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    Indoor flooring that isn’t slippery: laminate, tile, other ideas?

    My indoor flooring is great as the water disappears & it is never slick. It is porcelain tile with a high mica(I think that is what the tile showroom told me).
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    Revised pool RUN TIME, my serendipitous experience

    Several days ago, pool pump went out. Waited 3.5 days before repair, just a capacitor need replaced. Pool never looked better and chem's were perfect. Other than adding 3 cups of liquid chlorine daily & swimming in pool, did nothing else for 3.5 days. Seems like I was running pump too long...
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    Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner stops and starts

    Are the valves set correctly? My equipment needed the main drain valve turned off(12oclock position) & cleaner valve turned on(3oclock position). And are the tire treads in good condition?
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    Any special winter pool procedures to do in North Texas?

    Actually I think the cold spell in North Texas was 2014. There is another solution for your pool equipment, that my son & I used. Knowing this weather Ice storms seemed to make the electricity go out. While electricity was still on, we made a temporary hot box around the pool equipment. We used...
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    Taylor K-2006 Test kit and bottle of R-0871 FAS-DPD Reagent - FREE to good home

    I am in Texas. If not passed on yet, I am interested in the test kits.