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    When am I done with SLAM?

    My water is clear and it passed the overnight chlorine loss test, but my combined chlorine is 14. What do I do next? I started this Sunday BTW. Thanks
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    How often do I check my Chlorine when doing SLAM?

    How often do I test my chlorine and add more chlorine if I’m doing slam?
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    What needs to be balanced before I SLAM?

    I bought a TF100 test kit so I could SLAM to kill algae. My CYA was way too high though so I had drain and refill approximately 70% of my pool. Yes, I still have algae. My water is mostly fresh and untreated now. What do I need to balance, if anything, before I SLAM? I will retest my CYA...
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    How do I reduce my CYA levels?

    I have a 30x52 above ground chlorine pool. I have a TF-100 test kit. My CYA showed 120 so I let half my water out, refilled it, let the pump run for 24 hours and retested. My CYA was 95. I repeated the process and my CYA is now at 70. Why didn’t it reduce by half each time I drained it? If...
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    CYA levels rise every time I shock

    I’m trying to get my water balanced and I’m waiting on a new test kit to come in, in the meantime I’ve noticed that my CYA level is low until I shock my pool. Once I shock, my CYA level reads way too high, but after the shock dissipates, the CYA level is low again. I use liquid pool chlorine...
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    Help me clear up my water please

    I have a 30 foot AGP With a sand filter. I’m trying to start back up after winter. My water is thick, cloudy and brownish green. I’ve double shocked it- color didn’t change. Test strips show alkalinity is good, stabilizer is good, chlorine is high and PH is too low. We’ve also added...
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    Pea gravel for landscaping around pool?

    I’m getting ready to landscape around my 30 foot pool. I’m wanting to use pea gravel and edging. I priced a truck load of pea gravel, an 8 yard truck is $350 a .5 cubic bag is $3.50 per bag. How do I estimate how much I will need? The truck load is a bit high because I live outside the normal...
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    Aquacritter only cleans HALF of my pool

    I have a 30x52 pool. I bought an Aqua critter and I've used it maybe 5 times total. It has 36 feet of hose on it. No matter how l9ng you leave it in the pool it will not vacuum the left hand side of the pool. It will make left hand but once it gets to the center of the pool it keeps going right...
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    I cant keep chlorine in my pool

    I had a brand new 30 x52 installed 2 weeks ago. It has a built in chlorinater. I keep it full of tabs and I have the dial turned up as high as it will go and the chlorine still registers zero. The only thing the pool place did was to shock it and add algaecide. Don't I need to add...