWR OFF = ENS202EXT is not receiving power ON = ENS202EXT is...
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    New guy - Timer Question

    You can also use an online tool like Free Image Converter to resize your photos for forum use.
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    Understanding Jandy automation options - iQPUMP vs Aqualink

    What reason does PB give for not doing salt, is it warranty related? Detailed discussion on Hotspot FPH below, but it seems complicated wrt automation.
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    Understanding Jandy automation options - iQPUMP vs Aqualink

    So you have basic needs in terms of automation, how serious are you looking at SWG? Is it a cost issue or other reason? Typically bundled systems are cheaper than buying them separately. What type of heater are you contemplating? If solar that is important since you will need an actuator to...
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    New build... need advice for Automation

    You're not wrong Jim, but Pentair has the following in the IntelliConnect installation guide for both the IntelliChlor and iChlor. If you did want to have the additional protection then you would be able to use a relay, setting it as flow-dependent - which would also work for non-Pentair SWCG...
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    New build... need advice for Automation

    I suspect this will be the first and last time I'll correct Jim, but the SWG doesn't need a relay since it connects to the RS485 as mentioned here. @caroexx You should update your sig replace IntelliCenter w/ IntelliConnect if that's your choice.
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    Jandy Spa lighting - any thoughts on replacement?

    Contact Inyo Pools online or via their forum to find the needed parts.
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    Pentair Automation with SWG. EasyTouch or Intellicenter bundle?

    Proceed w/ caution as packages stolen by porch pirates often get sold on Facebook marketplace, so make sure you check out the sellers profile and rating.
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    Understanding Jandy automation options - iQPUMP vs Aqualink

    iQPUMP is just for Jandy variable speed pumps. You'll have to provide us more details - will your pool have an attached spa, SWG, heater, water features, lights? What are you looking to get out of automation? Just scheduling, remote access?
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    New build looking for advice on equipment

    Take a look at the video in the thread below and ask a question there as MyAZPool is our resident IntelliCenter guru.
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    Pool Reno - Worth adding Pentair LED? Old light controllable through EasyTouch?

    Take a look at the following including aftermarket lights.
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    Anyone know what Pump model this is?

    Post the image on Inyo Pools forum and you should get an answer.
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    Polaris Rebuild

    When you have time, please Create Your Signature w/ the rest of your equipment so that we can help you better.
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    Pool Reno - Worth adding Pentair LED? Old light controllable through EasyTouch?

    Have you considered the IntelliCenter over the EasyTouch/ScreenLogic? Just in case you weren't aware of the newer Pentair system. Scratch that, I just saw you enquired about this on another thread.
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    Upgrade SunTouch to EasyTouch or Intellicenter?

    When you have a moment, please Create Your Signature w/ your equipment. The newer IntelliCenter has WiFi capability, whereas the older EasyTouch doesn't. Since you only need a power center rather than a load center, you'll need to order a la carte (see below). For automation purposes you'll...
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    New build looking for advice on equipment

    What do you mean by programmable presets? Below is discussion about programming on IntelliCenter. Also the newer OmniPL is probably a better choice than the older OmniLogic if you're looking at Hayward automation.
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    Pentair Automation Problems

    @johnsimion When you get a moment, please add your automation system to your signature - is it a Pentair EasyTouch?
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    Jandy pool automation problem

    The Jandy troubleshooting guide has a couple of items that you can look into. Symptom Problem Possible Solution System sometimes does not run programmed on and off times. Power outage with dead battery. At the Controller, check battery level. With software level Rev. F or newer, battery...
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    Replacing a Hayward SP3200DR

    See the following thread for ideas