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    Use Trichlor Pucks for awhile?

    Thanks, I forgot to add the pH has been trending up over a show period of time. So I'm constantly adding acid to keep it down.
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    Use Trichlor Pucks for awhile?

    My pH is about 7.6, and Chlorine about 4.0. CYA is 20 or a bit less. Should I use Trichlor pucks for awhile instead of Liquid Chlorine to get the CYA higher? to 30 or 40? Thanks
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    Gosh, I Did Not Know There Were 10 Reasons To Go To Leslies... :)

    Gosh, there are 10 reasons to go to this pool store for your water testing. :) Leslie’s In-Store Water Testing - Why Come Into a Store? - Leslie's Poolapedia
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    Hot Tubs

    What about the Masters Spa Brand? They show at our nearby fairgrounds, and seem to have a good BBB rating. A couple of websites seem to rate them highly also. Thanks
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    Questions TF Test Kit Results

    This post reminded me I was going to order. Checked, and alas, the sale ended two days ago.
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    Skim a round

    EDIT: Not sure I can recommend these products. Mine failed just removing it from the pool, and they claim they don't support my generation of Skim-a-Round that is just over 1 year old. I just need the floating skimmer that cracked and failed when room from pool.
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    How Do You Cut Your PVC?

    Rigid RC-2375. It's not cheap though. $93.50 at Home Depot or Amazon
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    Skim a round

    I purchased a Skim-A-Round Ultimate last year. I used it mostly in "Original" mode, with just the Skimmer and hose, and no Vacuum hooked up. I was very satisfied with it's performance, until.... Yesterday, I removed the internal basket, and tried pulling the surrounding float out of the water...
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    I purchased a Skim-A-Round Ultimate last year. I used it mostly in "Original" mode, with just the Skimmer and hose, and no Vacuum hooked up. I was very satisfied with it's performance, until.... Yesterday, I removed the internal basket, and tried pulling the surrounding float out of the water...
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    PH Meters

    Are there better pH meters that hold their calibration?
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    Skimmer is too high

    I use a Skim-A-Round, and I think it will act as your skimmer with the water much lower. Use the original model.
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    Free new DE filter grids, 48 sq ft filter

    Brand new, Never Used. Free Pool filter grids, complete set for eight. Unicel FS-2004 Replacement Filter Grid for American, Hayward, Leslies, Pac-fab 7 Full + 1 Partial size Set 24 inch tall, for 48 sq. ft. filter. Jeff
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    Active 30i Turns off

    I ran it manually, and it did not immediately turn off. But was off many hours later.
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    Used Hayward DE4820

    I have a brand new, Unicel 2004 set of filters for the Hayward, Leslies 48" DE filter. Free to a good home. Never used.
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    Active 30i Turns off

    Right now my 30i is flashing, because it is on a schedule. I think the display stays on after a cycle if I'm just running one day at a time. Because I think I have to turn it off, and then on, to make my 30i run when is is on on schedule. I will test more, and report back.
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    Effects of adding a bit too much chlorine?

    What is the effects of adding a bit extra chlorine? For instance, with a CYA of 50, the nonSWG chart says FC of 6-8. So, say that for me, Pool Math suggests adding 107 oz of 10% pool chlorine to get me up to 8 ppm. What if I'm lazy and add a whole gallon, 128 oz, to get chlorine level to 9 ppm...
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    Does Walmart not have liquid chlorine anymore?

    Lowes and Home Depot have been good places to buy pool chlorine.
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    What's your pool cleaners name?

    My Dolphin Active 30i is named HAL. From HAL 9000, "2001: A Space Odyssey"
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    Just Bought the Skim Devil

    Last I checked they were not taking orders until 2019.
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    Solar Breeze Skimmer Robot: great so far

    The NX2, released for 2018, is made with a differrent plastic, and it supposed to solve this problem.
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    Water Guru

    Son's pool, (my old pool of 40 years) is the one doing Water Guru. Someone from Water Guru came by yesterday, and took a water sample. They seem to be very knowledgeable about pool water.
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    Water Guru

    The comment on phosphate control made me think of the comments of my new pool (new for me). Don't have a phosphate tester, but comments are that the water never looked better. Made efforts to keep the surface skimmed with a Skim-A-Round to get organic debris out of the water before it sinks to...
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    Water Guru

    Thanks for all your replies. I did a few tests on Saturday, which was probably just less than 24 hours of Water Guru being installed. CYA was 40. Chlorine was 5.5 ppm pH was 7.5. My understanding is they want to keep the chlorine in his water above 4ppm. I'm pretty impressed with the Water...
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    Water Guru

    He does have a TF-100 test kit. And I have one also. I'm actually going to be there today, so will check things out.
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    Water Guru

    Son signed up for Water Guru for his (my former) 28,000 gallon pool. He is some sort of tester, and gets $600 device, and 3 months of chemicals. It dispenses Cal Hypo in skimmer, along with muratic acid. I'm concerned with dispensing into the skimmer. Thoughts...
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Got a 300i from Marina a month or so ago. Love it. Wanted a cover, and got this smoker cover from coverstore. It's a pretty good fit, partially because it has elastic at the bottom, Style 122. Smoker Grill Covers | Coverstoreâ„¢
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    Dolphin getting stuck

    I actually tried a Google search for "low profile pool drain cover" The first one that came up was this one from Inyo: AquaStar 8 White Super Low Profile VGB Frame and Grate - LP8AVWR101 -
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    Programming Pentair Intelliflo VS

    I just installed the a Intelliflo VS 011018, and the #1 default speed is 750 RPM. Manual says the same as well.
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    It's the Jandy 3-way suction valve leaking air

    Addressed your question about PVC heating in my previous post. But your thought about replacing the Jandy Valve made me realize that there might be some wear after 25 years, or however long the Jandy valves have been there. While it looks like it's working now, I wonder if that is just...
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    It's the Jandy 3-way suction valve leaking air

    Jim, Good suggestion, I've been thinking of replacing the valve for awhile, but hard time getting one very quickly. Now I think I will just order one in case my "fix" below does not last. The Jandy 3 way suction valve is not that close to where the pipe grew to 2 1/8". The pipe that grew, was...