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    Micro bubbles....problem or not?

    Why not? I love my Polaris cleaner! I also have a manual system that I hate! I broke the one that the seller left behind the first time I used it. I replaced it, but used it once and have never touched it again. Sure, I have to empty the bag once or twice/ week, but it is so much easier to...
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    wireless thermometer recommendation

    My second one just crumped--less than a year for both. Accurite has discontinued it and is going to redesign a new one.
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    Good Pool Thermometer?

    My second accurite just crumped the same as my first one --each less than a year! I called accurite who told me they have discontinued this thermometer due to performance issues. I have read some reviews for a couple other wireless pool thermometers and they all seem to have a less than one year...