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    Possible Plaster Delamination

    Hi, folks. Pool is about 18 months old. Approx 6 months ago, I began to see a thin white line appear along one edge of the channel drain. Over time it has stretched further out in both directions and a second similar line has appeared on the other side of the drain recently. I'm wondering if...
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    Does liquid chlorine have no effect on cya?

    Hey, folks. I got a feeling this could be a dumb question, but that never stopped me before. Is it safe to say that if I'm chlorinating with liquid chlorine then there's no reasonable way my cya would go up? Thanks!
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    First time adding chlorine bleach --- think i'm doing it right

    Hi, all. Today I'll add liquid bleach to the pool for the first time. I plugged in some numbers to the calculator but wasn't exactly sure I was doing that correctly, so just wanted to ask folks here. Here are my current levels: FC = 1 CC = 0 TC = 1 PH = 7.4 CYA = 30 At the moment, I'm...
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    Alternatives to putty fix for plaster

    Hi, folks. Brand new pool (finished November). Am dealing with several issues from resulting from sub par contractor work. Am wondering if anyone can help. 1) Noticed chip out of plaster recently. It's about the size of a nickel. I know putty works in these types of situations but wanted to be...
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    Not sure if I should be concerned...

    Hi, folks. Pool just finished and filled 3 wks ago. Soon after noticed dark spot on back side. Believe it is damp but hard to tell. Expands and contracts from day to day - not sure why. Waiting to hear from PB. Any ideas? Very close to skimmer, about 18 inches to the right. Thx
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    Not a suction skimmer? Then what kind of skimmer is it?

    Hi, folks. PB told me yesterday that one of the skimmers we have on our new build is "not a suction skimmer". Does this sound normal? I haven't had a chance to talk with PB at length due to holiday tomorrow, but am wondering if anyone is familiar with this. When I put my hand down the skimmer, I...
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    Deck showing cracks one day after pour? Suggestions?

    Hi, folks. Deck was poured yesterday and is already showing cracks. Took some pics last night and again this am. Is this a sign of trouble or could it be fixed by cutting a new joint or two early this upcoming week? In terms of prep for pour, it was decent: rebar was raised in most places a few...
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    Gunite to tile and coping....5 days? Is that too soon?

    Folks, thanks for all the wisdom here. PB wants to start tile and coping 5 days after gunite. Should I be worried? Won't be able to water the beam anymore if they do start, and am concerned in general that it's too soon. I'm in Austin 90s /low 100s of late, and have been good...
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    Gunite uneven laterally...3 + inches...should I worry?

    Hi, folks. Had gunite shot yesterday and noticed that from one side to the other (horizontally) it's uneven by as many as 3 inches in 2 places. Concerned that as I start curing it, there's no way to level except to bring low side up somehow. Really don't want to lose three inches of water. PB...
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    Pre-gunite, pressure gauge dropping slightly ... concern?

    Hi folks. We are set to have gunite this Friday. Plumbers were here today muscling the PVC to get it all back into the form -- some long stretches had slipped under the form and two corners had also been set outside the form. I was worried they wouldn't be encased in the gunite, so had PB call...
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    PVC outside form / Under construction

    Hi, folks. First time posting. Just joined about a week ago. Am really enjoying the site and the expertise. Thank you. We are having our first pool built and are a few days away from gunite. I brought to our PB's attention that some PVC is a bit under or outside the form and that I was worried...