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    New VS Pentair, need help in programming

    Pentair makes a couple models of VS pumps there is quite a difference between them. I'm assuming you got an owners manual for it. You should be able to find the Pentair cs phone#. Give them a call they'll be glad to help you with your programming questions. You may want to update your Sig with...
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    Pump smoking

    Your first post said you replaced the pump, but evidently, it was only the motor. Apparently, yoy don't get the correct seal kit for your pump. Sounds like you jury rigged the seal. Never a good idea. Hope getting the correct seal will fix it. When my pump went bad, I first hoped for just a...
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    Help With Back Pressure and Debris in Pump Strainer Basket

    I try to clean out my skimmer baskets when the pump isn't running, but once in a while I've cleaned them while the pump is running. As a result, a few leaves made their way to the pump basket. I remove them quickly after I notice them, but they have never gone back to the pool (at least that I...
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    pentair intelliflo vsp

    When I moved into my new house with a pool, it too had two mechanical timers. One fire the main pump and the other for the boost pump. I could never get them synced perfectly. So I bought the intermatic Digital timer and freeze sensor, that solved the sync problem. Then I installed my swg...
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    Another VS Pump purchase question - current pump just broke

    Let's see what it looks like now!
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    Need help on TImer selection

    I love my 1353. ran two 104s prior to getting the 1353.Run my Polaris 3 hrs/day and my vs pump 4-12 hrs/day depending on the season. Got the freeze sensor to keep water flowing when the temp gets 32° or lower. Getting ready to set the pump for freezing weather soon. Swg will stop generating in...
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    Coolest things you've found in your skimmer

    Funny about the mallards. We had a pair in our pool this spring. That and a family of tree rats like drinking our salt water.
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    Diffuser - is this right?

    Is it possible the flow sensor is plumbed in the wrong direction? That's the first time you mentioned the no flow "still".
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    Coolest things you've found in your skimmer

    I've occasionally had shoulderless critters in mine most of them have died, but now and then one will still be alive. I live near a lake, and have had copperheads in my yard. I don't know if they're swimmers, but I've netted a few snakes swimming in my pool--don't know what they are.
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    Pump Replacement Part

    It's plastic and the first thread below the O ring is cracked.
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    Difficult to get pump to start

    You might try finding a local electrical supply store and ask them if they have any start capacitors. You can give them the details of what's on that one hanging. Strange, I don't see the shaft in the center of the motor. Maybe your pic doesn't blow up well?
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    Not bugging, there are folks here that can advise you on the wiring/switch requirements. Good luck!
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    I had a choice a month or so ago. I chose a Pentair VS pump to replace my old single speed. That cost a lot more, but I'm really enjoying the flexibility. I could have bought another pentair vs for a couple hundred less, but I would have lost a lot of the flexibility. I didn't even look at a...
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    Advice on motor replacement....home warranty involved

    I suppose you could, but in my case, the seal plate was cracked, making full replacement cost effective.
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    hmmm let me go back and see Yup, my google was not right But you can get the Pentair 340042 SuperFlo High Performance Energy Efficient Two Speed Pool Pump, at Amazon for $391 That seems to be the best I've seen. Update: that one seems to be Gone. Google this and see what you can find: Pentair...
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    And here's a link to save you even some more 2speed:
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    Here's a pic of my installation. The red arrows are where i cut the 1.5 inch plumbing to save the screw-in connections (ribbed) and the unions to fit the 1.5 inch plumbing to and from the pump. That's how they say to run it, but I got a VS instead so I can set it for anyway I need...
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    There's no telling what else could be wrong with the whole system. I too was trying to save a buck and replace just the motor, but the seal plate was cracked. So I ended up replacing the whole thing (single speed) with a vs pump. Cut off the connectors to the old pump and a couple unions...
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    Advice on replacement pump?

    A 2 speed pump would probably pay for itself in a year. Some better pics of your whole pump including plumbing would be extremely helpful. your hayward link doesn't work
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    wiring swg and var speed pump

    I had already replaced a pair of the t-104s ( 1 for pump and the other for Polaris boost pump) with an intermatic digital timer w/freeze sensor before last winter. When I installed the swg this spring, I just wired that into the previously unused circuit 2. Then last month, I replaced my pump...
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    Motor not running, hot to the touch?

    I recently replaced mine, but that was mostly because the seal plate was cracked, adding another $100 to the repair. I had just replaced the start capacitor 6 mos before.
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    Filter not; pressure low; flow good; what next?

    Could be a faulty gauge, does it go to zero when turned off?
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    Motor not running, hot to the touch?

    First thing to do is check if the shaft turns freely-- you may need to use a screwdriver to find that out. If it does, then the next test is the capacitor. There's a utube video on how to do that using an analog multimeter. If that's good, you may need to replace the motor as a minimum. Make...
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    WhisperFlo won't start when diffuser assembly is installed

    I just recently replaced my whisperflo. I had thought the shaft was spinning freely. But, when the dealer came out to replace my motor, he found it wasn't spinning freely, and the seal plate had cracks in the bottom two attach holes. I had already checked my capacitor which I had just replaced...
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    Help with fitting for Pentair booster pump

    I bought a pvc cutting pliers that does a clean cut through most new pvc eliminating the need to file or sandpaper the rough edges a hack saw leaves.
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    Variable Speed Pumps

    I'm running at 1500rpm from 8am-8 pm then 1000rpm from 8pm-7am. I'm running My swg @ 80% but need to dial that down since my fc has pretty much stabilized @ 14ppm. I might disable that over night run. Then see what I can do to Stabilize my fc @ ~7 my water temp has gone down quite a bit lately.
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    Variable Speed Pumps

    My swg works just fine @1000 rpm. It may work better @ 1500 rpm but DSP says no difference. The installer said my Polaris will work at 1000rpm too, but I haven't checked that out either. But definitely, the skimmers work better @ 1500rpm. Love my vs pump!
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    Installing an INTELLIFLOW variable speed pump

    Gasman, I registered on line and they sent me an email that had a number on it. I'm still trying to get the rebate processed. I called pentair last week and will be calling them again today.
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    Pump not on!

    First things first-- make sure the pump shaft turns freely. You may have to use a screw driver or hex key to check that. If it does then test the capacitor. There's a you tube video how to do that. Make sure you remove power at the circuit breaker. The video shows you should remove the...
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    can't remove return eyeball

    Could you take a picture to show me what part it is you're trying to remove. There's a male threaded part --the eyeball. And the female part the eyeball screws into. Here's a picture of the male end I took out to put my aerator in...