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    Air in the system causing aeration at the returns - Ideas on locating the source?

    If memory serves, air in the system is from a leak in the intake side before the pump. That leaves two skimmers, main drain and all the connecting plumbing before the pump as suspect. I have unions on all three of those lines and I suspect those first. I lubed up the o-rings thoroughly but it...
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    Can you identify this Spa Jet so I can replace it please?

    I just recently remodeled my 1983 vintage pool with spillover spa. Everything is nice and new ...except for the spa jets. I am trying to replace them now but I can't tell what to buy for replacement. I realize I can go find an adjustable spanner wrench to get this off but honestly I am a bit...
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    Can I drain and power wash my IG plaster pool?

    I have a 30k gallon plaster pool. Over the winter, pump started leaking on the bottom of the casing so I turned it off. Time got away from me and now I have a green mess. I am 4 days into SLAM and it is clearing -BUT- I found lots of leaves still in the bottom and walls are stained. Actually...
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    Selecting Automation help/advice/experience requested, please

    I have an older pool that I maintain myself. I want to install automation but I don't know which system to buy. I want a system that can manage the scheduling of the pool equipment, allow for switching from pool to spa, control the heater when in spa mode, schedule and run Polaris and turn...
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    Raypak RP2100 R265 (old analog dials) upgrade, repair or interface for automation?

    I have a Raypak RP2100 that still heats fine for our spa. The problem is it's a 1997 model and it has the potentiometers for temperature and setting the temp is a [email protected] It's either too hot or not hot enough most of the time. Since I want to install automation on the pool, I am hoping I can...
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    Building an Energy Efficient Pump

    I am very interested in this option (B2984 with external switch/automation). However, my wet-end has a crack in it so I want to replace the entire pump. What recommendations can you make for buying the wet-end (both where and what model) to buy and then add the B2984 motor?
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    Pool Pilot Commander PPC10 - What is the story on this unit?

    I installed a Pool Pilot SWG last year and I'm happy with it. I want to add automation and remote control so I naturally looked at Pool Pilot's own model, the Commander. I never got around to buying it last summer and when I looked to order it this summer it seems to be conspicuously absent from...
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    Where is ?? It's gone

    It has been about 10 days since I used it, did I miss some big announcement??
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    New Pool Pilot Digital - No salt readings

    I just installed my new Pool Pilot Digital (DIG-220). I was advised to let start up the unit and let it tell you how much salt to add before indiscriminately dumping salt into the pool. As I understand it, my pool water may already have some salt in it even though I was not running a salt...
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    What to do to prepare for SWG install?

    I just bought an AutoPilot Digital with the SC60 cell from Josh at If you are in the market for SWG then call them or PM JoshU first and you won't need to waste your time looking any further. My new system will be here on Tuesday. I will install on Wednesday. What do I need to...
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    Need some help choosing SWG system.

    I am about to order the DIG-220. I have a 30,000 gal pool. I spoke to the AutoPilot customer service department and she told me that if I get a 60-cell that it will work fine on my pool and simply last longer than the small cell. Everyone here agree with that?? I can order it at Amazon for...
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    Peristaltic pump vs SWG - which way to go?

    I live in Austin, Texas. I've been using BBB for almost two years. Summer is glorious minus the daily worship of adding chlorine. In the wintertime, I cover my pool with netting to keep the leaves out. Last year, I fired up the built-in tablet chlorine dispenser to keep algae at bay until I...
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    One year BBB, NO CYA at all, How much to add?

    I bought this house a little over a year ago. CYA was a 70-80 from heavy Tri-Chlor use. I drained 2/3rds of the pool to get the CYA down and then learned at the first half of last summer that I could not keep up with chlorine demand with tabs, etc. I found this site and switched to BBB. At that...
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    Air in the system

    I'm looking for ideas on the "not as likely" reasons. This started about 3 weeks ago. No significant changes to the pool mechanics were made. Here is what I have tried so far: 1. Backwashed filter thoroughly and recharged DE. Pressure is good at 20 PSI which is 2lb above fresh full disassembly...
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    Will an SWG save me money?

    I have a 30,000 pool. I am using the BBB method which is working great. Only problem is I am adding about $2.30 worth of Clorox nightly (and that's from Costco!) I figure that at around $70 per month, if a SWG will last 3 years on a cell then I'm thinking I will save money over my current...
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    The importance of a good test kit

    I used to be blind but now I see! I received my TF-100 Test kit last week and began doing my own testing with my new Speed Stir. What I found was that the pool stores are worse than I thought. I began paying close attention to how they run the tests on the day I ordered my kit. I noticed that...
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    Help to choose SWG

    Just found this forum a few days ago and can't seem to get any work done any more! I have a 30K in-ground plaster pool. I live in Austin, Texas where we have seen 104+ for the last 5 days straight. I am not able to keep enough chlorine in the pool. It's a constant battle. I am looking for an...