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    Hayward ColorLogic Lights Malfunctioning

    I'm experiencing an issue with a 2 year old Colorlogic 4.0 light. Not quite the same but I can't change between "light shows". It turns on solid purple and never changes off that color. Cutting power to the controller solve the issue but only temporary. A couple days later back to purple...
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    Hayward/Goldline Aqua Plus Schematic
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    Pool Safety Cover

    Good question. I was assuming it would be easy to install myself. Glad to hear you've done just that John.
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    Heat pump size

    A 2-speed pump running at low speed (<0.2kW) should only cost $0.40-1.00 per 24 hours to run.
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    Heat pump size

    :shock: Wow, maybe the qualifier should be if you want to keep your pool at 90 degrees a heat pump isn't a good idea! That's a bit high.