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  1. another one

    Adding borates to an indoor pool?

    Is there any advantage / disadvantage with adding borates to an indoor pool that doesn't apply to an outdoor pool - ordor, cover issues, percipating out on the ground, etc. I finally have my CYA down to 25, the temp up to 84, and everything perfect but the CH - around 185 rather than 250. So...
  2. another one

    Need advice on what to add as I slowly reduce my CYA

    Ok, so for the past 4 weeks I've been draining water to reduce my CYA (indoor pool, and I've been listening to the pool store guys and letting them do my testing). when I started draining my levels were (from my TF-100): pH - 7.5 FC - 16.5 CC - 0.5 TA - 175 CH - 300 CYA - 60 I'm draining...
  3. another one

    What's my Cl and pH - color test included.

    Hopefully a decent picture, white background, sun at my back. Two pictures of same sample. I took 8 pictures, half were out of focus and the ones with the sun shaded had reflections. Any ideas for getting decent pictures as well? Cl 5? pH 7.5?
  4. another one

    Wiring up a new gas heater.

    Okay, I'm replacing my Pentair Minimax with a Pentair MasterTemp tomorrow. The pool guy's quote didn't include any gas work - and we needed the gas line extended and all new venting as the MasterTemp requires Z-flex while the MiniMax uses B-vent. And the pool guys quote was about $1500 more...
  5. another one

    How long can you wait after getting sample before testing?

    I tried searching for this answer, but "wait" gets lots of hits. So my pool water is cold - 63 degrees, and I want to let it warm up for about 4 to 8 hours so I can test CYA. So can I just wait and test everything or do I have to test pH, FC, etc. now and CYA later? Also, can you wait days...
  6. another one

    Can this be right?

    A few days ago, I started draining some water to lower my CYA level. See this post: Anyway, at the start of the drain, here's the readings from the TF100 kit Note, I did 3 tests of everything before I started draining and TA, CH, CYA...
  7. another one

    draining water.

    This is my first posting of a question, so I'm trying to explain everything. I need to drain some water from my pool. It's a plaster pool with a row of 3 2x2" tiles on the water line, so we keep the water level to the middle of tiles - 3 inches above the plaster. About one inch of water is...
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    introduction - new guy with indoor pool

    I just found this site yesterday from a link in (home automation and security help) and have been trying to absorb a bit of the information. My pool is an indoor pool 10 years old 18 x 42 with a depth of 6.5 feet in the center going to 4' on one side and 3.5' on the other. It...