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    Help me settle an argument

    I can't imagine her "bather load" is worse than me after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day jumping in the pool. And plenty of "clean" people are bringing lotions and soaps on their skin with them into the water. So I really don't see full on bathing in the pool being much worse. Let her do it!
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    Worried there's a leak in the winter cover - First time opening

    Update: I spoke with my PB and he explained that I likely did lose water due to displacement. We had a lot of precipitation this winter (12-18" liquid) and the water could have been pushed up high enough in the skimmer to leak into the ground. He recommended pumping the water from the cover...
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    Worried there's a leak in the winter cover - First time opening

    I've been pumping water off the solid plastic cover in preparation for opening. I noticed the water on top of the cover was 2ft+ deep in the center of the cover. Not quite as deep on the the sides. I thought the center would come up as I pumped up water. I've pumped maybe a foot off. I feel...
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    Advice on pump and automation devices

    Re: automated systems All Hayward SWG use the T-Cell units for chlorine generation. There are a number of control options which is what sets them apart. The "Pro" package you are considering adds Ph management. I personally haven't needed to adjust Ph very often, but I don't have waterfalls or...
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    Yellow well water?

    Interesting filter Cabman! I bought one of these to use in my big blue housing:, but if the Bobby filter is as effective, it sure would be easier to use and cheaper.
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    How to startup with new saltwater chlorine generator.

    Yellowbird, I still don't think you are understanding what "shock" means. You haven't "shocked" your pool 6 times. Shocking isn't dumping a one time dose of chlorine into the pool. Shocking is a continuous process where you must hit you pool HARD with chlorine and keep it at the recommended FC...
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    New pool owner. Am I planning my pool strategy right?

    Why is operating a SWG with high FC hard on the cell?
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    New pool owner. Am I planning my pool strategy right?

    He did say he intended to install a SWCG for which a CYA level of 80ppm is acceptable. karluy, you can still drain your pool, just do it in smaller increments such as 1/8th. I'm no expert, someone here can chime in with the correct safe amount to drain, but it can be done.
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    New pool owner! - testing and...results on Pg 2

    Re: New pool owner! - testing and shopping list questions Welcome SM! About chemicals being cheaper online, that may not be always true. Since you live in MA you can buy pool chemicals for cheap at Ocean State Job Lot.
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    chlorine tablets

    Hi, welcome to the forum! All the answers you seek are in Pool School (follow the link at the top of the home page). You'll quickly learn that tablets are frowned on around here because they add CYA (stabilizer) to the pool and once you add CYA you cannot remove it without draining and...
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    OMG! I got it all over me!!!

    Haha, good story! Glad it was an easy fix.
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    Taylor K-2006C-8 8-Pack for 80$

    Strob, do you really have a 92,000 gallon pool?
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    For those with heat pumps for their pools....

    What about shutting the heat pump off at night. Sure it takes more run time the next morning to bring he pool up to speed, but with cooler temps at night the heat pump is working harder. Anyone have any experience with this? I'll try both methods once we get ours installed and report back...
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    new liner - startup chemicals

    I wouldn't risk voiding the pool people's warranty on the liner over this issue. Sure, it would be nice if they were more cooperative, but I'd settle for them telling me what they planned on adding for chemicals on Monday. As you've seen reading the forums just about any problem can be undone...
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    New Owner; Swamp and Circulation Questions

    Ha! love the "more cowbell" reference!
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    Chlorine not showing up and pool cloudy! Please help!

    I'm just a beginner myself, but it simply sounds like you need to go through the shocking process. Those pucks aren't going to cut it as organics are consuming chlorine faster then they can supply it. Follow the pool school link on this site to learn how to do it right.
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    Really want to enjoy my pool this year...

    Higher CYA requires higher levels of chlorine to sanitize the pool. You should check out pool school:
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    Floating vinyl liner

    Is there any harm is trying to add water to the pool other than having to drain it out again to let a professional smoothe out the wrinkles? They might get lucky and get a satisfactory smoothness by adding water.