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    First time closing with heater and hard plumbing

    Just a few quick questions: 1 - I drained the pool, removed the hose from the skimmer, then disconnect the return pipe, at the base of the pool where the elbow is. Should I: A- remove the O'ring and store for the winter? B - if I remove the o'ring, or not, should I leave the pipe...
  2. J

    Brand new liner pull. Anything I can do?

    We just had our liner replaced and I notice the vacuum tips. I only saw it once, but it got my attention. I finally went into the pool and noticed the bottom wasn't as flat as I'd prefer. Turns out, when I went to the exact spot where the vacuum tipped, I notice a pull in the liner. It's...
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    Recommend wrench and lube for the union and rings

    We had a Raypak heater installed. The return leaked a bit, so the guy came back. He used a metal oil filter wrench on the unions. Scraped them up a bit, which I HATE. Some folks here have suggested strap wrenches and other large channel locks. I have a large set of channel locks, which will...
  4. J

    Hayward SP1091WM, did I get the correct basket?

    We had a heater installed and they switched out our skimmer and basket. I believe the skimmer is a Hayward SP1091WM, which is round, but the basket seems oval shaped. The installer wasn't prepared and I believe ran to a local store to get parts (long story). I'm wondering if this basket came...
  5. J

    Thinking of converting to SWG

    No rush to answer, as I probably wouldn't do it until next year. We just replaced the liner, so yeah, would have been a good time. but we just have way too much going on right now. We had the liner replaced and a gas heater installed. I haven't done much research on salt, so I wasn't ready...
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    Solar Roller - explain it like I'm a 4 year old

    It's been a long week and I'm pretty beat up...and it's only Wednesday. But I've been looking at the Solar Roller website. Man, that site is busy. Geez. What I can't figure out is, I have an 18' AGP, so I need to cut my cover in half or not? The site says they roll up to 20x20, so I'm...
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    Liner replacement - questions about results, costs, etc.

    I paid to have the liner replaced and here's my concerns/questions: - they didn't level out the sand. So as you walk, you feel unevenness throughout. The shop foreman said they would level, but it sure doesn't feel like it. The sand was pretty wet when the installed the replacement liner...
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    What's the ideal position for a return jet?

    We just had our heater installed. The hard pipe into the return is leaking, so I'm letting them fix it. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to adjust the return after they're done. My question is, what position to all prefer for the return jet. Using a clock, 6:00 would be toward the bottom...
  9. J

    How should I use my new gas heater?

    So we have a new gas heater. In 2.5 hours it brought up the temp 6 degrees. I believe. There was a lot going on, so I need to test again. Anyway, i set it for 85 and water temp on the heater read 84 degrees. I set it down to 80 for the night, so the unit would turn off. I know gas is really...
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    What is this? It is sand?

    Just had the liner replaced. Water is crystal clear. Other than low CYA, chems are good. from the restart of the pool, the skimmer sock looked like the pictures. It takes about two days to look like that. I usually rinse it every day, but wanted it to gather a bit. It does NOT feel grainy...
  11. J

    Any downside to cutting this skimmer hose?

    I recently had a heater installed and they hard piped it to the pool. I still have a hose coming from the skimmer. If you look toward the back of the picture, you'll see it and I think I can cut one section off, to clean up the slack on the ground. Any downside?
  12. J

    OK. Opening the pool today

    Late bloomer here. Had to have a heater installed and a new liner. Who knew ants can ruin your liner... Anyway, Here are my numbers. FC - 0 TA @ 130 CH 270 - looking good PH 8+. I like it, because when I add the MA to reduce the TA, the PH should balance out. If not, I'll aerate. In...
  13. J

    Had gas heater installed. Not thrilled, see any issues?

    Long story, but I decided to use the same landscape company that installed my pool 7 years ago to install a pool heater. I wanted to pay online prices, but no warranty. So the Raypak 206 was about $300 more from the dealer. Of course, they don't run the gas or electric, so I'm not sure what...
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    Need to replace my gate. DIY vinyl?

    A relative installed our deck, splash deck, and pool gate. The self closing gate was made out of pressure treated lumber. It weighs a ton and even the strong hinges couldn't keep it level. it works, but... Also, the lumber is twisting and it looks terrible. I'd like to make a simple vinyl...
  15. J

    Anyone have shed recommendations online or in PA?

    Not looking for a kit. Want a 10x8 shed built and delivered? Any recommendations?
  16. J

    Gas grill on deck, or lawn?

    We're adding a natural gas grill and can't decide whether to place it on the trex deck or the lawn. The deck has 3 steps, so not horrible. Deck is 16' x 14', with one corner as our splash deck for the AGP. I thought we'd place a small slab on the lawn to put the grill on.
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    Where to place a gas heater

    Town has no code, so it's manufacturer's specs. Basically, 4 feet from any window. Those specs aside, here are my questions: 1 - how far from the water, so the unit doesn't get splashed, etc.? 2 - it's a Raypak 206, so how far of a run is too far, before the water is really "losing it's heat"...
  18. J

    Step (Riser) height

    We're having our front steps and landscape redone. Average risers are 7 3/4" I believe. Our front are 8". The hard scaper wants to go with 6" rise, most likely due to the height of the blocks he intends to use. Our entire steps/landing/and porch are concrete, but would be replaced with block...
  19. J

    Lights for front walk way (pavers), retaining wall, Solar? Electric?

    We're considering a major remodel of our front. Lots of earth to move, so it will be the largest home expense we've had. The lighting accounts for $6,000 of the estimate. Each step has a light and there are lights for the retaining walls. I'm not against the lighting, but what are your...
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    Reasonable price for a gas heater, model recommendations, etc.

    I'm getting estimates for a gas heater. I'm looking for what range you think a gas heater would cost. I'm thinking somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 BTUs. I'm NOT talking about with installation, although they will "install" it. I say "install" because another company will have to deal...
  21. J

    Distance from gas heater to pool water matter?

    I'm going to work with the town to get permits for a NG heater. I'm thinking of placing the heater, along side my HVAC, but that's about 50' to the current pump/filter. The pump/filter are 5 feet from the pool's edge. - Can I put the units 50 apart, without issue? - If I place them that...
  22. J

    Where did my water go...leak?

    I drain below the skimmer each year. 7 years, never had an issue. Looking at my pool though, the water level seems really low. It's the original liner. Can a leak develop in the off season? Maybe it was a really slow leak during the summer and with no refills, etc., it's now shown itself...
  23. J

    Let's talk steps / ladders

    Currently, we use wedding cake steps. They're ok, but the kids are older, so I'm looking for something easier to install each year AND that takes up less room in our pool. I want a ladder or steps that attach to our deck. Let me know your recommendations.
  24. J

    Let's talk timers - can I repair mine?

    I have the Intermatic timer, with the yellow dial. It worked fine, until one of my On/off tabs slipped against another. Together, they jammed it up and I'm guessing broke a tooth on one of the gears - I was away. The timer still provides power and I can hear it, but the yellow dial no longer...
  25. J

    Where do you put floats, etc. during the season?

    So, everything else...where does everything else go, during the season, but when not in use? Our floats end up on our deck, but we need that for sitting, etc. 18' round pool, we can't leave them in the pool, when not in use. We are removing a swing set from our yard, so we have some room to...
  26. J

    Outdoor Ping Pong, or other ideas?

    Well, we're trying top spend more time at home and it's time to get the backyard oasis in order. I did a search, but didn't see anything on ping pong tables. I can Google models, but if you have one you like that will help. I as much interested in how you set it up, landscaping under/around...
  27. J

    Work Mats under my Wedding Steps

    I read where someone was using the foam work mats under their ladder and a light bulb went off. I have wedding cake steps and currently use a shower stall liner, which works fine. However, I would like to raise my steps, to help the handrail line up with the deck better. Any issue with using...
  28. J

    Heater - Heat Pump a better option?

    Solar heater just isn't an option. We use a solar cover, but it still doesn't get us there. Well, the kids don't mind it, but it's too cold for me. 80 is probably what I want, unless it's really hot out. A 7,600 gallon pool, so what would you consider to heat this pool? Taxes and fees...
  29. J

    Adding DE to sand filter - couple questions

    I've read the process of adding DE, but have a couple questions: 1 - Mix 1/4 DE in bucket of water. How much water? 2 - Since this is the first time, it says that I might notice a high spike in PSI. I'm at 13 now and it should go to 14 PSI, then I stop adding DE. So, in 24 hours, it could...
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    Josey Wales - Sand Filter

    I have a similar experience, so riddle me this. If MirelleJoe sees more silt, or whatever, then what? I have vacuumed a couple times, but in an hour or so I see more of the substance. It's not pollen. I waited an extra month to open just to avoid the horrible tree pollen I got last year...