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    New 24 x 52 Vogue Revelation

    This is my first pool. Installation completed last week. We are on a well, got the water clear and on our way to regular maintenance when we lost power due to local storms. I've run the pump on the generator for a few hours but the freezer and refrigerator take priority. We are on day 6 with...
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    Hello from NW Indiana-

    Thanks for the Thanks for the welcome and advice. I'll be sure to get my particulars on my sig. I'm using a 150# sand filter. We started filling Monday. 2 gl MA brought the pH right to 7.4 but my alkalinity was over 300. Added Conquest and circulated for 48 hrs. The water really started to...
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    Hello from NW Indiana-

    Hello all We finally got our pool up and filled this week, a 24 ' x 52" Vogue Revelation. My first pool but my wife has had one before. We're on a well filled the pool in about 36 hours and are in the process of getting the water chemistry right. I'm looking forward to learning about pool care...