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    Pool blanket on all time or off sometimes

    I leave it on anytime we're not swimming. It makes it easier to manage the chlorine without sunlight possibly burning off some FC. I can auto feed and keep the level I need, and run the chlorine pump as needed when it's open. I leave the cover on continuously for 1-2 weeks at a time when we go...
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    How often do you have to change out a vinyl pool liner?

    Ours is going on 15 years I believe (we didn't put in the pool, but I think it was built around 2005). It's faded but the vinyl is still very flexible.
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    Can't find bleach

    Check Ollie's Bargain Outlet. $2.99 for a gallon of 10% liquid chlorine. There are a number of Ollie's in Maryland
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    No bleach available due to corona virus

    For those who have Ollie's Bargain Outlet in their area, give them a call. 10% for 2.99/gallon.
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    Pool Fence DIY

    I installed on from here Pool Fence | Easy DIY Installation | Sentry VisiGuard Mesh Fencing about 5 years ago, so it's been through 5 winters. It's held up fine- no visible areas of damage. This company appears to be different than the one referenced above. They sent me a loaner hammer drill and...
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    Leave return open? Safety mesh cover (AGP)

    Depending on the elevation difference between your pipe and equipment pad, you may want to consider leaving the in-pool return alone and adding an extension to the return port at the equipment pad that matches the water level that you'd like to maintain. I'm thinking that even when the top...
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    Leave return open? Safety mesh cover (AGP)

    I leave a return open. The pool fills up during the winter and I don't need to add any water in the spring. I put a dishpan with a piece of PVC tube that I attached to it under the return at the equipment pad. The PVC tube goes to a yard drain grate nearby. I had the pool company close the first...
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    Door locks/child safety

    This is what we used for the sliding doors. We put it on the top so only an adult can reach it...
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    Pictures that scroll across the top of the forum home page

    Thanks for the replies. It's not a big deal, just something I wonder about when I see an interesting picture.
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    Pictures that scroll across the top of the forum home page

    There are pictures that scroll across the top of the forum home page. Some look pretty interesting and appear to be part of a forum question.Is there any way to find the posts they belong to?
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    where did my bleach go?

    The first year of pool ownership I had to dump about 40 jugs of bleach in before any FC would hold. From reading on here, I suspect it was an ammonia problem. You can search on it as I'm not real clear, but eventually the ammonia is dissipated by the bleach, and at that point you can start to...
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    Walmart Bleach- Concentrated vs Cleaning

    I saw Walmart concentrated bleach is now 6% concentration. This is the same as Walmart cleaning bleach. Is there any difference between these now? Neither appeared to be easy pour or anything like that. Concentrated is $2.94 and cleaning is$1.77.
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    Researching pros and cons of both Liquid Chlorine vs Cal-hypo (no cya) sanitation

    Do you work for, or have some vested interest in Pulsar? It seems like some very cliché arguments against the BBB method.
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    Pool Math........The App

    Any chance that the amount of bleach added could be logged, as well as pool temp showing up in the log (it doesn't show up despite being selected)?
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    Pool Math........The App

    I think the app will be great. A couple questions (using iPhone): -In the overview section, the recommended FC is correct for the CYA. However, the SLAM value was listed as 10. I changed it to 16. Can this field be auto completed based on CYA? EDIT: I see it does update. I must've had to enter...
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    Crack in step

    Thanks for the info...I'll have to see how things look when I open this year, but it seems like the surface cracks are really increasing in number.
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    Crack in step

    Did you coordinate the repair with a liner replacement? I have small cracks in my steps that I'd like to repair, but I'm hesitant to take the water down that low. Did you brace the sidewalls for this?
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    Jet eyeball ring removal pool

    There is a special tool from Hayward, but I just use a steel putty knife...
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    Delta-P Pool Drowning

    The pump is on in this situation. Most newer pools Tee the main drain into two, so if one is blocked, the water is still pulled through the other one. In addition, main drains I've seen are designed with a shape to them (not flat) to help prevent something from easily being able to conform to...
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    Loop Loc installation into dirt

    I can't imagine the loop loc anchors surviving any length of time installed in dirt, even if there is a tube in the dirt that accepts the anchor. On mine, the springs are rather tight, and any rain that wets the soil and/or snow adding extra weight to the cover would be enough to fail anchors in...
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    Soon to be pool owner - is there any such thing as automated BBB?

    I have a Stenner pump that auto feeds chlorine. I can let mine go for at least a week with no problems, as long as the solar cover is on. It takes some fine tuning regarding how much chlorine to add each day, but once that's in place, I have been able to just roll back the solar cover, vacuum a...
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    Does a Stenner Pump Need Bonded?

    Thanks...I guess it's a moot point since there is no place to bond it. Most of the time I figured it was safe since there is no direct path to the water. My main concern was about current travelling through the liquid bleach when the Stenner was running, to the injection point at the water. Now...
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    Does a Stenner Pump Need Bonded?

    Reading other posts about people feeling a shock in the pool, the question often comes up about what is touching the water. This got me thinking, I have a Stenner pump that may have continuity to he water through the bleach that it's injecting. Should the Stenner be bonded, and if so, where? I...
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    Safety cover bolts stuck

    FYI-put a bit like this in your drill backwards and it will be the right size
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    Safety Cover Holes/Warranty

    I don't know anything about warranty, but my first year I had the pool company open and close, and the guy said mice love to chew on pool covers in storage. This may be the response you get from the company.
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    Just ruined my second shirt pouring bleach...

    Put the bottle in the water, turn upside down, and squeeze the bleach out by smashing the bottle.
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    Handrail is stuck

    I just took mine out yesterday. Some rocking side to side and forward/backward eventually freed it up enough to come out.
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    Do you take the solar cover off as soon as swim season ends?

    Swim season is pretty much done here, but now I wait for the water to cool to 60 before closing. I still have the solar cover on to keep the sun from using up the chlorine. I'm wondering what people typically do- do you take the solar cover off immediately to get the water to cool faster, or...
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    How much should it cost to refurbish steps

    Anyone have an idea of how much it costs to refurbish in ground fiberglass steps with cracks and blisters, though not leaking? I'm considering both DIY or having a pro do it.
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    Threaded plugs for skimmer

    I measured the shoulder on he gizzmo and got one to fit snug. There's no slot on mine, but there is a larger diameter just above the threads so the o-ring won't fall off.