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    Help understanding Mineral Springs by Bioguard

    You have an aqua rite swg which mineral springs slapped their label on. Google and get the manual. It will you what each number is.
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    Switching away from Mineral Springs - How often do you test / add chemicals

    Hi folks: I'm considering switching away from Mineral Springs SWG pool to traditional. We went with Mineral Springs since it was "easy" but I've since learned it makes controlling specific aspects of the chemistry difficult. Our pool store originally recommended Mineral Springs as they said...
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    SWG not generating any FC

    Thanks all. I think I have organics in the water eating up my FC. I dumped in granulated chlorine last week and it was a real high amount of FC at night, but by the following morning was nearly zero again.
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    SWG not generating any FC

    Hi folks. Sorry for all the posts. I'm a pool newbie. We just purchased a home with a 32,000 gallon Gunite Pool which we converted to use SWG with Aqua Rite 120 with T-15 Cell. I've been struggling to get adequate levels of FC in the pool. The first week there was really nothing even with...
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    Will Mineral Springs Renewal Raise my CYA?

    Hi folks: Pool newbie here who just bought a house with 32,000 gallon Gunite pool, which we just switched to SWG using Aqua Rite 120 with T-15 cell. We went the Mineral Springs route because it was "easy" and we don't know a lot yet. But I'm thinking this will change shortly. I'm supposed to...
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    Pool Newbie with new SWG & Mineral Springs Gunite Pool

    Thanks Richard. Wish I read this before hand. I just added what I had left of Bio guard supersol which I didnt realize increases my CYA even further. Grrr. Ok no more Supersol. Liquid bleach it is. I'm also going to order the good test kit here and start to take control of this. Any...
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    Pool Newbie with new SWG & Mineral Springs Gunite Pool

    So my CYA on the lab test sheet from Wednesday (before I dumped in 1.5 bags of Renewal) was 93!!. It was 83 earlier in the week. Seems too high. How to lower? How do I reduce CYA down to 40-50 without having to drain 1/2 of pool? Also, if I add liquid bleach to my pool how much to raise FC?
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    Pool Newbie with new SWG & Mineral Springs Gunite Pool

    I've got some chlorine tabs left over from previous owners. Pool company says to add 3 tabs into the skimmer basket. Any problems doing this with the SWG? I had two tests done last week from my water lab at my pool company. The first showed CYA at 83. The second at 93. Both are about 2x...
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    Pool Newbie with new SWG & Mineral Springs Gunite Pool

    Hi folks: My wife and I recently purchased a home which has a 32,000 gallon, gunite, in-ground pool. We have never owned a pool before. Over the winter we installed an Aqua Rite 120 Salt Water Generator as we'd prefer salt water chlorination vs traditional. We opened up the pool a week ago...