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  1. Deb04

    Testing water out of SWG

    My Chlorine consumption is higher than I’ve experienced before. It may be that its just pretty darn hot for NH, but I have a new SWG this year and I want to ensure that it’s generating Chorine. (Lights are lit properly.) Any suggestions on how to do this. Only idea I have is to put SWG on 100%...
  2. Deb04

    Question on Pool app

    The pool calculator had those very useful suggested levels of Chlorine with a given CYA. I can’t find that on the app. Am I just missing it?
  3. Deb04

    Circuit Breaker Tripping

    We have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. The pool heater, SWG, and pool light are all on it. The SWG was replaced by the PB about a month ago, but the first time the circuit breaker tripped was before it was it was replaced, so I don't think it was installed wrong. Do I need to...
  4. Deb04

    Pump losing pressure and I can't do anything about it

    We got a new pump this year. Picture below. We opened 8 days ago to green water and I've been SLAMming since then (minus day 2 when we were down bc the motor broke, resulting in new motor and pump.) Making progress, but not done. Water is clear now, but still getting algae on the bottom...
  5. Deb04

    Varible Speed

    Looks like our motor bit the big one. I've been reading on here about variable speed pumps and I've been thinking that sound like a good idea when we need to replace. When I call the pool guy tomorrow, what do I say I want? Details of pool in sig.
  6. Deb04

    Replacing SWG

    Our SWG finally died at the end of last season. 11 summers, so I think it did great. PB is replacing it with the same kind when he comes to open the pool next week. The water will probe in the 50’s when we open, so I’ll be using other chlorine methods for a while. Other than waiting until the...
  7. Deb04

    Confessions of a Bad Pool Owner

    I’ve been using TFP method since our pool was built in 2008 with great success. I can’t say I’ve never had trouble, but very little. The last month has been crazy busy with work (worked 24 out of 25 days in a row). It’s gotten cool with lots of rain. Our SWG finally died after 11 summers...
  8. Deb04

    Using Standard CYA solution

    I bought some standard calibrating CYA solution. Do I use the solution as is, or do I mix it with 50% tap water?
  9. Deb04

    I seem to need a new SWCG

    I seem to need a new SWCG, which is not at all surprising, given that this is its 11th season. I’m thankful it’s lasted this long. The flow light turns red sometimes. My research indicates it could be a bad flow switch, but with the age of the SWG, it doesn’t seem to be worth fixing it. When...
  10. Deb04

    Do I need to get rid of my metal stains?

    I have some metal stains. They are not bad, one dime size spot in the shallow end, some yellowing on the light housing, and some yellowing around the edge of the hopper in the deep end. They all come off instantaneously with Vitamin C. Will I hurt my pool if I just let the stains be and...
  11. Deb04

    Problems after Cleaning my Filter

    Clean filter was 17. It went up to 21 and we clean the cartridges tonight. Two issues now. 1. The SWG flow light is red now. I thought maybe it was maybe because we filled the filter with hose water which is usually around 55 degrees so I waited a 1/2 hour and checked again. Still red. So...
  12. Deb04

    Testing CYA after adding with Sock Methid

    I just added 3 lbs of CYA with the sock method to get CYA up as I switch back to SWG. How long before it FULLY shows up on test. SWG was just “fixed” this week. I put fixed in quotes because fixing it consisted of the PB coming out and showing us how we plugged it in wrong for the second year...
  13. Deb04

    Dead Chipmunk... my pool. Couldn’t have been in there more than 4 hours. Just bring it up to SLAM and then let it float down? <shutter> My numbers FC 8 pH 7.6 TA 70 CH 240 CYA 40 Yes, I know my CYA is low for a SWG. It wasn’t working and just got it fixed yesterday. I was just adding salt to get read...
  14. Deb04

    Safety for a 3 yr old

    We are going to be babysitting our 3 year old Granddaughter over night for several days this summer at our house. She also comes to visit for the day with her parents periodically. Last summer she loved the pool, but was not strong enough/coordinated enough to get through the baby gate at the...
  15. Deb04

    My Pool Looks Much Happier

    This was my pool last Saturday when we opened it. Here it is today after 6 days of SLAMming. It looks so much happier! Going to do a OCLT tonight.
  16. Deb04

    Clorox shock plus. Copper?

    Anyone know if this stuff has copper in it? It’s Dichlor plus “other ingredients”. I can’t find anything on line in my phone. I’m at a store and the price is great. I use Dichlor often bc my Calcium is rediculously low ( very much less than 200). I see nothing saying “fights algae” so hoping...
  17. Deb04

    Just Plain Silly Pool Store Advice

    I'm on a well, so I have my water tested at the pool store about once a year to make sure no metals have snuck in. I usually go to the place that built my pool and they've always been pretty reasonable with the advice. In fact, usually they say my water is perfect! Today the woman told me my...
  18. Deb04

    Cartridge Filter Clamps Won't Tighten Completely

    I opened our cartridge today to clean the filters. Hubby and I spent over an hour trying to get the cartridge back together. The problem is that not all of the clamps will tighten all the way. We tried opening the cartridge back up and making sure the filters were seated right. We tried...
  19. Deb04

    Adding chemicals on the same day

    I've always been under the impression that, as long as you want an hour after eating, I mean adding a chemical with the filter running, you can add another one. I'm trying to get my TA up to 80 and my CH up to 200, per the heater specs, before I turn the heater on. I added 3 lbs of baking...
  20. Deb04

    No lights on SWG

    Reposting in SWG forum instead of equipment in the hope of getting advice. Trying to get our IC-40 going for the first time this season. No lights on the Ic-40 are on. All circuit breakers are on. What am I missing? This is my set up.
  21. Deb04

    Why am I not getting dead algae yet

    10th season of our pool and and been on TFP since day 1. Every year when we open the pool, there's algae. I SLAM, in a few days the bottom gets covered with white dust (dead algae), I vacuum it up, and then we're (mostly) set for the rest of the summer. I can't say that that we never get some...
  22. Deb04

    How to get the plugs out?

    Trying to open the pool for the first time ourselves. The plugs don't want to come out. I know there's a vacuum behind them, but how do we break that. We've gotten the plug under the skimmer out. Still need to get out 3 where the eyeballs go and one at the basket. What am I missing?
  23. Deb04

    Lubricate Hex Bolts

    We're in the middle of opening our pool today, first time doing it ourselves. Pool looks better than a lot I've seen in the middle of the summer, but will need some SLAMming. While I wait for my husband to finish doing something else so he can remove the plugs (I'm not strong enough,) I...
  24. Deb04

    Hex bolts

    Is there a standard size for the hex bolts that hold down the safety cover for in ground pools. I measured it at 5/16" and bought an Allen wrench, but it's quite a bit too big.
  25. Deb04

    Considering opening pool ourselves

    This will be our 10th summer with our pool and we have had a TFP since day 1. We have never opened or closed the pool ourselves, we've always had the PB do it, just because we didn't want to do the work. We're considering opening it ourselves this year. I've read the sticky on pool opening. I...
  26. Deb04

    Should light be removed?

    We always have our pool closed by the PB. We've had a lot of rain, so I've been siphoning out some water. I peeked and the light (big type) is still installed. I thought in prior years they had removed the light, but I could be wrong. Is it enough to have the water below the returns or does...
  27. Deb04

    SLAMming my Pool

    I'm Slamming my pool because of increased chlorine demand and the water was looking a little dull. Yesterday I put in enough liquid chlorine to bring FC to 20. I started feeling unwell because of a tooth extraction, so I couldn't do anything more yesterday. Tested this morning and the FC was...
  28. Deb04

    Olympic Pool

    Has anyone noticed how beautiful the water in the Olympic swimming pool is? Dying to fly down to Rio with my test kit to test it. Husband was asking me what kind of filter that would use and I have no idea. Is there a different kind of filter used on that kind of pool, or just bigger versions...
  29. Deb04

    Time for new Cartridges?

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but just thought I'd ask in case I can save almost $300. I have a Sta Rite System 3 Cartridge Filter. Clean pressure is 16. We're still on the cartridges that came with the pool 8 years ago, 9th season. Last year was the first time that we ever had...
  30. Deb04

    Black stain removed with puck (and mothballs?)

    The inside of my skimmer has black marks above the water line. I tried scrubbing it with a dish brush I bought for tough to reach spots in the pool and they didn't budge. I'd read on here that pucks can remove some stains, so I tried it. I have a small bucket of pucks I use at the beginning...