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  1. tikifarmer

    Putting More Tropicality into Your Locality Zone 6b Style

    Here are a few pics from my backyard pool area here in south central PA ... Hope you enjoyed ...
  2. tikifarmer

    Replacement Hot Tub Cover Advice

    Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with replacement hot tub covers ? I am in need of a new one and am overwhelmed by the sheer number of manufacturers out there that claim to have the best . I have a Dynasty hot tub and the cover that came on it didn't last much more than 1 year ...
  3. tikifarmer

    How long to shock at MA level ?

    I had a mustard algae problem as well as a green algae problem in part due to getting my Liquidator dialed in . I began shocking at MA level (37) for my CYA level (65) last Thursday . There is a lot of dead algae (grayish /white) in the bottom of the pool that need to be vacuumed out at this...
  4. tikifarmer

    Pool Maintenance During Vacation

    This is my first year on the BBB method after 3 years of Baquacil . We successfully converted in June and things have been great .Thanks to everyone on here for sharing all of this wisdom. We use approx . 4 gallons of clorox per week . Generally 2 gallons on Sunday night and 2 gallons on...
  5. tikifarmer

    Another Conversion Begins ...

    I am planning on starting the much anticipated conversion to chlorine this weekend . Would it be good to vacuum the pool (still has the cover on right now ) prior to adding the first round of bleach ?
  6. tikifarmer

    A Few Pics From my PA Backyard

    Here are a few pics from my pool area , still not complete but , we're getting there ... This is before decks and landscaping 1/07 This is now 9/08
  7. tikifarmer

    Planning A Conversion For Spring

    We are currently on Baquacil and planning to convert to chlorine in the spring . With this in mind are there any special steps to take when closing ?