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    Typo in pool school

    I know you just redid the site. Been there done that.. typo abbreviation has a stray h.
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    Intelichem and borates

    I've looked, and am unable to find info on this. I'm ready to add the borates to the pool but I'm unable to determine if this will cause my ORP probe to malfunction or read incorrectly. Please advise.
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    Never seen it do this before

    So I went to check on my system and noticed that the pump turned itself on and it flipped between the spa and pool most of the night. I dont have a schedual for this. Bafleing.. Never seen it do this before. .
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    Intellichem in SPA mode?

    Is there a way to have the EasyTouch2 8 system disable the Intellichem system NOT to dose when we are in spa mode? I noticed it is doseing chlorine and acid in pool quatities when we are in the spa. I always just level the chems by turning the overflow on all day when the pool filter is running...
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    ORP Super high

    New pool owner here. Bought a house with a pool that we limped along till it was cooling off, had the pool replastered and replaced all the equipment. Well, I didnt connect the ORP sensor correctly and for 3 days it was dumping chlorine into the pool. ORP was 900+ but my ph was a perfect 7.4...