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  1. cowboycasey

    New Impeller?

    I just changed my Pentair 342002 1 HP pump to a new V Green 1.65 HP VS pump, everything went great until I read a thread to update the impeller to the correct size for the new motor.. I did all this yesterday so no issues taking it back apart and replacing an impeller... This is where I am...
  2. cowboycasey

    Concrete form Vinyl lined pool DIY

    OK Team, I am floating the idea of doing our own pool using only concrete forms.. I think we will be able to do it and wondering why it is not done.. I need ideas on how to do it and why it would work and why it would not work... This will be a basic pool built the TFP way.. I will...
  3. cowboycasey

    20K SWG Experiment

    Hey everyone, I have been busy this summer but I was able to conduct a easy experiment this summer... I would like to thank Don @circupool from Welcome to Discount Salt Pool - Saltwater Chlorine Generators - Chlorinators I bought the SWG from him for this experiment. SWG: Circupool SJ20...
  4. cowboycasey

    bonding, ground, electrical knowledge needed

    hey everyone, so yesterday I had the Fam down and of course everyone is enjoying the pool.. at the end of the day I was in bare feet and talking and stuck my hand in the pool while standing in sand surrounding the pool... on a cut on my hand I noticed a "sting/tingle" and thought it was weird...
  5. cowboycasey

    SWG not keeping up

    I am just like everyone else and it just dawned on me this morning answering another post... Symptoms: Curcupool SJ45 not creating enough chlorine to stay at 6 FC, last year worked just fine at 50% and July/Aug at 75%... this year at 100% and 12 hours a day not keeping up, FC 6 (adding bleach...
  6. cowboycasey

    Pool Store quote of the day

    This is the place to put the famous quotes from your visit :) These were from today Phone call while I was there :brickwall: :hammer:
  7. cowboycasey

    How do I find out how old/date the bleach is

    I know many people ask how old the bleach is or how to read the date on the side of the bleach bottle... Here is a handy table to figure out the date :)
  8. cowboycasey

    filtering Iron/metal out of water

    I am starting this thread so I did not hijack the CYA thread from here What and how much will adsorb onto activated carbon?? In researching the activated carbon thread this website came up. Water Filters | Water Purification | Deionized Water | Serv-A-Pure and they have everything under the...
  9. cowboycasey

    No pool cover, opening and TFP :)

    Hey everyone, Just opened the pool from the winter slumber and wanted to share what I did.. First, I closed the pool by dropping the water below skimmer and installed custom made PVC Pipes to keep all connections above the water line during the winter. I also opted not to use a cover to see...
  10. cowboycasey

    Intex LED lights :)

    Here are a couple video's of my LED install on our intex pool... enjoy :) These are 12 volt DC 5050 WS2811 LED's, I used 6, 5 meter strip's... This is not an easy process to make this happen and the LED are the cheapest of all the install :) gHEtOSN3dic DLaoJO5ixvc
  11. cowboycasey

    Controlomatic Megachlor install in 700 gallon hot tub

    I have been using Salt in my tub for over a year and really wanted to go to a SWG but there were not any really good choices.. I have an always on circulation pump with 1.5 inch flex pipe and most small SWG were using 3/4 inch barb fitting or a drop in with a cord hanging in the tub... Cutting...
  12. cowboycasey

    new TFTest kit case

    So I have the TFTest kit and love it and I also bought the salt water test kit and the speed stir and bortate tests..... well the case ran out of room, so I found a new home for 12 dollars :) Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer - -
  13. cowboycasey

    "ATWOODS" pool store for Oklahoma :)

    So I just returned from Atwoods and thought I would let everyone know the prices and what I found: Diamond Solar salt 40 lb (blue bag and Yellow bag) $4.65 CYA stabilizer 3 lb $ 8.?? something 10% Clorine bleach $2.99 a gallon (I could not find a manufacture date but there was a use by...
  14. cowboycasey

    For sale Jandy Valves

    I changed my plumbing layout and have 2 Jandy Valves for sale.. 25 dollars plus shipping for both or 15 for each plus shipping... Jandy 7235 180-Dgree, 1-1/2-Inch to 2-Inch Check Valve Jandy 4724 2-Port 1-1/2 to 2-Inch Positive Seal NeverLube Valve My change is your gain.. :)
  15. cowboycasey

    how to wire RJ45 2 speed pump

    i cant find this info anywhere, the only thing in the manual says to wire it to the same terminals the pump is attached to.. Makes sense if I only had a 1 speed.... I am installing a 2 speed pump/motor... I can connect it to another timer slot but if the time ever got off or i changed the...
  16. cowboycasey

    Jandy valve connected directly to pump

    Is it ok to run my pipe like this? It made the most sense to me but I dont do it all the time... The other side of the jandy valve will be "to waste" It lines up perfectly like this.. it is not glued or connected permenantly yet, just trying to figure the best way... The pool will be...
  17. cowboycasey

    Did I mess up and order the wrong part?

    I am trying to use 2 inch pipe for everything.. I bought the 1.5 to 2 inch jandy valves and they are perfect with 2 inch pipe.. BUT I ordered these unions with 2 inch connections and they are the same size as 2 inch pipe...
  18. cowboycasey

    3 way Jandy as waste vavle

    I have spent about 3 hours looking through google posts/searches and cant find exactly what I am trying to do, so here it goes.. I want to use a 3 way jandy port and have 1 side be used as waste. It would be after the pump but before the filter. I would have that port closed 99.9% of the time...
  19. cowboycasey

    New above ground oval 18x33 install

    I want to document this so people can see and comment on my new install... We will get the pool installed 10 and 11 May but I am starting things that I can do now.. We started the equipment pad today.. I bought flagstone retaining wall block from lowes ...
  20. cowboycasey

    To Foam or Sand new install

    So, I just came from lowes and they have Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation 1/4 inch foam 4x50 foot for 45 dollars : 4 would be 180 1/2 inch foam 4'x8' foot for 10 dollars : 20 would be 200 3/4 inch foam 4x8 foot for 12 dollars : 20 would be 240 DuPont Tyvek Tape to connect 0.167-ft x 164-ft...
  21. cowboycasey

    AG pool over septic leach lines

    The only place I have to install (back yard) has all the leach lines running across, exactly where I am installing.. What are the issues with installing above the leach lines? Is there a correct way to do this? No way around it? :confused::confused: Thanks
  22. cowboycasey

    New AG pool plumbing and equipment

    So, I love this site and have been reading and rereading for almost 2 years :) I know I have alot of questions, just trying to get it right the first time.. I need some help with plumbing and equipment, below is the equipment I am going to be installing. I want to plumb this as if it was...
  23. cowboycasey

    Saying HI.. :)

    Hey everyone, Love this site, not new to forum's but new to here.. Keep up the great work, there is a wealth of knowledge here that I am soaking up.. I have a hot tub now and looking at adding the pool within the next year.. Doing alot of research on what type of pool and the good and...