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    Backwash hose question

    Hiya! Will a 2" backwash hose fit over the backwash outlet for my FNS Plus Pentair 48 DE filter? The outlet is 2" inner diameter, but once the width of the piping itself is taken into account the total diameter is about 2.25". This is the one I'm looking at...
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    Why did my TA drop?

    Hi pool lovers! We've been managing my pool with BBB for 9 months and everything's been hunky-dory until today. I test the pool once a week and pH usually rises a bit while FC drops. Add the appropriate amount of muriatic acid and bleach and it's all good. Typical previous readings: FC 3-7 CC...
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    Pool skim or Pool Devil?

    Our return line is a simple 1 1/2 inch smooth PVC pipe. What would work best for us: Pool Devil or Pool Skim? Cheers, Fiona
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    Is my Hayward Navigator broken?

    Hi When the pump is on with just the skimmer working the pump basket doesn't have any air in it. However when the pool cleaner is going there is a lot of air in the pump basket. I make sure to purge air from the tubing when I put it in. Could there be something wrong with it? A leak hole in the...
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    Main drain questions

    Hi all We've had the pool for 6 months now and I still feel like it's a bit of a mystery but I'm determined to understand this set up ****** it....! Is it possible that my main drain isn't working? There is absolutely no suction coming off it. Is this right? We have a Star-Rite U-3 skimmer...
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    Will Reverse Osmosis remove metals?

    Will Reverse Osmosis remove metals? Cheers, Fiona
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    Black Algae? Am I on the right track?

    Hi Everyone So I think we have black algae but am not 100% sure. The brief history is that we bought the house with the pool (pool is >15 years old), water was a little cloudy, got the TF-100 test kit and discovered CH >800 and CYA was >100. Bruce and Sal did RO on the pool water and get the...
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    Do I need a new pump?

    Hi Everyone Our pump seems really loud to us - husband unit is ready to blow a gasket himself! It is a Whispaflo 1 hp. We have solar panels on the roof of a single story house and a spa with 4 jets There's also definitely a leak at the pump. And when we turn the solar panels on ALOT of air...
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    SWG compatible with DE filter?

    Stupid question: Is a SWG system compatible with a DE filter? Thanks Fiona
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    Reverse Osmosis to reduce CH and/or CYA?

    Hi pool people! Has anyone had reverse osmosis treatment of their pool water done and successfully reduced CYA and CH? If so, how much of a reduction was ACTUALLY achieved? Would love to hear your thoughts, both positive and negative... Cheers, Fiona
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    CYA and CH too high :: help please

    Hi everyone My husband and I have just bought our first home in San Diego with a pool. I have to tell you I'm very excited to have found this forum because I'm a scientist and love the concept of water testing and managing the pool on our own with bleach, baking soda and borax... We've been in...