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  1. jfelbab

    Aqua Rite SWG Q

    Been having a difficult time keeping a stable FC level of late. I set my swg @ 35% for 8 hours. Next day I check and it shows 44% or maybe 28%. Doesn't seem to stay where I leave it. Time for a replacement ckt board? The unit is about 10-11 years old. So my FC levels also vary widely...
  2. jfelbab


    My 1½ HP single speed pump died and I replaced it with a 1½ HP Pentair SuperFlo VS. I have three timer options available. Currently I set it to run at 3000 rpm for two hours and at 1450 RPM for six hours. I've not set the third timer. My Pool: 10k gal, plaster, 1½ Hp Pentair 342001 SuperFlo...