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    Pool Closing Issues

    Hi All, Need some advice on how to proceed as I'm getting overwhelmed. I have a semi above ground pool and the liner has a leak somewhere currently. I spoke to the pool guy I've been using for opening/closing and he suggested that it is ok to close up the pool and cover it even though the pool...
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    Timer Question

    I was having an issue with my filter and skimmer pulling in water properly and also the water flowing in was very weak. I shut off the filter and did a filter regeneration and removed the filter off the timer and it seems like its working correctly now. I had the filter set on a BNLink timer...
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    A little (A LOT) Overwhelmed

    Hi Guys, Been reading these forums for a bit and trying to be prepared and informed. We officially have the pool opened this past weekend, the pool guy came out set everything up and seemed like threw in shock and some chlorine tabs. I believe the pool is 13-15,000 gallon semi-above ground...