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  1. domct203

    Intex SWG and cold water

    This has been my first season with a SWG. I can't imagine not having one ever again. I'm wondering how cold the water can get before the Intex SWG starts to give errors. There is no 'cold' warning like some other SWG's, so I'm guessing I'll eventually get a 'low salt' error. I usually close...
  2. domct203

    Why is my pH so stable?

    In the three seasons I've had my Trouble Free Pool, my pH has been rock solid at 7.4 This year I switched to a SWG. Expecting pH to rise I bought a new gallon of muriatic acid. Nope, pH remains at 7.4, even if the kids are splashing around and running the fountain. I'm not complaining, and...
  3. domct203

    Two Intex SWG's

    Now that summer is in full swing, and everybody is in the pool all day long, I've found myself adding a cup or two of 12% every two to three days. I'm running the SWG 6hrs, and really don't want to run my pump any longer than that. Seeing that the SWG was a gift, and I really enjoy how it...
  4. domct203

    Invalid Rediredt Error

    I get this error about 50% of the time when logging in.
  5. domct203

    Pic upload from Safari/iOS10.3.1 iPhone 6+

    When trying to upload an image in a message reply I do not get the choice to upload from the device, only from URL. When uploading an image in a post (like this one), I get the option to upload from the device, but I get an error that .png is the wrong file type, even though it is listed as...
  6. domct203

    SWG cell before solar panels?

    A friend of mine has an unused Intex SWG that I can have. It's a 15K gallon unit, so it should be adequate for my 6700 gallon pool. The simplest way for me to connect this without cutting PVC pipe would put it right after the filter, but before the feed to the solar panels, which are about 20'...
  7. domct203

    Testing new pump and filter

    I've recently took advantage of the crazy price at Amazon and bought a new 1.5HP Hayward pump & 21" sandfilter. Next spring I will need to create a proper equipment pad for this much larger system. I would like to at least try the filter and pump this weekend before I close the pool to make...
  8. domct203

    Filter & Pump Upgrade

    I've noticed I can get a Hayward 21" Sandfilter with 1.5HP Powerflo Matrix pump new for less than $200 right now. Next season's plans are to upgrade, but I was planning to get a 1HP pump. I wanted to get a pump big enough to run 140 SQ FT or so of solar panels on top of a 1 story garage, but...
  9. domct203

    Since it shouldn't be algae, what is it?

    Here is my situation. I really try my best to maintain a sanitary pool. FC is measured everyday around 4:00pm-ish, chlorine additions are usually early evening when the sun is off the pool. My wife says I obsess with the pool. Early last week while I was enjoying an early evening swim I...
  10. domct203

    What's so special about pool hoses?

    What makes up a quality 1-1/2" pool hose? I picked up this 1-1/2" X 25' flex hose for my sump pump for $10.50, significantly less than the same size "pool filter" hose. The hose is not thin at all, and seems well made. I was thinking of using this same hose to hook up my solar panels. What...
  11. domct203

    Using the Sample Sizer

    I have noticed that when using the sample sizer for 10ml that I get a "dome" of water at the top of the test tube. I was wondering if other sample sizer users shake that off or leave it? I noticed that if I leave it, the sample is just above the marking on the tube, if I shake it off the...
  12. domct203

    Changing Laterals in an Intex Sand Filter.

    Over the Past week or so I've noticed sand in the bottom of the pool. I'm pretty sure it's filter sand, it's corse enough for me to pick up with my hand skimmer, and tends to collect against the wall opposite where my return jet is pointed. Planning for the worst, I ordered a set of laterals...
  13. domct203

    Calender / clock issue

    Here's a screenshot I just took at 8:08pm on 6/29/15. Look at the last post date & time for the top few threads. Gotta PM someone for some lottery numbers LOL Dom
  14. domct203

    Gonna SLAM the poop out of this pool!

    Literally !!Yes, that is bird poop. I must have skimmed out 6-10 of them every day for the past week. Needless to say, the wife freaked out, thinks the pool is dirty. I explained to her that my FC to CYA has been consistently at or above target, she don't get it LOL. I tell her I will ease her...
  15. domct203

    Will DE harm my lawn / pet?

    I've recently added DE to my sand filter, just to try to get that polished sparkle in my pool. When I would backwash, it is into the yard, and normally it makes my grass grow very lush. Will the DE hurt the lawn, or be hazardous to my family and dog who frequent the yard? It's only 1-3/4...
  16. domct203

    No longer receiving email notifications

    I've noticed the that for the last couple of days I am not receiving notifications of thread replies even though I selected "instant through email" in my settings. Is is this something being worked out or is this exclusive to me? Anyone else having this issue? Dom
  17. domct203

    TFPC, Water Balance & Saturation Index

    First I want to say that I am very happy with my pool since using TFPC. The water is always clear and inviting, I just wish it would warm up LOL. With that said, while my water is always clear, it just seems to lack that sparkle that I see in pools here. Here are yesterday afternoon's full...
  18. domct203

    Intex Ultra Frame liner "pocket"

    Today while enjoying my sparkling clean pool, I noticed water is trapped in the pockets at the top of the liner: Now, of course I had to stick my finger in there, and make the horrific discovery that it was slimey. I immediately removed as much of the water as I could, wiped out what I could...
  19. domct203

    New Filter Timer

    Sick of being locked into a timer "window" with the built in timer on my Intex system, I bought a Woods Digital timer and made a small outdoor box for it from some pressure treated scraps I had laying around. Everything plugs into into a proper GFCI outlet, power cord to timer is 14ga, about...
  20. domct203

    Test kit storage

    Where do you guys keep your test kit during pool season? I have a small upright Rubbermaid type storage cabinet poolside that is always in the shade. This makes it very convienent to have my test kit & liquid chlorine right where I need them. While it's never in the sun, I would imagine it...
  21. domct203

    Redundant GFCIs

    I have an Intex pump that has the attached GFCI. This makes it a pain in the butt to plug into my GFCI outlet when using a weather proof box. I have to use an extention cord to plug it in, even though it could reach on its own. Is is there any safety benefit using two GFCIs in series, or am I...
  22. domct203

    Hayward Skimmer in Intex Ultra Frame AGP

    I know that this has been covered here before, that's how I learned how to do it ;) , but I wanted to share my through-wall skimmer install on my Intex 18' x 48" Ultra Frame AGP. It was really as easy as it looks, if you are at all considering it, just do it. Take your time, double check...
  23. domct203

    New Member

    This is my third season as a pool owner, I wish I found this site 3 years ago! My first two seasons were with a 15' X 42" Easy Set, this year we setup a 18' X 48" Ultra Frame. I've already put the info on this forum to great use, I'll be installing a Hayward wall skimmer this weekend, and now...