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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    I’m stumped. I’m ready to call in a tech, but wanted to run this by the group first in case I’m overlooking something. I’ve not been able to get the heater to fire this season, getting the infamous IF error. I’ve tested everything I can. The gas valve is good, I can see an orange glow in...
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    Odd filter pressure behavior

    I’ve noted this for quite a while, but I don’t understand it. My filter pressure will actually decrease over time. For example, when the pump first turns on, the pressure will be 15 psi. A few hours later it will be 12 psi. This runs counter to my understanding of how these things work.
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    Access to gas orifices on Hayward H200FDP

    Hi all, I need a little assistance. I tried to fire up the heater for the first time of the season and repeatedly got the IF error. I’ve read up on it and know there are multiple things to check. I’m working my way from easiest to more difficult. I’m currently attempting to check the gas...
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    A little help calculating savings please?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my SWCG from T-3 to T-15. I ran into some hefty electric bills last summer and would like to know how long it would take for electric savings to pay for the upgrade. Anyone?
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    I want to install a few unions

    Hi folks, I need some guidance/advice. I want to install unions in my plumbing so I can easily remove the multiport valve and get to the sand in the filter. As I see it, I can either install unions somewhere downstream and upstream of the multiport, or I could replace the existing couplings on...
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    I have a niggling question about deep cleaning sand filters

    I've watched the videos and still have this question. What prevents grains of sand and other things you don't want clogging your laterals from entering the standpipe?
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    Are gizmos single use?

    I planned to reuse the gizmo I used last winter, but I just read an ad that said you should replace them each winter. Is this true or marketing?
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    How would you clean this?

    The good news is my renovation project is complete. The not so good news is I have a little bit of cleaning up to do, and my initial thought on how to approach these stains (or whatever you’d call them) isn’t working. Before I get too into this, I’d like to get a little feedback on how I can...
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    Advice needed for water balance of pool under renovation

    My pool has been under renovation since mid-June. The renovation consists in part of cutting out and replacing the concrete coping. During this period, I have been keeping the water balanced with little challenge. That all changed today with the installation of the new coping. There is a lot...
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    How often should I backwash?

    The pressure in my filter has not risen enough to justify backwashing (15% incr) in nearly a month. Does this sound right?
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    Gypsum and Lime

    Here’s a question you probably don’t often get. My landscaper just spread a mixture of lime and gypsum around the pool and some of it ended up in the water. What are the effects?
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    My pool will be closed for about a month.

    My pool that was installed last fall has to undergo some major renovations. I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is. Work will begin tomorrow, and the contractor says it will be 2 weeks. I always double that, so I'm expecting to be down for a month. Part of the work is to cut out...
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    Sand Filter...clean psi doesn’t seem right.

    Is this an issue? I just backwashed and my clean filter psi is 18 psi. It was was indicating 18 psi before I backwashed. Due to a late season pool build last fall and a fairly late opening this year, my filter has been in service for maybe a month. When it was first installed, PB showed me...
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    How to change user name?

    I’d like to modify my username slightly. How can I do this?
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    Return Fittings...lube or no?

    I’m getting around to opening my pool for the first time and wondering if I should put some lube on the threads of the return fittings? I seem to recall reading here the answer is no, but I’m not 100% certain of that.
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    What were you doing before TFP?

    I’m relatively new to pools and this board and I was just wondering what everyone was doing to maintain their pool before the advent of TFP? I assume the majority were using a pool service?
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    Recommendations for iron filter for garden hose

    I have a bit of iron in my well water and read that a filter thingy attached to a garden hose will take care of it. I see several listed on Amazon and wondered if anyone could recommend a good one?
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    Breaking ice in a fiberglass pool

    Yes or no? I've seen comments how it will cause problems with vinyl, but what about Fiberglass? I have about 1/4"-1/2" ice as best as I can tell.
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    Should there be a sealant between concrete coping and pool shell?

    I’m a little confused on this topic. I have concrete cantilevered coping on top of my fiberglass pool shell. Is there supposed to be a sealant of some sort (like caulking perhaps) between those two materials, or does the fact that the concrete lays right on top of it take care of water seepage...
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    Winter water level

    This is my first winter with a pool. The pool was closed back in Nov and the water level was drawn down to a few inches below the skimmer. I just checked on it and the water level has crept up to where it is very near the bottom edge of the skimmer frame. We are going to be leaving for warmer...
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    Need a little help. Am I on track?

    Brand new pool here. I've been on this forum daily learning about maintenance and doing some experimenting with the pool. A couple of weeks ago, I superchlorinated my pool for the first time. The water was new, had not been treated yet, and was becoming cloudy. The water cleared up, and...
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    Must an SWG be brought in out of the cold?

    What is the purpose for removing the SWG when winterizing? What can happen if left out in the plumbing?
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    LED Light winterization...I need a sanity check here

    I’m a little confused about how to winterize my two LED lights, or if I even need to do anything. I have two of them on opposite ends of the pool, and they are placed at the same level as the returns. The instructions with the lights say this with regard to winterization: I’ve read thru some...
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    First numbers

    FC...6.5 CC... .5 pH...7.5 TA...90 CH...50 CYA...50 I know FC is high, but it's there for a reason (getting ready to close). How does everything else look?
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    Pool Sump Pump

    Can anyone recommend a good sump pump? I need something that automatically turns on with a rising water level and can remain energized or plugged in when the water is pumped out. This is not for use on a pool cover, but rather for ground water.
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    Dummy SWG?

    Is there any reason I can’t take a piece of 2” PVC with unions and use that instead of spending $$$ on a Hayward dummy?
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    Safety Cover by Pureline...Anyone have one?

    Anyone have any experience with the quality of this product? I’m looking at a solid cover with a mesh drain in the center.
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    Noob questions

    Howdy....Is there a recommended sequence for achieving balance? I have a high level of chlorine at present, and I’ve dumped some CYA in there as well. Now, as far as TA, CH, etc., which should I address in order? My sig says I have the TF-100, but it has not arrived yet. I cannot post...
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    Online resources

    Hi all, New pool still under construction. I’m looking to purchase a safety cover, and see several online resellers with attractive pricing. Is there an online source that is generally accepted in this community as the pack leader in terms of customer service? Conversely, anyone to avoid...