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    Is this feasible ?

    Hello to all, Have some nbors that are having a pool installed and the coping is a 1" thick tumbled travertine, a light greyish color. The edge of the travertine on the pool side is squared w an overhang. They really didn't want [or know to ask at this point] a sq'ed edge and would have...
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    Options for waterproofing electrical cord

    Our Hayward robotic shark has a tear in the insulating wrap of the power cord where it attaches to the shark. Pics enclosed. i had left the shark in the water for 4-5 days straight and it worked fine for 4 hrs before i pulled it out. So nothing yet re electrical short. Also, the cord has...
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    Error Code on Heater / how to resolve

    My Hayward H440FD has an error code of Sb, which is indicated in the enclosed pic. The Service light is also lit. The error code for Sb states: Keypad button stuck closed error=If one of the keypad buttons is closed (or pressed) for more than 30 s the error code will be displayed but the...
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    Liquid CL efficacy ques

    Hello to all, I fill two 5 gal containers of 12.5% bleach and if I do not vent them by leaving the cap unscrewed just enough to allow excess gas to escape, then the plastic containers start to bulge. I keep them in the utility room and when someone shuts the door and the dryer is running, it...
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    Is this possible?

    During the TS Beta, we had almost a foot of rain [11.8"]. I forgot to turn on my VSP overnight to low to keep the water circulating. I also had about 200-300 earth worms make it into the pool overnight. The next morning the pool water looked kind of a light green like an algae bloom in the...
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    Calcium build-up on spa spillover

    Hello to all, First, like to wish our Louisiana nbors a speedy recovery from H Laura.... Next, our spa spillover seems to keep getting Calcium build-up in one sm area. The recent Ca reading was 225 and I keep the pH in the 7.5- 7.8 range. I took a flat-head screwdriver about 2-3 mo's ago and...
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    VSP not priming issue

    Hello to all and hope everyone is safe, When my VSP came on yesterday morning, I could see the vol of waterflow over the spa spillover was not correct. Went to the equipment pad and noticed the VSP was pulling about 50% of the normal water at first, then dropped to about 20-30% over 30-45...
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    3" pucks for CYA needs over time

    Hello to All, I have never bought CYA and try to obtain my CYA from pucks while getting a break from adding liquid chlorine. I keep my CYA from 40-50ppm and in the summer, more is required bc of UV breakdown and pool usage. Any recommendations on brand and vendor? thanks
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    Replacement of check valve flapper

    Hello to all, Need to replace the ckeck valve flapper that separates the back flow from the puck dispenser to the heater. I only use pucks when needing to increase my CYA. The first pic is the ck valve, the second pic is an overall pic w Ck valve just right of the heater and left of the...
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    Jandy ck-valve cover/flapper replacement, corrosive.

    Hello to all, I ordered this "Jandy Ck-Valve" in Dec 2018 and now I believe it was a knock-off even though it stated "Jandy" in the order. Here's the product description: Jandy 7305 Pool/Spa Plumbing Swing Check Valve 2''-2.5'' It seems the gasket portion around the flapper-door is coming...
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    Could not get spa light to fully seat flush in wet niche

    Hello to all, So I drained my spa tper Marks instructions and drew down the water till about the lower 3rd of the spa light niche. I easily removed the light by unscrewing only the 12 o'clock screw. I packed the ground and the main LED electrical romex w pool putty per instructions / while...
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    Are my 3 LED lights to GFCI Code?

    Hello to all, I'm starting a new thread that originated from the one below to determine water pump flow & if my spa light niche is leaking? The first pic is my pool breaker panel and the second...
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    How to get my VSP to pull water from Spa to Pool ?

    Hello to all, [Correction: Title should read: "How to 'get' VSP to pull water from Spa to Pool" Allen has been helping me w troubleshooting a leak in my spa. A PB stated that most leaks are from the light niche, but I am not 100% it is the light niche. So, I might have to see if one of the...
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    Leaking spa

    Did the bucket test and about .5" delta btw bucket and spa level. I asked a pool builder what he thought and he stated: "I would say light niche is leaking. Very common." What is involved in fixing a leak at the light? Here's a few pics of the spa light Thank you, tstex
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    when bleach goes bad

    hello to all my wife bought some splashless bleach way before this C-19 issue and it;s been in my barn sheds bc I was going to use it there to remove mold...I looked inside and it has coagulated white XXXX inside jug.. what is this that is now suspended inside? It is what makes it splashless...
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    getting dye to bottom of spa

    Hello to all, Hope everyone and their families are all safe and doing well. Need to perform a leak test at the 2 drains and light of my spa. Cannot get the dye to these levels w any concentration to discern if I have water movement or not? I have 8 jets/returns and was able to see that no...
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    evaporation rates in and around Houston

    Hello to all, I hope everyone is safe.... My spa seems to have more than normal evap anyone else in or around the Houston area experiencing the same thing? My spa also faces the S dominate winds and is 2 ft higher than pool...havent done bucket test but will soon. I tried a dye...
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    skimmer & main drain flow

    Hello to all, I had someone clean up around the sides of the house and one of those sides was where the equip pad resides. Can you pls view the 3 pics and let me know what needs to happen to increase skimmer flow and decrease main drain flow. My brain is fried after working on fences for 3...
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    options on power cord

    Hello to all and Happy Thanksgiving, Pulled out the power cord of the shark transformer and the ground prong came out of cord and was in the GFCI outlet. I turned off the main GFCI and pulled out the grd prong. So, what are my options? Next, I am sure it is not safe operating the shark w...
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    Removing calcium from 6x6 travertine waterline pavers

    Hello to all, I have intermittent buildup of calcium on my water-line Travertine pavers. Between a combination of a wide flathead screwdiver and 200+ grit sandpaper I can remove the calcium, but I cannot prevent a lot of the chips from falling into the pool. Will these chips be an issue and...
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    Mustard Algae question

    Hello to all, If I had mustard algae and performed the proper SLAM, since I cannot brush inside the skimmer lines back to the pump or other water features inbound and outbound lines, can M-Algae hideout in there and cause problems later? If so, any solutions? Thanks, tstex
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    Bearing parts for QC Tiger Shark?

    Hello to all, Opened up the shark and it was full of about 12 small ball-bearings. This has happened before but it was under warranty so I did not need to fix it myself. Does anyone know the specific part number(s) for this part and a set of instructions or a link/video for replacing them...
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    Hayward and Hayward Industries, just bought out

    Hello to all, I just replied to a thread in the Pump/etc section re another failing ecostar controller. I did some quick research and noted that Hayward Industries was purchased by a private equity firm, thus hayward too. What this usually means is they gut the companies of corporate...
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    is all bleach from retail stores 6% now?

    Hello to all, My HEB bravo 8.25% bleach is now 6% but it still says concentrated...what a farce. Not one decrease in price and now less bleach... Anyone in the West Houston area have access to 12.5% bulk that can be purchased at reasonable price in 1-5 gal containers? I could save all my 1...
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    air bubbles in return/pump basket 1/2-3/4 full

    Hello to all, My VSP had cycled off, but since I added some M-acid and Baking Soda to the pool about 45 min's prior to the last cycle, I turned the VSP back on from remote inside and I noticed air-bubbles coming out of the returns. Then went to e-pad and noticed the filter pump was vacillating...
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    black mold cleaning agents on split face travertine

    Hello to All, First, Happy Father's Day to all you TFP Dads ! On the spa that spills over to pool, it is split face travertine [off white] and the lower portion towards the pool water, the stone has black mode grown btw stones and w/in holes. No pool water comes in contact w this area on...
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    Wind and pool water loss

    Hello to all, For those in the SE Texas areas where the wind has been at full tempo over the last 10-14 days, has your pool water loss been way above average? The wind in west Houston has been so strong that I've seen water ripples. The sun has been out 80%+ too, so that increases evap rates...
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    VSP tripping DB 20amp Siemens GFCI Breaker

    Hello to all, We've been down the path numerous times on the infamous ecostar tripping breakers, but now it seems to be pretty consistent on when it trips the breaker. My VSP is set as follows: 8am-915am 2550rpm 915am-2pm 1200rpm 6pm-715pm 2550rpm 715pm-1145pm 1050rpm This is a combo of...
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    replacing impeller, question

    hello to all, opened the Hayward QC Shark to clean filters and 3 plastic pieces fell out - not good. after researching, it was the impeller that broke [pic included] I read the reviews and it seems the replacement impeller breaks fairly soon [7-days to 8 months] after install. If you have...
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    CMP In-line Chlorinator

    Hello to all, Have an in-line Chlorinator that was originally installed w whole system in Jan 2015. About a year later, I want TFP Method all the way, but use the Chlorinator to add CYA w pucks when needed. I put 3 pucks in about 10 days ago and they still looked pretty whole, then 2 more...