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    active 20 problem, already

    I'm having a similar problem with my brand new Active 20 as well. Runs a very short duration then shuts down. Try to restart it and it will move a few inches, stop, then move a few inches again, stop...and stay stopped. If I unplug it for a while and then try again, it will run for a short...
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Well my brand new Active 20 is a dud. I've only tried to run it a couple times and was really disappointed with how it was cleaning the pool. I checked on it more today and found that it was shutting off after only a few min of running. Now when you try to turn it on, it attempts to move...
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    Pool Blaster MAX CG

    Sold, thanks. Rich
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    Pool Blaster MAX CG

    $60 + shipping. Someone take this off my hands, Thanks Rich
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    Pool Blaster MAX CG

    I've got a Pool Blaster MAX Commercial Grade. Used it for one season a couple years back, then got a Blue Diamond and it has sat ever since. Tried to fire it up before putting it up for sale but the battery is dead inside. Has the fine silt filtration bags too. Have all documentation, parts...
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    Resillence lights not on

    This exact thing just happened with my ipure from intermatic (a rebadged resilience unit). They are replacing it for me under warranty. If you get any further information about what the exact failure is/was from resilience, I'd be interested in knowing. Rich
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    Opened Pool to Green, Algae won't die

    When I got home from work yesterday, the pool had finally started to turn the corner. I increased the FC a good bit higher for overnight and this morning, I have a lovely cloudy blue pool! Now to just maintain and filter / vacuum out the dead algae. Intermatic is sending me a new SWG under...
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    Opened Pool to Green, Algae won't die

    It is an IPURE from intermatic. It worked like an absolute champ last season when I put it in, was very happy with it. But this season, it will not start generating. The power light comes on, but nothing else is functioning. I have been talking with intermatic about it and likely will have...
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    Opened Pool to Green, Algae won't die

    As of right now, I am not as I'm just about out of the 0871 reagent and have been testing more sparingly. This algae and high shock levels have depleted my supply with all the testing I have been doing. Have been adding one 182 oz jug of 6% bleach every few hours and testing BEFORE I add the...
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    Opened Pool to Green, Algae won't die

    For this season, I'd venture that about half of the water in the pool right now is rain/snow from this past off-season. Yes, the defeating algae article is what I've been following. The reason I'm considering draining the water right now is simply because I've had the FC at 20+ constant since...
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    Opened Pool to Green, Algae won't die

    25K IG Vinyl liner 18x36 with deepend. Hayward super pump with sand filter. We opened the pool last weekend and found that it was an ugly green swamp. This is the first time this has occurred for the 3 years we have been in the house. So I immediately went off to walmart and bought a TON of...
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    Robotic Cleaners with SWG Pools

    I'm considering making the switch to SWG. How do the robotic cleaners hold up in an SWG pool? I currently have a Blue Diamond. I tried searching, but it seems the search engine ignores a lot of the common terms so didn't have any luck. rich
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    FS: Pool Buster MAX CG

    I don't know if this is even allowed on the forum or not? I didn't find a "for sale" section anywhere. If this isn't allowed, I apologize. I was just hoping to help out another TFP member who might be looking for one of these. I've got a Pool Buster MAX Commercial Grade. Used it for one...
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    Replacing Side Ports in Vinyl Lined Pool

    My memorial weekend was spent trying to fix the leaking underground plumbing at our pool. There were leaks in all three underground lines (it was a black poly pipe setup). The pool at our house is a 70's era vinyl lined 18x36, liner is 1 year old. It has one skimmer, one side suction port...
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    Debris under loop loc safety cover

    This is the first time for me opening the pool (18 x 36 vinyl lined), and I have a loop loc mesh cover as well. I was quite surprised how much Crud had made it under the cover. And yes, the amount of dead worms is unreal and disgusting! I'm definitely going to be looking into making some form...
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    Blue Pearl, Blue Diamond Cleaner Performance/Durability

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I ended up buying the blue diamond and should have it next week sometime. I'll report back as to how it does. For the warranty, it is 4 years (or 500 cycles) on all non-wear items (brushes, belts, etc are considered wear items). Everytime it runs a...
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    Blue Pearl, Blue Diamond Cleaner Performance/Durability

    Yes, I agree, it has been extremely frustrating trying to get correct information about them. Not to mention that all the big companies seem to be related in one way or another (Aquatron, Aqua Products, WaterTech, etc). Where did you end up buying the R/C from? Thanks Rich
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    Blue Pearl, Blue Diamond Cleaner Performance/Durability

    We bought a house last year with an 18 x 36 vinyl lined pool. This is our first pool, and after one season of cleaning it manually, I've decided to get a robotic cleaner and pretty much have it narrowed down to the Blue Pearl or Blue Diamond (I decided on these over the aquabots because they...