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    First Concept

    This is the first concept that the PB has given to us. I still think its a bit bigger than I want.
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    Pool Automation Question

    So as we think through a new pool one of the things that interests me is some automation. For the new build we will definitely be going with a SWCG. The PB we will likely go with is a Jandy dealer. I would like options to automate pH, salt cell, pool light, landscape lights, temp water feature...
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    PB experience so far... Night and Day

    So we met two pool builders over the weekend. They were completely different experiences. The first one (our preferred choice) was very professional. He started by asking us what we wanted in a pool and back yard. How would we use it etc, a very holistic approach. We discussed drainage and...
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    Meeting the first PB tonight...

    We are finally going to meet with the first of a few PB's tonight. We started with an AGP and knew if we liked owning a pool we would expand our options in the future. During life with the AGP we discovered what we liked and what we didn't like. Based on our opinions here is our dislike list...
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    Potential pool build...have questions.

    Hey all, been a while since I last posted. We currently have an AGP that we installed 4 or so years ago. It was more or less an experiment to test the waters of pool ownership. My wife and I attended the home and garden show last weekend in Cleveland and spoke with a PB that was there. He sells...
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    Taking it to the next level looking for advice

    Greetings all, we currently have an AGP for the past 5 seasons. At the moment I am dealing with a leak in the liner. Found about a 1/2” year in the bottom center. Fixing this today but the location has me really considering just replacing the liner. A liner replacement would be about a grand...
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    Got a small leak...

    Hey fellow TFPers, I’ve got a small problem. I my 4 year old pool seems to have sprung a leak. It is a very slow leak since I haven’t detected any significant loss. I know there is a leak though due to some standing water in the yard. Recently we had a stretch of heat on the mid 90’s with no...
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    Suspecting a leak

    Hey TFP'ers, so spring is here and I have a saturated lawn with standing water. Yes we have had rain but I have never had standing water for more that a couple of days. The pool level seems to be lower than when I winterized it last fall. Any ideas on how to test this theory? Too early to open...
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    Oh the days when I loath pool ownership

    So an already crappy week got worse with my laziness coupled with massive amounts of rain, ran out of chlorine etc. Time to slam. Oh and to top it all off I threw my back out moving the treadmill... [emoji37]
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    Chlorine on sale

    I was at my local ace hardware this morning for a non pool related plumbing issue. I saw 1 gallon jugs of HTH 10% liquid chlorine on sale for $2.99 until 8/31/16. Just thought I put it out there.
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    So I have a problem...again

    Ok here is a brief history. Last year I was battling a mystery "dust" that would settle on the bottom of the pool. The rason I called it a dust was because it was extremely fine and would 'blow' away if you wave your hand at it. all of my levels were good and could never figure it out. This...
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    Tired of tablets

    Ok all up til now I have been using trichlor tabs and making adjustments with Bleach. This is becoming an issue now that my CYA is nearing 70. What i am after is a method to automatically dispense the chlorine (bleach) into the pool. I don't want to break the bank doing it though. I will measure...
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    Planning for the future

    So looking at the deck on the back of my house which is now probably 25-30 years old, I estimate I will need to tear down and replace it is 3-5 years. I currently have a 24' AGP that we put in 2 seasons ago. Kind of an experiment to see how we liked being pool owners. As we relaxed in the pool...
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    Anyone Bypass their chlorinator?

    So I still use trichlor in my chlorinator. Why because it is easy and we have a short season here. I still use the tfp methods and make adjustments with 8.25% bleach as needed. Right now my chlorine is a little high at 13. my CYA is 50 so my target is 7-8. I know I can safely swim at 13. I run...
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    Been battling a greenish dust all season... growing tired

    in a nutshell I have been fighting a very very fine particulate material most of the season. I've slammed the pool twice even though the overnight test really never indicated a problem. I am 99.9 % positive that there is no living organic material in the water. Vacuuming is almost a pointless...
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    SWG worth it?

    So we are into our second season and with our somewhat short season in North Eastern Ohio I have used a mix on Trichlor tabs in the external chlorinator as well as bleach when needed while monitoring the CYA levels etc. I am wondering if a SWG is worth the price? The only thing keeping me from...
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    Frustrated dealing with a fine "dust"

    So I am having a problem with a very fine yellowish green "dust" substance in the pool. I am 99.9% certain is is not algae.... At least nothing living. We are talking very fine like talcum powder. It literally is only on flat surfaces and blows right off if you wave your hand. The kreepy...
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    Got a bit of green - need assistance

    Hey TFP-ers. I am experiencing a bit of an issue. I am having a bit of green on the bottom. See the pic. My FC is 4ppm CYA is at 40. Not sure why it is showing up now. Thoughts?
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    Adding a pool light

    My son is after me to add a light in the pool. Anyone have any experience with the nitelighter NL-100?
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    First opening -success

    Opened the pool for the first time yesterday. I take it as a win! Took the cover off carefully and found crystal clear water inside. Added about 2k gallons of water. Then 1# of shock. Just need to run the vac to get the leaves. FC - 14.5 (shocked it) TA - 230 (battled this last season as...
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    North Eastern Ohio pool opening

    I think I am going to open the pool next weekend. The last time I looked under the cover before the ice set in the water was crystal clear. I probably need to add a thousand gallons to the pool. I had tried one of the skimmer covers so as not to have to drain it down but when ice set in the...
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    Skimmer plug leaking

    Greetings all... Since this was my first closing I opted to use one of the rectangular plugs for my skimmer so as not to drain the pool down. Worked great until the temps dropped and it started to seep with a slow drip. What should I do now? Drain it down and leave the plug in or leave it be...
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    Air pillows moved

    Ok so the pool is closed and has been for several weeks. Today I noticed the air pillow is all the way to one side. What's the nest way to get OT back to center??
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    Pool successfully closed

    I got the pool all put away and closed yesterday for the first time. Man the firsts are always a pain. I think I did it right but I guess I will know in the spring... Fingers crossed. I have a to do list already started for improvements and the first one is hard plumbing the system and...
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    Yes another closing question

    Read the sticky on closing the above ground pool and have a question about the water level. the sticky states to lower the water to 6" below the lowest opening. I was considering using a skimmer plug, the one that seals from the pool side. Do they work? and what about a plug for the return, do...
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    So far so good!

    Pools been up and running for a few weeks now with no real issues. I decided I had better check the chlorine in the cartridge and notice it was just about gone. Used my test kit and saw I was at 2ppm FC 0 CC. Ran to the pool store for another cartridge of Trichlor (just finishing out the...
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    Average pool temps with solar cover

    Hi all I am trying to figure out if I should get a pool heater. My question is mainly for above ground pool owners in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and similar climates. What do you average using a solar cover from June through September? My goal is 76-78 degrees. I keep my pool covered. If you...
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    Rain - Higher water level

    Hi all~ So we got some pretty good rain last night. This means extra water in the pool. At what point should I drain some off? The current water level is about an inch from overflowing the skimmer.
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    New Pool - Deck Build

    Now that the pool is installed I am building the deck. Not going too large since my existing deck is already 22x34. For our first Pool we went with a 24' round AG for a few reasons. First off was resale of our home. Since homes is north eastern Ohio with pools are a relatively low demand I...
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    Just Got my TF100 - Help decipher

    First off this is a very easy test kit to use :D Here we go... From the Basic Taylor kit: Chlorine 3 pH 7.5 TF100 FC 4.5 ppm CC 0 ppm CH 150 ppm TA 280 ppm CYA 20 ppm