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    Shocking: Why bleach and not chlorine sticks

    Tabs and sticks take time to dissolve and they also contain CYA. To shock you want to bring up your FC immediately and most the time you want to avoid adding CYA. Simple liquid bleach/chlorine is the best (but can be a pain to transport compared to the other options).
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    Salt level discrepancy ... sanity check

    An offset might be possible but unlikely. A delta test wouldn't completely rule out a problem with your test kit. However since you had your water tested at a pool store and their readings matched your kit you are ok. Guess it is your SWG.
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    Salt level discrepancy ... sanity check

    You are very focused on the T-cell reading wrong. I might investigate whether your test kit is testing wrong. After all, you pointed out that you measured 1200ppm when you expected that it should be less than 600ppm. Any way you can test with a different kit? Maybe the t-cell is reporting correct.
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    SWG question?

    I think Jason was assuming you would want to minimize your run time at high speed to help minimize you electric bill. If you don't mind the increase electricity usage then yes run it longer with the SWG at a lower setting. I would ask yourself this: If you didn't have a SWG, how long would you...
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    How to tell when SWG is not making chlorine

    Here's one way: Turn it off, get your pool "sparkling" by following the shocking process using liquid chlorine and finishing with the overnight FC loss test. Then the next night turn on pump and your SWCG high enough that it will...
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    SWG Newbie needs advice...

    Could you explain what process you are performing when "shocking"? Have you read how to shock a pool in Pool School ? I'm wondering if you are not properly elevating your chlorine level high enough and long enough to truly clean...