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    Crepe Myrtle flowers and green pool

    Hey there. Been having a lot of success using the recommendations from this site. Basically a gallon of chlorinating liquid every other day and a little muriatic acid when needed. Literally had a sparkling pool all summer. We've been going to the lake every weekend and I add a little extra...
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    Century (Formerly A.O. Smith) Motor Review

    Just a for what it's worth thread... 15 months ago I installed a Century (Formerly A.O. Smith) motor. It started making some noise 2 days ago so I started limited use protocol. It seized yesterday. Luckily, the new one also came in yesterday. I live in Atlanta. It's not like I live on the...
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    Water slightly cloudy

    Thanks everyone for all the help this year. I've had a super easy time keeping the pool looking great with just adding bleach and MA occasionally. Today the pool was slightly cloudy. Here are my numbers: FC - 6 PH - 7.8 TA - 50 CH - 48 CYA - 30 ​Any ideas? Sincerely, Dave.
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    Hello from Atlanta GA...and of course I have questions... :)

    Again, Hello from Atlanta, GA. I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I've grown tired of paying the pool guy hundreds of $$$ every fall for chemicals so that I can open my pool in the spring and be happy. The past 3 years I have not been happy...AND THE POOL GUY IS MY WIFES...