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    Salt Cell Level Reporting

    I think you should wait until your water temp gets back up to above 60° and then, if it gives you a high salt warning replace the water you need to get it back to a level that it will generate. If it generates without the replacement, don't worry about it. Mine is supposed to stop at 5500 ppm...
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    Paranoid FC/CC question

    I got a cold indicator yesterday generating flashing light and water temp is 53° so I shut off the power to the swg. Reset pump schedule to run only 4 hrs to include 3 hrs of cleaner time. Should be good till next spring.
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    chlorine 'stuggles'

    The bigger point might be that you lost 4 something fc in two days not counting any that may have been generated by your swg. It appears you didn't test yesterday. While you're trying to dial in your swg, you should be testing every day. You should never let your FC go below the minimum even as...
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    How to do a big rise in TA

    When I was needing to add TA, I bought 13lb bags of it at Sam's. I'd use a 16 oz plastic cup and broadcast 3 cups into the pool at a time. Test it again and add more as needed. It too dissolved very quickly.
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    No Chlorine Loss on a Sunny Day

    We have bright sunny days here in the dead of winter and I don't have to add hardly any chlorine, sometimes a week at a time. I reduce my pump runtime down to 4 hrs just to keep skimmers working and my Polaris cleaning any debris off the bottom. I'll soon be disconnecting power to my SWG.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Actually, your FC should never get below 3 and you should target 7. You should add just a tad over 1.5 lbs of cya (25 oz) to get it up to 50. Test your FC/CC every evening after the sun is no longer on the pool. And dose to get back up to 7. You have to do this religiously! Updated: rereading...
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    Evaporation vs. chemical balance..?

    Cya will actually increase a bit with evaporation then go back when you top off your water again.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Where are you getting your bleach from? Do you know the mfg date?
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    Newb here am I crazy or should I bite the bullet

    Just curious, why 125ft of pvc. Wouldn't some garden hose have done the trick?
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    Taylor K 1766: question re black stains in test vial

    Me too. The vial I was saying had the black on the bottom is the same as I use for all my other tests no salt, I keep that one separate.
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    Taylor K 1766: question re black stains in test vial

    Same here, though my pill has some black at the seams which Ieaves a little black dot on the bottom center of the vial. Cleaning the white residue off the sides takes a sheet of paper towel every other test sometimes more. Since I can still see the 10ml line even with the residue in there.
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    Chemical advice | your thoughts on our SWG | too much algaecide

    I'd you go to home Depot for liquid chlorine, make sure you check the mfg date carefully. When I was converting to the tfpc method I found their 10.5% was over 6 months old. Worse yet, when I went there to get something else, I found that same outdated pile of stock was where I saw it 12 months...
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    Balancing my water + getting ready for slam

    So, you didn't do a slam? Slam isn't a one-time event. Have you done an OCLT?
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    I thought I had the TFPC method down

    Thanks Jason, that's a better explanation than I've seen before. I'm still dealing with high fc from my slam a couple weeks ago. Since my water temp is decreasing, and my swg will stop generating fc in the near future, I'm just going to work with what I have set now in anticipation of it going...
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    I thought I had the TFPC method down

    I apologize, I was using pool math instead of the charts. The recommended goals I was seeing was 4-8. They were wrong mostly because I hadn't entered the current cya. But even with the correct ??? Cya the goal is 6. What's crazy is my recommended fc for my swg pool is 4-11 in pool math. But...
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    Salt level discrepancy!

    Has it turned off for low salt? My Circupool is supposed to shut down at 2500 and below, but would give me a warning before that.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Only for a free bottle not for testing or chemicals.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    I'd suggest you go to Leslie's if you have one close by and ask them if they'd give you a sample bottle. They're quick to give them out. Just don't take a sample to them for testing. Use that bottle only for taking water samples. I have no idea why your testing is so messed up. exact dosing...
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    Pea green and frustrated

    You might consider taking the light out and clean the inside of the fixture.
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    Balancing my water + getting ready for slam

    I'm assuming you did a partial drain and refill to get your CYA down. You've probably used up most of your r-0013 reagent with all those tests. If you haven't already, I'd look for a refill ASAP. You really don't need to retest cya daily-- especially twice a day unless you've done something...
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    I was wondering about that too.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Slamming will pump a lot of chlorinated water thru those pipes. I doubt you'll want to do anything to those supply lines anyhow.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Tonights numbers.FC = 14CC = .5TA = 150PH = 7.4CYA = just added today, will check in the morning No I was assuming 14 because that's what you said it was. If it wasn't, that's not my fault.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    But an oclt never the less! one hour of sunshine should not lose the fc you did. That means you've still got something going on in your pool.
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    New Pool Test Results

    Granular Stabilizer is the best value. Liquid is instantaneous but much more costly. Put it in a sock in a skimmer or in front of a return jet. Either way, squeeze it often to speed up the dissolve process.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    That's probably an hour after sunrise? We normally suggest doing the morning oclt before the sun is on the pool. Normally, there's enough light a half hour before sunrise to see what you're doing. But an hour or sunshine shouldn't result in much loss of FC so, continue with the slam.
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Why can't I find that emoticon? I wanted to use that the other day. Whoops now I see it. Disregard!
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    Pea green and frustrated

    Probably so, but you can't backwash until you're sure it's completely dissolved. Even the container will say to put it in a skimmer, but we don't recommend that. Even worse would be to just pour it into the pool.
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    CYA and FC levels

    And there it is!
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    Pea green and frustrated

    For future info, you might want to use an old athletic sock to use in your skimmer or in front of a return instead of pouring it in a skimmer. That should help it dissolve quicker without any ending up in your filter. Squeezing it often will speed up the dissolve process even quicker.