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  1. Mclarenf3

    Taylor Test Kits for Canadians

    Thank you for that thread, a lot to consider there. If I have to buy a chlorine test kit, I can, it's just one additional step to convert the FC reading to Br.
  2. Mclarenf3

    Taylor Test Kits for Canadians

    Hello fellow Canadians! I'm hoping there are at least a few of you over here. I have been using my Taylor test kit (K-2106, as I have a Bromine pool) for the past year and it has been perfect. However, all my reagents are starting to expire. Where are you guys getting your Taylor test kits...
  3. Mclarenf3

    Akalinity test for Taylor 2006 Pinkish Red or Full Red

    Thank you for asking this (and mknauss for the answer). It's one of those little things I always had in the back of my head when counting drops.
  4. Mclarenf3

    Test kit has them available direct from Taylor, however it still gets shipped from the US. The good thing about is that anything purchased from there will not have any customs/duties added on after the fact. However, depending on where you are in Canada, it's a LOT cheaper if you...