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    New build in MA

    Wow, that has to be one of the nicest vinyl pools I've ever seen. I didn't know you could do some of that with Vinyl! It turned out incredible. Congrats on the new pool. And great taste in liner! Looks almost exactly like the one we selected.
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    Is CASH really king for an OB?

    I got a price of $11K for my decking, offered cash and they dropped it to $10K.
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    New Pool Build in MA!

    Congrats on the pool build! We also have a "destination pool" a bit away from the house and love it.
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    Inground Pool Project in MA_ pavers or stamped concrete?

    A coworker of mine is installing a pool and got a proposal for stamped concrete that has many more cuts in it than a traditional stamped install with straight cuts at regular intervals. The stamped pattern has large non-square polygon "stones" and they put cuts around each of these stones. Its...
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    New Lagoon in Central MA

    Yes, it's very common to find builders burying trees and worse in the yard. If you build new keep an eye out for it! Congrats on starting your build!
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    20'x 44'x10'd Slate Grey Black Granite liner IGP in MA

    Wow, those renderings are very cool as is the design itself. Can't wait to see this progress...
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    New Lagoon in Central MA

    Best of luck with your build! Another Central Masser here. I'll be watching your build closely. :)
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    New 24x40 mountain pond IG install in NH

    Amazing patio! Oh and the pool is nice too ;)
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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Wow, that looks so much better! Congrats
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    New build, NE Ohio area

    Any updates Amy? :)
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    Upstate NY Sharing our dig

    Love that sun ledge! Congrats on the new pool!
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    Pool Liner

    People have 40 year old+ concrete walled pools. Not so sure about steel. We went with concrete (it was similarly priced against steel and cheaper than poly walled).
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    New 24x40 mountain pond IG install in NH

    Thanks for the update. Looking good so far!
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    New L Shape pool in Georgia

    My non-expert guess is with a pool that size, you'll need to run the SWCG 4-6 hours to generate enough chlorine, so you could calculate how many GPM and what size pump you would need to turn pump 45,000 gallons within that time.
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    Southeastern Mass PB - Steel Wall Vinyl Liner

    We had that same budget, but in the end we ended up spending more. We probably could have kept it to that if we eliminated the heat pump, SWG and reduced the decking down from 850 sq ft. We didn't want to cut too many corners though. Don't forget you'll want to spend some money on patio...
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    New 24x40 mountain pond IG install in NH

    Looking good! What do you have in mind for decking?
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    cement deck or stamped concrete deck around IG pool ???

    We thought it was 3000 better. It does look nice (see my build thread in sig). However, as others have pointed out, it is still concrete, and you will get small cracks. If you can get stone installed for a similar price in your area, go for it. That wasn't the case for us. Stamped concrete...
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    cement wall vs steel wall construction

    There was no premium in my area for concrete so that is what we have. From what I've seen Vinyl covered stairs often don't fit right no matter if the structure underneath is concrete, steel or polymer. Also I don't like how slippery vinyl stairs are. For that reason we went with molded stairs...
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    starting work on the patio and opening the swamp

    Glad to see some activity starting in Massachusetts! This should be a great before and after photo op. Looking forward to seeing the results!
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    New Inground Pool - Built in Massachusetts

    Looking good so far. So when do they continue with the project?
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    Large Lagoon vinyl pool

    That pool shape & layout is great. Lots of usable space and a huge shallow area yet a nice deep end too! Going to be nice.
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    New pool / patio build Houston (Cypress),

    That is going to be one sweet setup! Nice build!
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    New Pool Build. Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

    Re: Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget Great pics. Keep 'em coming!
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    this may sound funny, but...

    Running the volume of your pool through once a day is the general rule of thumb. If the SWG is too small, then yes, you may need to run it longer to generate enough chlorine. Its hard to tell up front if you need a larger unit. Everyone's mileage varies... Again, I don't think its much money...
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    this may sound funny, but...

    That's a long time to run your pump, unless you have a heat pump and need to run it that long to heat the water. It's hard to know before the pool is up and running how large a SWG you really need, but for $150 more its not a big investment to go with the T-CELL15 and it could allow you to...
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    Looking for build pics for a blog article!

    I'd be willing to participate. Another vinyl liner install. A little unique in that the pool is away from the house. A "destination pool" as another member here likes to call it. Lots of pics in my build thread (link in sig).
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    this may sound funny, but...

    +1 on go larger on the SWG. Get the 40K T-cell for not much more money. You'll possibly end up better off in the long run. You save on electric bills because you won't need to run the pump as long to generate the chlorine you need.
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    Wood and Block pool

    Milescity, do you have a build thread? I find these wood framed pool builds interesting!
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    I'm so happy my build included...

    SWCG! But that is something that can usually be retrofitted after. At least have them plum the system such that it would allow the easy installation of one.
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    Are tanning shelves worth it?

    I thought about it and decided it wasn't worth the $2K they wanted for it. I didn't really like the look when done in a Vinyl pool. What we did invest in was wider, nicer steps. That is our in-pool lounging area as the steps make nice seats. I could be missing out though! Let's see what those...