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  1. ManiacalMama

    New Pool Fill ... What Should I Have on Hand?

    So, we had our pool replastered last year (Diamond Brite). The PB supplied us with the sequestering stuff, which he had us pour in after we got about a foot of water in the deep end. Once the pool was filled he had us brush brush brush. We didn't add chlorine until I think the 3rd day which was...
  2. ManiacalMama

    Basic pool maintenance for noobs!

    mguzzy, I'm in your area (ish), can you pm me the name of the local store you mentioned? Thanks!
  3. ManiacalMama

    Any hope for our plaster...?

    So my NON expert opinion is NO, it won't get better and it won't change much if at all. We had diamond brite installed last summer. It is a blue color like yours. And we have several areas of discoloration. My understanding is that a mottled appearance is quite common (though not desired) and...
  4. ManiacalMama

    Something in my above ground pool

    Oh dang, I was hoping people wouldn't figure that out. Who told them?!? What did the very little bugs look like? Were they beetles? Way smaller? Did they remind you of fleas (jumping)?
  5. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    I myself have no experience with that, hopefully someone will come along and give you advice.
  6. ManiacalMama

    New owner and need help.

    We just had our pool replastered last summer. For our 13k gallon pool the low bid was about $5500 for plain white plaster. I felt like that was a really reasonable price. Of course we went for upgrades and tile cleaning and some plumbing repairs so it was significantly more (about 2.5 times...
  7. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    So, yeah, I forgot that some setups have a dedicated main drain line. Mine is a dedicated vacuum port, and then the main drain is plumbed through the skimmer. I have one of those UFO float valves on mine that Rancho mentioned. If you have a robot you have no use for it. If it goes nowhere for...
  8. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    I guess it's more like 75/25 cleaner/skimmer but you get the idea.
  9. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    My valve looks similar to yours (circled in blue): Look at your valve and see if it's labeled at all, I can't tell from the picture. I have mine set to something like 60/40 cleaner/skimmer, just so the cleaner is moving along at good pace, but skimmer has good flow. We have a Poolvergnuegen...
  10. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    And I'd really like to know how your install goes, I've been visiting the circupool website a lot lately o_O
  11. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    Is that a suction side cleaner port? Just looks like it's missing one of these:
  12. ManiacalMama

    Replacing 50% Water In El Dorado County, CA

    Make sure you bring it up to room temp before you test it. I've made the mistake of NOT doing that and have had wildly varying results lol.
  13. ManiacalMama

    Replacing 50% Water In El Dorado County, CA

    We've had a little rain displacement (not much), but CYA does degrade a little bit naturally. Think I've read about 3 ppm per month? I expect it to be about 20-30 ppm lower by the time we go on vacation this summer. I think it was about 50 ppm in September.
  14. ManiacalMama

    Replacing 50% Water In El Dorado County, CA

    Ahh yess, I remember now. I'm glad you were able to get your black algae under control. LOL we had to basically blow up our pool to do that! I remember we were talking about water rates before. I don't remember if I ever came back and updated how much it cost me to refill our pool, but our water...
  15. ManiacalMama

    Replacing 50% Water In El Dorado County, CA

    We just had our plaster done over last summer and had to drain our 13k gal pool (exactly what you need to drain!) They used a submersible pump with a garden hose attached to it and ran it from the backyard to the front yard sewer cleanout. It took about 8 or 9 hours I think. I kept an eye on it...
  16. ManiacalMama

    Solar cover

    In my opinion, YES, a solar cover is definitely worth the hassle. We don't have a heater so rely on our cover to warm up/keep warm our pool in the summer months. Last two summers we got water temps as high as 95 degrees before we started taking the cover off at night to let it cool down some. It...
  17. ManiacalMama

    Replacing 50% Water In El Dorado County, CA

    Not the original poster but I am in the area, he's probably kind of in the hills, plus we've had no rain in like over a month :( February has been abnormally dry. Looks like we're in for another drought. ?
  18. ManiacalMama

    Where to drain my water

    I'm sure you already thought of this, but just to be safe: If you are going to let it loose in your yard make sure it's not near your leach field...don't want a nasty backup into the house!
  19. ManiacalMama

    New owner first pool

    You will eventually learn your chlorine demands. In the summer my FC would drop about 1 to 2 ppm per day when I had the solar cover on it. When I was going to be out of town for a few days I would usually bring FC up to or just under slam. I would always be fine on FC by the time I got back. I...
  20. ManiacalMama

    Help! New pool... what are these holes in the plaster?!

    In my pool the gunite showed as a dark gray. Think wet concrete. That doesn't look like the gunite to me in your first pictures.
  21. ManiacalMama

    The unpoolstorification - fixing levels, etc

    The last time I added CYA I put it in some hairnets (I use these as skimmer socks), I tied them up and dangled them from a broom handle in the skimmer and kept the pump running. I was on a 24/7 pump schedule because it was right after I had the pool replastered. I think the problem with dumping...
  22. ManiacalMama

    Don't laugh, new to me pool

    Strange. Is your SWG on? Possible it created that much of a bump in those 4 hours? I don't know anything about SWGs though.
  23. ManiacalMama

    The unpoolstorification - fixing levels, etc

    Omg that looks AWFUL! ;):eek: You should be ashamed!
  24. ManiacalMama

    Don't laugh, new to me pool

    Are you sure you have your pool volume calculated and entered correctly in pool math? Do you have the correct % of chlorine entered in pool math?
  25. ManiacalMama

    Is this normal?

    Before our replaster that's what it looked like every time I cleaned out the canister from the cleaner, our surface was falling apart (previous owners left this pool empty for like 4 years several years ago and it ruined the surface). In Central Valley California, I was quoted $4950 for plain...
  26. ManiacalMama

    New Member / Owner

    Awesome! Nice when things work out.
  27. ManiacalMama

    New Owner, Old VERY Neglected Pool

    Awesome green to clean thread! Good job! I just wanted to jump on and suggest using hair nets in the skimmer to help a little bit with grabbing some of the finer particles. I use these: Hair nets on Amazon The neighbors have pine trees behind our house that drop a ton of pine needles, I like the...
  28. ManiacalMama

    Broken weir door causing air bubbles in jet.

    Sounds like the air is something else then.
  29. ManiacalMama

    Broken weir door causing air bubbles in jet.

    Broken how? Won't open or won't close? If it is't opening and starving the skimmer of water, then yes you need to do something about it before you let the pump run'll burn out the motor. You could probably just take the entire weir door off until you get a replacement. I ran my...
  30. ManiacalMama

    How much chlorine do I need to kill algae, given these parameters?

    In my experience it doesn't matter much when I run the pump. Especially if I keep the solar cover on it. It just matters to make sure that the chlorine is getting mixed in really well before it shuts off, otherwise you're going to have areas of your pool that are basically untreated water and...