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    Optimum pump speed when using heater

    Are there any conclusive studies that have been done with regards to optimum speed to run a variable speed pump when trying to heat a pool or spa? If you know of any please post the link. Slower water through the heater should achieve a higher delta. However, I have no idea if that increase...
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    Web Configurator for Hayward Omnilogic

    I found this article / press release. Does a web configurator exist for the Omnilogic.
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    Omnilogic programming help

    I've had an omnilogic for a while. I installed everything, then the local Hayward rep came out and programmed it. I am decent with electronics and tech, but I have always found the omnilogic to be not very intuitive. The intial programming has been fine, until now I want to edit something...
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    Dolphin 30i not picking up leaves

    A few weeks ago I purchased a Dolphin 30i. On Friday I put it in the pool. I hvae run it through at least 8 cycles since Friday. I have tried Regular, Floor only, and Ultra Clean modes. I watch it for a few minutes and it moves around the pool. I count about 15 quarter to dollar sized...
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    Hayward T-Cell and Omnilogic

    I am going to replace my T Cell 15 with a T Cell 940. This will be the first replacement since pool was built. What procedure needs to be followed with the Omnilogic? How will it know it is a new unit, does it need to know? Thank you
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    Purchased the Hayward Aquavac 500. It worked fine for 2.5 years. Then it stopped working. Fortunately, was still under warranty. It took them 4 or 5 tries to fix it, each time I had to drive it 60 miles to the service center (and each time I brought it home, it still wouldn't work). A 60...
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    Omnilogic app not showing diagnostic for chlorinator

    Anyone out there using the Omnilogic to control their pool. In the app when you go to the chlorinator screen you can then select diagnostics. When I select that nothing comes up for me. It used to work fine, not sure when the problem started. I recently updated to Nougat on my Android.
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    T-Cell Chlorinator and Hayward Omnilogic

    I get a clean T-Cell alarm/warning every so often from my Omnilogic system. I haven't tracked exactly when it alarms? The alarm is basically a warning that shows on the screen of the app or the main board next to the pool equip. Once the warning goes off it will not dissapear until manually...
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    Omnilogic www site and app very slow

    Anyone else experiencing super slow response from the Omnilogic www site and or App? I've experienced very slow connection or not connecting yesterday and today (7/18/17).
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    Omnilogic low voltage output

    There are two low voltage outputs on the Omnilogic (all the way on the left side, on the green bus). Can those be used to power up an LED landscape light or an automatic sprinkler valve? I have tried programming LVR3 and the when I turn it on, I don't see any voltage at the LVR3 terminals...
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    Hayward Omnilogic touch screen problem

    I have a Hayward Omnilogic. Is there any way to calibrate the touch screen on it? When I touch a specific spot, it thinks I am touching about 1/2 inch lower. Makes it almost impossible to touch anything in the top row. Every so often I get lucky. :D Disappointing from a unit that is 2...
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    Hayward T15 issues

    Instant salt reading 800 Average 800 Voltage 29.24V Current 2.37A I believe the voltage and current are not where they should be. And it is not generating chlorine. What usually causes that? T15 is 2 yrs old. Was last cleaned in April. I manually checked salt about a month ago and it was...
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    Omnilogic Chlorinator error

    I have the following message in Omnilogic: CHLOR Too Low Salt Chlorinator1 I guess the technical term is that it is an ALARM in Omnilogic. Any idea what that is referring to? What is the remedy? If I look at the Omnilogic control panel via online internet access (not through mobile app)...
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    OmniLogic iphone app issue

    Using the newest version of app 1.4.2 (10/15/15). I turn on spa from the app, which for me includes, filter pump on high or med, heater at a particular temp, and spa jets on high or med. Spa is running. If I try to change the spa jets to another speed the app simply closes. no matter how...
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    T Cell 15 clean after 93 days

    I started up my T Cell 15 around July 20, 2015. Today I got an alarm to "Clean T Cell Chlorinator". This is my first pool with a SWG. Is that normal to have to clean it after 3 months? I have played around with settings on it, at one point had it at 65%, then reduced to 55% and just last...
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    Total Chlorine vs Free Chlorine

    I have the TFT100. The basic OTO test (aka Taylor K-1000) says it tests for Total Chlorine. Then there is the Chlorine Drop Test which will tell you Free Chlorine (FC). Are these terms synonymous? Is FC the same as TC? If not what is the relationship between the two? The CYA chart...
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    Understanding OmniLogic control of TCell 15

    Pool is a little over a month old. I started up the SWG yesterday. I've never used a SWG before and want to make sure I have done everything correctly and it is working as it is suppose to. Added salt to pool (goal was to get it to 3000 - I'm close, will check again tonight) on 07/20/15 at...
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    Why is CYA still low?

    Pool is a new build, about a month old. I'm trying to get my CYA levels correct. I have put in about 11 lbs of granule CYA and my readings are at 30. I'm pretty sure I am doing the test correctly. I have watched videos and read numerous threads covering the topic. My test kit is about a...
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    What size hood over bbq

    I'm going to be installing a 42" lynx BBQ under a patio. I purchased BBQ and hood almost 2 yrs ago (same time I purchased house appliances during home remodel). Company sold me a 42 inch hood. I've done some online research and it seems some folks recommend a hood that extends 4-6 inches...
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    Omnilogic not maintaining internet connection

    New OmniLogic installed. It is hardwired to internet. On the iphone app and android app it shows two lightning bolts in the upper right (meaning the omnilogic is disconnected from network/internet) for about 10 seconds then they dissapear for about 30 seconds (back connected to network), then...
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    OmniLogic doesn't "see" Tristar VS pump

    Brand new equipment. Spa has an Ecostar VS dedicated to it. Pool/filter system uses a Tristar VS (SP3200VSPND) (no LED display or buttons). The OmniLogic is able to see the Ecostar, but for some reason it won't "see" the Tristar. I assume I am missing something simple, but I can't figure it...
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    Understanding ampacity ratings

    I was looking at the ampacity ratings chart - NEC Table 310.16: There are 3 ratings for each sized wire. Using #2 THHN wire as an example: Allowable Ampacity: 95 Amps at 60ºC / 115 Amps at 75ºC / 130 Amps at 90ºC I have also seen wet rating and dry rating. Is there a bottom line to which...
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    Mesh Safety Fence NOT approved in City of Los Angeles?

    So it seems the City of LA will not approve any of the removeable type mesh safety fences for a swimming pool. There are a couple of companies (Guardian is one) that have come up with systems that are approved. They have created a deck sleeve which then bolts to the upright pole, so it is not...
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    Salt Cell pipe sizing

    I am using the Hayward T-Cell for my new pool build. The return pipes to the pool are 2.5 inches. The piping on the pump is 2.5, the piping on the filter is 2.5. The piping on the heater is 2.5. Why isn't there an option for the salt cell in 2.5??????? Seems like the 2 inch just puts a...
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    Electric wire sizing

    The breaker which will will supply my sub panel for my pool equip etc is 100 AMPS. The run is about 175 feet. Will #2 wire be sufficient size? My understanding is the ground doesn't need to be #2. What size should the ground wire be? TIA Jack
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    Electrical conduit and receptacle height

    I won't bore you with the details of why I need to do this, but here is the question: Is there a minimum height that PVC conduit needs to be mounted above ground? Same question for a junction box. The (waterproof box/cover) box will receive PVC conduit and then from the box it will be...
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    In the midst of a pool build. I am looking to use the Omnilogic system from Hayward. Anyone have any comments on it? Good? Bad? Better than the others out there? On paper it looks like the most advanced system out there for a residential pool. I want to be able to control with Idevice and...