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    Proper way to winterize a fiberglass spill over spa

    I am currently having a pool built and they are installing a spillover spa. The spa will stick out of the ground about 12". I have been getting some conflicting information on how this is supposed to be winterized, and its different for a spa that is elevated vs level with the ground. Should...
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    Hi from NJ

    Hi, My name is John. Im located in central NJ. Looking to add a pool to our yard this year. Hope to get lot of good info here.
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    New In Ground Pool - NJ (Dig has Begun)

    So I started the process to build a 18X36 in ground pool. Similar to the drawing below, however there will be a square spa in place of the sun deck in that picture. All equipment will be Hayward. Equipment Hayward Controller Pro-Logic Plus w/salt generator Lights Color Logic Heater...