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    Stumped with a leaking pool

    Will try too keep this short. Purchased a home with a pool after selling a home with a pool we had built. we opened this spring to water levels just above the shallow end of the pool. Thought this was odd. Pool was a swamp. Filled pool. Noticed a drop in the water level of 1/4 inch over...
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    Backwash question

    1st time owning a sand filter and the option to backwash the filter. Just wondering what speed the pump is is operated to backwash the filter. Owners manual does not state .
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    Controlling operation of a chlorine generator

    Purchased a new home which has a salt generator which is powered without a timer. will the flow sensor stop the operation of the generator when the pump stops. The pump is a vs with its own programmable timer. Any suggestions?
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    Pump for pool slide

    I installed a turbo twister slide at the end of last season. I plumbed the water supply from the return plumbing with a 1 and 1/2 inch line and choke the return valves to get the water supply to the slide. Thinking of installing a second pump that can easily be switched on and off when I’m not...
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    Pump for slide

    Does anyone use a separate pump for a pool slide? I would like to install an independent pump so I don't have to close and adjust returns when kids want to use slide
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    Pool slides

    Anybody have any recommendations for pool slides
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    Bumpy side wall

    Recently noticed a section of the upper sidewall has a bumpy feel to it. Feels like sand or small pebbles are in between the galvanized wall and foam padding behind the vinyl liner. Anyone else experience this before?
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    Frozen water level above gizmo in skimmer

    Wondering how concerned I should be that the water level is above the skimmer gizmo and the pool is frozen solid. There has been no chance to drain the pool since its been frozen and it keeps raining and refreezing. Thought about drilling through and draining but don't want to create a void...
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    Skimmer question

    Wondering if it's ok for the skimmer to fill with water after winterizing. I have a gizmo in place, cut up noodles, and antifreeze. Had to drain pool to replug a return line and noticed this with a portion of the cover off. Assuming this happens since the skimmer top is not weather proof.
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    Does anyone know if adding polyquat raises the ph. This morning ph was good. 7.6. Added a little more acid target of 7.5. Now this afternoon ph is above 8.0. After adding polyquat this morning. Nothing else added.
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    Prep for closing

    Should I expect my ph levels to rise while bringing my pool up to shock level in preparation for closing. Should I wait to lower ph until chlorine levels drop. Looking to close on Sunday. Pool temperature is down to 55 degrees. Tested ph after I added the remains of the liquidator contents...
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    Bleach usage for first year using TFPC

    When I opened our pool in April I had asked how much bleach on average people were using for the season. I've kept track Since April and I've used 11 cases of liquid shock, 44 bottles of 12%. Used one bottle of muriatic acid. Fc levels maintained at 5 to 6 ppm. One container of stabilizer...
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    Bottom return line winterizing

    Had my pool closed by the pool company included in the Build last year. I watched them blow out the main bottom return and plug the lines at the pump area. I'm guessing that this line does not get antifreeze installed. Maybe the rubber plug holds back the water from the pool. Any thoughts?
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    TF 100 cya question

    I'm assuming that the idea is to fill equal parts pool water and reagent in the supplied bottle. Measures out to 15 mil and 15 mil. Is it possible to reduce to half the doses to be cheap or is this the required amounts for the size test tube. The reason I'm asking is that it is difficult to...
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    Average Cya additions

    Since the start of the season after today I've added 4lbs of granular stabilizer via the sock method to maintain 30 to 50 ppm. Just wondering from the seasoned pool owners if this sounds pretty average usage?
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    cc testing

    Using the tf 100 test kit how long do you wait after adding drops to test cc levels to read the pink color. When I first add the drops the water stays clear. A couple minutes later the water turns slightly pink equal to .5 ppm. Never higher.
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    Pinch valve location

    Received my pinch valve today for use with the liquidator. Does anyone with one know if location makes a difference.
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    CYA levels and rain

    Does anyone add stabilizer on a regular basis if getting a lot of rain fall, say an inch or too within a week. Last season i got to knowing what to add for PH changes due to rain and anticipated the addition of chemicals, this is the first year I keeping track of CYA levels.
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    Happy I bought a robot

    Tried the new robot today. Love it. Wish I bought one sooner. Purchased a dolphin Apollo. The only down fall is the lack of a manual. Just a quick startup guide. Can anyone explain how to adjust the adjustable floats on the handle?? I believe there used to change the water line cleaning.
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    Warning to those installing stamped concrete deck and safety cover

    Didn't know this then. But when we had our safety cover installed I should have checked to see if the installers were using a brand new drill bit. Do yourselves a favor and have them show you the bit in the package. I noticed this year when the cover came off that some of the brass pins have a...
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    Fc levels and robot use

    Read some warnings in a dolphin manual an states that the chlorine levels should not be higher than 4.0 ppm during use. I'm assuming for corrosion issues but most of us are maintaining higher levels than this.
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    Bag or cartridge filter for robot cleaners

    I'm leaning towards a dolphin robot. Most that I've looked at have a bag with the option for a cartridge filter. Seams like the bag might filter more fine debris. Are the bags that bad to clean vs the cartridge, seams to be the main complaint that I can find.
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    TFPC works!!

    Pool has been open for a month now with a good amount of use and water looks great. Definitely a TFPC believer and have found this site and it's members to be a wealth of knowledge and experience. I've been reading up all winter and having a blast putting everything I've learned into motion...
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    Dolphin Apollo

    Has anyone purchased the 2016 dolphin Apollo or have any feedback.
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    Tiger shark robot

    Any opinions on the tiger shark robots??
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    Liquidator users

    How many gallons of bleach are everyone putting into the liquidator at a time. I've been maintaining about 4 inches.
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    Acid question

    In reading a lot of the posts I see that most are adding acid on a regular basis while practicing the top methods. While using tricholor last season I was always increasing ph and alkalinity. I'm finding that I will most likely be doing the same this year while using bleach/ liquid shock for...
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    Liquidator and air bubbles

    So I recently changed the 3/8 fittings with the original barb fittings to see if my air bubble situation would resolve. the bubbles are definitely coming from the tank. When I tap on the tank I can see the bubbles pass through the tubing. the air gets trapped in the flow guage, otherwise...
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    Liquidator installed next to heat pump

    Does anyone see any possible corrosion issues with placing the liquidator next to the heat pump? I would think the dilution would keep the fumes down.
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    Liquidator up and running

    Getting a small air leak in the 3/8 upgrade fittings (push fittings) at the shut off valve on the suction side of things. Thought it was commuting from all the air bubbles lining the interior of the tank. Thinking of using the original barb fittings. My pool had such a low demand for chlorine...